Bilingual PPC for Law Firms

Your law firm may understand the power of pay-per-click ads in English, but do you know the benefits of incorporating bilingual PPC for law firms into your strategy? If not, you may be missing out on targeting the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S.

But don’t fret! We’re here to let you in on what exactly bilingual PPC for law firms is and how you can leverage your legal marketing strategy to win the Hispanic market. Don’t let your competitors snatch your chance to be your Comunidad Latina’s go-to legal resource.

At Nanato Media, we’re huge believers in the untapped potential the U.S. Hispanic market has to increase bilingual law firms' caseloads because we have seen it over and over again. With robust bilingual PPC campaigns for lawyers, you can be at the top of your game and conquer the Latinx market. Book your initial consultation with us and find out if we’re the right match for your law firm.

Without further ado, here’s why you need a bilingual PPC strategy for your law firm.


What is Bilingual PPC for law firms?

If you know anything about digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of PPC or pay-per-click marketing. Whether you’re an expert in PPC or you’re just hearing about it, there’s always more to explore about this wide and diverse marketing strategy. You may even have many questions about PPC before even thinking about implementing it in your law firm’s strategy, so let’s dive into some basics. ¡Comencemos!

What exactly is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, and it’s a model of digital advertising in which you, the advertiser, pay a fee every time your ads are clicked on. Basically, you pay for targeted visits to your website. When someone types in specific keywords, such as “Austin injury lawyer” to the search engine, it will display your ad to direct visitors to your website.

The CPC, or cost-per-click, is the amount you’ll pay for each click on your ad. When it comes to building your law firm pay-per-click advertising strategy, you decide what’s the maximum price you’re willing to pay per click on your ad.

What platforms to use?

You may be wondering where PPC is the most effective, and we’ve got the short answer:

What is bilingual PPC marketing?

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but a bilingual PPC approach is building pay-per-click campaigns both in English and Spanish. You may ask yourself why you would want to invest in Spanish PPC when you already have a PPC strategy in English that works for you, and the answer is the growing, highly sought-after Hispanic market.

Let us explain a little further.


Why your law firm should invest in bilingual PPC

If you don’t understand the untapped marketing opportunities within the U.S. Hispanic market through Spanish and English PPC for lawyers, we’re here to enlighten you.

But if you haven’t established a PPC campaign before, it may be difficult to realize why a bilingual PPC approach may be your best option. So first, let’s look at three main benefits of investing in a PPC marketing strategy overall:

You pay for the clicks you get

This is perhaps the most valuable advantage of a PPC campaign. It’s not the same thing to put up a billboard or buy a newspaper ad and wonder if a Hispanic prospect will look at it than to concentrate your marketing efforts on a specific target audience and show them relevant information about your law firm, such as your location, practice area, and experience.

With PPC marketing, a form of targeted advertising, you literally pay for the clicks you get on your ad, whether it is getting phone calls from prospective clients or getting website visits. It’s a cost-effective marketing solution that will successfully get you more leads. If you don’t get them, you don’t pay a cent.

Data: Your most valuable resource

In the age of the internet, your most valuable asset is data. With a PPC marketing strategy, you get an abundance of information about your target market so you can optimize your campaigns for maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Another great advantage of PPC campaigns is that you can test with variants of your campaigns (Copy, call-to-actions, and landing pages) to determine which one generates the most leads.

A personalized experience

With a PPC campaign, you don’t need to worry about the ever-changing legal marketing sphere. There is enough flexibility for you to adjust your strategy as you go in case your approach is not working at first. You can totally personalize your PPC advertising experience so that you can make the decisions that are most convenient for your law firm.

This tailored approach, combined with analytics, will help you leverage your legal marketing strategy to garner the best results. Now that you know why a PPC campaign is the best digital marketing strategy for your law firm, let’s look at the value of targeting Hispanic prospects overall.

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The Hispanic market as an untapped opportunity

El mercado Hispano may seem like an enigma to outsiders, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s a very profitable market, with its purchasing power being the world’s 9th biggest economy. Hispanics are the nation’s largest and most powerful minority group—Sí, en serio—with a clear impact on the U.S. economy and culture.

While we should be past the point of seeing Hispanics as an untapped market rather than a competitive market, the truth is that not many law firms yet see the potential for building their Hispanic client caseload.

Not only are Hispanics the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., but they’re also searching for legal services online just like 57% of people using an online search engine or visiting a lawyer’s website, according to the Legal Trends Report.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Hispanic market so unique, and you might just get convinced about why it’s important not to neglect your Spanish-speaking prospects.


