Let’s face it: You probably spend hours glued to your phone watching viral TikToks on your social media feed—And you’re definitely not the only one.

As of 2022, TikTok reportedly has over 1 billion monthly active users, competing against social media giants such as Instagram (1.4B users). With TikTok’s rising popularity, other platforms have implemented a similar format of sharing snippets of visual content. Can your law firm take advantage of the precious TikTok algorithm too? 

TikTok is more than lip-sync videos and challenges. You can use TikTok to build your business and generate revenue. You just need to know the ins and outs of the platform, and in no time, your law firm can also go viral. Without further ado, here is our expert advice on how to use TikTok to promote your law firm:

Don’t be afraid to experiment

By now, you might know that there are many benefits of using social media to promote your law firm. To stay relevant and increase your clientele, you must stay up to date with the latest social media trends, which are ever-changing, and at times, a little odd. 

No marketing expert could have predicted that viral dance challenges would be the future of social media marketing. However, if there is anything we can learn is to not be afraid to experiment with new trends, even if they are a little “too out there.” 


I bet you didn’t know cops did this! More info in my comments! #cops #tickets #nowyouknow #parkingticket

♬ Whoopty – CJ

One of the best ways to start using TikTok for your law firm is to try out different types of content and see what your audience likes best. What people like watching can and WILL surprise you. As a general rule of thumb, get acquainted with TikTok effects, filters, music, and other graphics that you can incorporate into your videos to attract a wide range of viewers.

Get acquainted with TikTok for business and Ads Manager

So, you decided you will sharpen your video marketing skills on TikTok. What comes next? Setting up your TikTok for business account, of course! 

Besides engaging content to promote your law firm, TikTok for business allows you to “tap into your brand’s creative side” and manage ad campaigns with TikTok Ads Manager. You will become a TikTok ads expert by following these simple steps.

How to use TikTok Ads

  • Choose your goal: In other words, do you want to drive traffic to your firm’s website? Do you want to increase your caseload? Do you want people to be familiarized with your brand?
  • Select your audience: TikTok gives you the freedom to determine what your target audience will be. You can customize your audience or create a “lookalike audience” by demographics, device type, interests, and behavior.
  • Set your budget: Whether you are a small or large law firm, you can set a daily or lifetime budget adjusted to your needs. Even if you’re marketing on a budget, you can still take advantage of TikTok’s glorious algorithm.
  • Design your ad: People no longer want a boring graphic that sells them stuff. They want dynamic, creative ways to advertise a product or service. TikTok provides a plethora of resources and AI-powered tools to create engaging ads.
  • Go live: When your ad is published, the Ads Manager’s smart auction system will ensure your ad is shown to the right audience at the right time.
  • Measure your results: Want to know how successful your campaigns are? You can track and optimize your campaigns with TikTok’s intelligent reporting tools.

Create a community

Social media platforms are designed to build and strengthen communities from around the world. Businesses that neglect this crucial aspect of digital marketing become obsolete. Thus, if you want to use TikTok to leverage your social media presence, you must be engaging and mindful of who is following you. 

One of the best ways to start building a community is to find another legal TikTok account and follow some of their followers. Chances are they will engage with your content too. As you post more content and play with hashtags, comments and reactions, you will build a solid, loyal community that will generate you further exposure on social media. 


#duet with @bree_mcj my dad’s hair was so red it was orange. It definitely skipped a generation in my family! #redheadtiktok #redheadchick #lawyermomlife

♬ the joke is on you. icarly – Kate

Pro tip: If your law firm aims to market to a specific demographic, say the Hispanic community, it’s important that you build community around their culture, interests, and traditions. There’s no better way to win the Hispanic market than to understand their needs and concerns.

Share your legal takes on trending topics

Law is everywhere, and in a highly globalized world where news spreads quickly and effortlessly, you can tap into trending discussions by sharing your legal takes and opinions on social media to build an audience. 

From discussing the controversial Depp-Heard trial to exploring more difficult topics such as the recent Uvalde school shooting, not only can you be a reliable source of information but also an educator and effective communicator. 


It may seem complicated to determine when and how to file a case if you’re injured while playing a sport. A personal injury lawyer can help. #hurt

♬ original sound – The TikTok Lawyer

American lawyer and Youtuber Devin James Stone knows this all too well. His YouTube channel LegalEagle is known for Stone’s application of law to entertainment news and current events. Hop on the latest trending topics by sharing your legal expertise!

Show the ‘human side’ of your law firm

TikTok is the perfect platform to showcase the human side of your law firm due to its light-hearted nature. One of the best ways you can do this is by taking part in TikTok’s latest trends. 

Keep in mind that, in order for people to trust your law firm, you need to be authentic and not hyper-focused on generating clicks. Part of showing your human side is also having fun and not taking it too seriously! 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to add a ‘friendly face’ to your law firm, check out how these lawyers use TikTok to grow their business!


While there is no set formula on how to conquer the TikTok algorithm, don’t shy away from trying it out as a social media marketing tool for your law firm. Many small businesses find success in sharing a video that goes viral in a matter of a few days. Are you ready to go a step further on your social media marketing strategy?