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Did you know Hispanic employment lawyer marketing is your best bet to stay relevant as an employment law firm? Especially in one of the most in-demand areas of law, you must find untapped opportunities to stand out from the crowd. If you want to increase your practice’s caseload, look no further than the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic market.

That’s right—As Hispanics become the driving force of the U.S. economy and culture, you can’t afford to ignore Hispanic workers looking for your services. With a solid Latino employment attorney marketing strategy, you can be Latino workers’ go-to resource when they’re going up against the man.

At Nanato Media, we’re committed to providing our labor lawyers with a custom-made bilingual employment attorney marketing experience that resonates with their target market through mobile-first, fully optimized websites, social media savvy campaigns, and culturally relevant messaging. Learn how to get ahead of the curve and conquer the U.S. Hispanic workforce.


The untapped opportunities in Hispanic Employment Attorney Marketing

Let’s not fool ourselves. If you don’t fully understand the power of the U.S. Hispanic market and how it can be one of your most valuable assets as a labor & employment lawyer, then you won’t feel comfortable investing your time and resources into developing a Hispanic market brand identity that Latinx prospects relate to.

Convincing you that Hispanics are your most passionate, loyal clients is no difficult task, as their consumer habits have long been examined. Despite Hispanic Americans being the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., they lack the employment law services they deserve. You can tap into this diverse population once you unequivocally understand what makes them so unique.

In fact, Hispanics are such a dynamic bunch that they can be divided into five different segments depending on their level of acculturation or assimilation into U.S. culture: Latinoamericana, Hispano, AmBi-Cultural, Nueva Latina, and Americanizado. According to Claritas' 2020 Hispanicity report, 46% of the Hispanic population was more assimilated into U.S. culture. Our blog post on why every law firm must focus on the Hispanic market is a good starting point if you want to have an in-depth understanding of Hispanic Americans as consumers.

Why target your local Hispanic market?

As diehard Hispanic legal marketing fans, we wrote a whole book about how lawyers can win the Hispanic market because we believe in the potential of our Comunidad Latina, and when a Latino worker is suffering discriminatory practices such as unpaid overtime, we want to partner with a lawyer that knows how to help when help is needed.

The Latinx workforce is constantly growing and solidifying. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the number of Hispanics in the labor force has increased from 10.7 million in 1990 to almost 30 million in 2020. Now catch this: It is estimated that the Hispanic workforce will reach 35.9 million by 2030. It’s not surprising, then, that Hispanics are driving labor force growth compared to non-Hispanics.

If by 2030, 1 out of 5 workers will be Hispanic, can you afford to miss out on the unmatched economic opportunity Hispanic workers provide for employment lawyers who know how to target them with culturally relevant messaging? We dare to say, marketing to the U.S. Hispanic labor force is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Latino employment attorney marketing strategies

By now, we hope you’re fully on board with U.S. Hispanic attorney marketing for labor law. But do you know how to accurately reach this diverse and vibrant demographic? You will need an employment lawyer marketing agency that understands the Hispanic market in all its cultural nuances.

If you’re getting started with your Latinx attorney marketing, here are three basic principles you should follow:

Build your bilingual online presence

If you think radio and television advertising is the only way to market to the Hispanic workforce, you’re wrong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Hispanic workers tend to be younger and in the prime age working group (25-54 years old). Guess what is the most tech-savvy, socially engaged demographic as well? Ding, ding! U.S. Hispanics. With over a decade of experience in Latinx attorney marketing, we advise you to build a robust omnichannel presence through a bilingual SEO-optimized website, social media strategy, and traditional marketing in Spanish that speaks to your Hispanic prospects’ needs.

Earn trust through language and culture

Earning the trust of your Hispanic community is as easy as making the effort to ‘speak’ their language and culture. While you can still sign Hispanic clients without speaking Spanish, research shows that 88% of Hispanics appreciate it when businesses speak to them in Spanish. If your employment law firm makes a sincere effort to understand your local Hispanic community’s culture, they’ll feel comfortable being loyal to your services.