Hispanics are a diverse demographic

Contrary to popular belief, Hispanics are not a homogenous group you can speak to in the same ways and then call it a day. It all depends on their level of acculturation, or assimilation into U.S. culture. A report by the Hispanic Star shows that 67% of Hispanics are U.S.-born, while 13% are Foreign-born but naturalized, with 20% being Foreign-born non-Citizens.

In our award-winning book “Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market,” not only do we dive deep into bilingual PPC marketing, but we also help you understand the different segments Claritas divides the Hispanic market: Americanizado, Nueva Hispana, AmBi-cultural, Hispano, Latinoamericana. We also wrote an explainer article you can read here.

Basically, you can’t box all U.S. Hispanics and pretend that your messaging will be relevant to all of them. Though they share similarities, they’re also incredibly dynamic and multifaceted.



Hispanics love to be online on their smartphones

That’s right. If you’re looking to target the Hispanic market, you better do it through digital marketing solutions such as PPC for attorneys, because Latinos love the internet and social media.

A Thomson Reuters’ FindLaw report found that 45% of households with Spanish speakers use social media as their online resource for finding an attorney. Not only that, in general, Latinos are ahead of the digital curve, as Nielsen reports. The average Latino is more likely to own a smartphone and use cutting-edge digital media on the internet.

As Latinos become the “audience of the future,” you can’t afford to not have the upper hand when it comes to targeting them on the right channels. A strong PPC marketing for attorneys strategy will put you in front of Latino prospects looking for legal services: A.K.A potential clients.

That’s why it’s important that, when you set up your bilingual PPC marketing strategy, you also consider optimizing your campaigns for mobile-first audiences. It’s more likely that Latinos will be searching for a lawyer on their smartphone than on their desktops. To achieve the biggest impact with your law firm’s bilingual PPC campaigns, make sure you set up the ads for mobile devices.



Hispanics love when you speak their language and culture

If there’s a simple but effective way to connect with your local Hispanic market is by adding Spanish to your marketing messaging. And we don’t mean those poorly translated articles or social media posts that don’t speak to your Comunidad Latina at all.

When we talk about using Spanish in your marketing effectively to build trust with the Latino community, we mean intentionally crafted messaging that takes their cultural roots into account and that shows that you’re making an effort to understand their heritage. The U.S. Hispanic market loves when brands do that. According to the Kantar 2021 U.S. Monitor report, 88% of U.S. Hispanics say they appreciate businesses that speak to them in Spanish, and 87% feel businesses that make a sincere effort to be part of or invest in their communities deserve their loyalty.

If you need another reason why Spanish and English PPC for lawyers is your best choice, this is it. With bilingual PPC campaigns that are fully customized and targeted to the Hispanic community, you will find success because Hispanics love it when brands make the effort to speak to them in their native language.

Now that you understand the unmatched power of the Hispanic market and what it means for your market, it is time to evaluate the best bilingual PPC strategies for your law firm.


The best bilingual PPC strategies for your law firm

This is perhaps the most important piece of information you should take away. Now that you’re on board with adding bilingual PPC to your marketing strategy, what’s the best way to go around it and capture as many Latinos’ attention as possible? Glad you asked. 

Understand your Hispanic market segment and set parameters

One of the most important things to consider when building your PPC for lawyers campaign is to understand the Hispanic market segment you’ll target and set parameters accordingly. If you’re targeting a foreign-born Hispanic segment that mainly speaks Spanish, you’ll want to set up your PPC campaigns in Spanish to target that audience.

It’s also important to consider what you want to accomplish with your campaign, whether it is to drive Spanish speaking clients to your law firm's website or to build brand awareness. By setting parameters and defining your PPC as much as possible, you’ll reap more results than by just shooting without a target in sight.

Do your keyword research

If you’re relying on English-to-Spanish translation for your PPC campaign keywords, you’ll be disappointed in your ROI. Keywords play a fundamental role in PPC advertising. These keywords define where your ads show up, so if you’re a personal injury lawyer targeting injured Hispanic prospects, you’ll want to show up when they look for un “abogado de accidentes” in their area.

When it comes to PPC marketing for lawyers, search engine optimization is a must. Each ad you create needs to be assigned a set of keywords to target, and that’s how search engines will know when and where to display your ads. Not only do you want to select very relevant keywords that are aligned with the message of your ad, but you also want to research keywords that match what Hispanics are searching for when looking for a lawyer online.

Craft PPC ad copy that is culturally relevant

Not only do you want your ad to appear on Hispanic prospects’ screens, but you also want them to click on it. That’s the whole point of a PPC campaign!

No matter if you’re setting Google ads for lawyers or Facebook ads for lawyers, if your copy is not culturally relevant to Latinos, they will not click on your ad. It needs to be attractive, relatable, and informative enough for them to be interested enough in finding out what’s next.

