How to Use LinkedIn for your Law Firm in 2023

LinkedIn has quickly become an essential marketing tool for law firms to connect with their markets.  If your business is not on LinkedIn, then you are missing out on networking opportunities and valuable insider information to build your business. More importantly, you’re missing the chance to advertise yourself as a knowledgeable and reliable lawyer.  2023 […]

Why your Law Firm Needs a Sonic Branding Strategy

Have you ever wondered how you can get inside your future clients’ heads? Sonic branding makes that possible.  Cellino & Barnes, Injury attorneys,(800) 888-8888 Recognize the jingle? Does it play in your head automatically when you read the name? New York law firm Cellino & Barnes’ jingle has played on television for over 25 years. But […]

The Ultimate Guide to Thumbnail Design for Social Media

In the age of social media, simply creating content to stay relevant is not enough. You have to know how to do it right. Creative design that attracts viewers is the way to go!  It is not surprising that video is the queen of social media content. With tech giants such as Google and Meta […]

Your Law Firm’s Essential Guide to Community Management

We get it: You’re a successful lawyer with a hefty caseload, and you have no time to think about your law firm’s social media marketing strategy.  You have a loyal following on Facebook, and that’s all that matters. But in reality, you could be missing out on potential clients if you’re not thinking about your […]

Sports Sponsorship: An Opportunity to Market to Latinos

Sports are a centerpiece of Hispanic culture, especially fútbol, commonly known as soccer in the United States.  Latinos who grew up in Central and South America playing fútbol with their compadres under the scorching sun will understand why sports mean so much to their culture and traditions. In fact, research shows that sports culture creates […]

Comunidad y Cultura: How Law Firms can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in 2022

It’s September, and businesses have been quick to post their stereotypical memes and promote their fiestas all over social media. Lawyers are no strangers to these practices during Hispanic Heritage Month, especially in Latino-heavy counties.  It is not uncommon for law firms to sponsor or attend community events and activities surrounding this month-long recognition of […]

Google Analytics 4 for Law Firms: What You Need to Know

If your law firm owns a website, you will want to know how it is performing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. To increase your website engagement, you will need to understand your audience like the palm of your hand. Google Analytics can help you do just that.