Prioritize mobile-first solutions

As a labor law attorney wanting to stand out from the competition, we’re sure you understand the importance of developing a website that showcases your knowledge and reputation. What if we told you that a mobile-first approach is the most effective way for Latino workers to find your website? Hispanics are the most avid smartphone users around, and as such, they’re looking for legal services on their smartphones. If you prioritize mobile-first solutions, you’ll surely get their attention quicker than the competition.

Working overtime with bilingual Latinx attorney marketing solutions

Let’s face it: Latinos still experience discrimination at work despite their being the driving force of the U.S. economy. While they now make up 10.7% of workers in management jobs, Hispanics remain overrepresented in service occupations such as farming, construction, food processing, and transportation. At risk of discriminatory practices, you want to be ready to help Hispanic prospects with the services they need the most.


Employment discrimination

While we’d all love to think workplace discrimination is a thing of the past, as a labor & employment lawyer, you know that’s not the case. A Harvard University poll found that one-third of Latinos have experienced discrimination when applying for jobs, being paid equally, and being considered for a promotion at work. Our targeted bilingual marketing campaigns put you in front of Hispanic workers suffering discriminatory practices.


Wrongful termination

There’s nothing worse than getting fired from your job than getting fired because of discriminatory practices. Sadly, Latinos are concentrated in occupations where labor law violations are prevalent, and thus, they need a labor laws lawyer that can help them navigate the legal system when they’re facing wrongful termination. Latinx workers who have been unfairly fired are looking for justice, and you can be their hero.


Wages and overtime pay

Wage theft by employers is a big issue, not least because workers experiencing it often fear retaliation if they make a complaint. A study by the Labor Council for Latin American advancement found that the largest percentage of workers who suffer minimum wage and overtime law violations are Latinos. With a focus on bilingual employment law marketing, you can let your Latinx community know that if their employer is stealing from them in the form of wage theft, you’ll ensure they get the justice they deserve. 

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Hispanic labor law marketing solutions that make an impact

As a labor and employment law attorney, we know that when it comes to representing clients suffering workplace discrimination, you’re the boss. Let us take charge of your Hispanic labor law marketing solutions that will highlight your practice’s experience and expertise, and will showcase your services as their best option. Our bilingual marketing strategies include: 

Bilingual PPC

We craft attractive Google ads campaigns in English and Spanish that Latinos in your area looking for legal services won’t be able to miss.

Bilingual SEO

Ready to rank first on Google Search for the most competitive keywords in employment attorney marketing? Our search optimization does precisely that!

Latinx Strategy Session

Still unsure where to start marketing to hispanics? Our two-session Latinx strategy program will walk you through all the profitable opportunities within your practice area.

Sonic Branding

Stand out from the competition by crafting your law firm’s unique sound with our sonic branding program for lawyers. Your potential clients won’t stop thinking about you!

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Ditch the literal Spanish translation and work with a multicultural team that will optimize your website’s most important pages to win the Hispanic market quickly and effectively.

Latinx Social Domination

Latinos love social media, and you can become their top legal resource if you master the social media game. We help you step up your legal online presence with high-intent campaigns for a spanish speaking audience.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

If you want to market your brand to the Hispanic community, it needs to be relatable. We help you craft your complementary Hispanic sub-brand to target your desired market.

TV Advertising

The Latinx market is yours to win with tailored television commercials for lawyers that address all their pain points and cultural preferences. We can surely help with that!

Radio Advertising

Yes, the Latinx market still listens to radio A LOT. You can reach them by crafting attractive radio ads that highlight their culture and needs.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is a highly effective way to target the Latinx market quickly and effectively. We craft your billboards in such a way that they won’t be able to look past you.

Website Design & Development

You can’t win the Hispanic market with a poorly designed, unoptimized website. If you’re serious about targeting your local Comunidad Latina, our team of creative designers and web developers will build your modern, mobile friendly website to attract your target audience.

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There’s no better way to know that your message is being received by your local Hispanic market the right way than to partner with a Hispanic employment lawyer marketing agency that understands the Latinx market like the back of their hand. Sí, that’s us! Book your initial discovery call with us today to learn more about the untapped marketing opportunities the U.S. Hispanic market offers your employment law firm.

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