Set up landing pages in Spanish

What is the page you send leads to through your PPC campaign? Is it poorly translated into Spanish? If that’s the case, you urgently need to set up a landing page in Spanish to attract Spanish-speaking Hispanics. Your landing page is your most important asset, after your PPC copy, to convert prospects into clients.

Not only does it have to be properly set up in Spanish, but it also needs to follow general good practices such as a clean design, attractive copy, and user-friendly content that is easy to use with a stand-out CTA button. These practices, along with an accurately translated page, will set your landing page for success.

Now that you know the three essential aspects of your bilingual PPC campaign strategy, let us show you why you should partner with the leading Hispanic marketing agency for bilingual law firms—Hey! That’s us, los expertos en marketing legal—to handle your marketing strategy.


Why partner with a Hispanic marketing agency to handle your bilingual PPC?

As a full-service Hispanic marketing agency exclusively focused on law firms, we pride ourselves on the strategies we provide to our clients looking to break into the Hispanic market. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should partner with us to handle your bilingual PPC strategy:


We help you understand your Hispanic market segments

We have insider knowledge of the different Hispanic market segments, and we can help you figure out your local Hispanic segment to set up your bilingual PPC campaign the right way. Because we come from Hispanic roots ourselves, we have a solid grasp on the needs and wants of every Hispanic market segment so that we can establish your PPC in English and Spanish to generate as many leads as possible while minimizing costs.

With PPC especially, it’s important that you partner with legal marketing experts that can help you distinguish which keywords are worth targeting and which ones are not. Our deep understanding of the Hispanic market is our most powerful weapon when it comes to our bilingual PPC marketing solutions.


We have deep cultural connections with the Latinx market

As we previously mentioned, we’re deeply connected with the Latinx market because our team comes from diverse Hispanic backgrounds as well. You can call us multicultural marketers, and we love it. We always find ways to get close to our Comunidad Latina y su gente, and we always encourage our clients to also get close to them.

You’ll have a lot of fun partnering with a marketing agency with a lot of sazón Latino that incorporates our culture into our work. Just check out the rest of our website and social media, and you’ll soon find out that Hispanic marketing for law firms is our specialty!


Our experience backs us up

We know that experience is also a huge part of your decision-making process, and we have over a decade of experience that backs our work up. We are pioneers in Hispanic marketing for law firms, and we have helped dozens of law firms wanting to step up their Hispanic marketing game.

We have successfully managed millions of dollars in marketing solutions for our clients, and we’re proud of how far we’ve come. As the leading Hispanic legal marketing agency in the country, you can rest assured that your bilingual PPC marketing strategy will be handled effectively with all the necessary expertise.


Other effective marketing strategies for your law firm

If you are looking for other effective marketing strategies to increase your law firm’s Hispanic caseload, we got you! Our full-service Hispanic marketing agency offers different digital and traditional marketing solutions that will surely put you in front of prospective Spanish speaking clients.

Take advantage of these marketing solutions to grow your practice:

Bilingual PPC

Efficiently target Latinx legal searchers with tailored campaigns, showcasing your expertise. Establish yourself as the top solution in your market and drive meaningful connections.

Bilingual SEO

Establish your law firm as a leader in Spanish search results. Our award-winning editorial team delivers high-quality content, all while your English SEO provider continues their work.

Latinx Strategy Session

Unlock the potential for more Hispanic cases with two tailored strategy sessions. We analyze your law firm's position, competitors, and local market to identify the best opportunities.

Sonic Branding

Create memorable and influential sonic assets through our solutions. Stand out from competitors, leave a lasting impact on potential clients and shape their perception of your law firm.

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Transform your website from zero to top-ranking with twenty optimized content pieces. Be discovered by Latinos seeking legal services and position your law firm as their go-to choice.

Latinx Social Domination

Elevate your social media presence and dominate the diverse Latino market with over 40 custom video assets. Scripted, produced, and managed exclusively for your law firm.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

Create a comprehensive Hispanic market brand book for your law firm, encompassing tagline, brand tone, and graphic assets. Deliver a consistent message to Latinos across all channels.

TV Advertising

Capture the attention of the Hispanic market with impactful TV advertising for law firms. Our Spanish creatives resonate with Latinos’ real pain points and deliver authentic messaging.

Radio Advertising

Tap into the tremendous potential of lawyer radio advertising in Spanish and witness the transformative impact it can have on your law firm's outreach to Spanish-speaking prospects.

Billboard Advertising

Capture the attention of your Hispanic community with strategically located billboards and empower your law firm to effectively communicate with English and Spanish-speaking prospects.

Website Design & Development

Our bilingual law firm website design and development solutions help you connect with the Latinx market by providing you with aesthetically pleasing design and culturally relevant content.

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