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In the competitive realm of criminal law, you need to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. Not only must you be up to date on the latest marketing strategies to advertise your legal services, whether it be online or offline, but you also need to be on the lookout for untapped opportunities to increase your caseload. Spoiler alert: Hispanic criminal defense marketing is that major breakthrough, and if you’re not already attempting to target your local Comunidad Latina, well, we think that’s just criminal.

If you’re ready to break into the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., Nanato Media positions your criminal defense law firm as Hispanic prospects’ go-to resource with English & Spanish criminal defense marketing that resonates with their needs and wants.

We understand

We understand if you’re not convinced Latino criminal defense marketing is your thing yet. After all, the Latinx community is such a diverse and rapidly expanding market that it is difficult to keep up with their needs and wants. But don’t fret, we Hispanic legal marketing pros are here to tell you why your criminal defense law firm should focus on winning Hispanic clients now.

Why Latin criminal defense marketing?

As the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., the Hispanic community is looking for legal services for the same reasons everyone else does. What makes them such a sought-after market for lawyers is their rapid growth and their significant buying power in the U.S. economy. To understand why Latino prospects can be your law firm’s most valuable client base, you need to understand their unique role in shaping the country as a whole.

Despite its evidenced growth, the U.S. Hispanic population overall remains an untapped marketing opportunity because not everyone has been able to fully decipher Hispanics as consumers. Lucky for you, we have over a decade of experience marketing to U.S. Hispanic prospects looking for legal services, so we surely know a thing or two.

To paint you a picture of the unmatched power of the U.S. Hispanic consumer, the Latino population of over 62.1 million accounts for 19% of all Americans and is the nation’s second-largest racial group after White Americans. Latinos are not the ‘future’ of the U.S. but the present driving force of its culture and economy. It would be foolish to neglect such a growing market, right?

But make no mistake. A one-size-fits-all marketing approach for the Hispanic market is the first rookie mistake you should avoid, as Latinos are not a homogenous demographic at all. In our book “Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market,” we wrote a deep dive into the five different Hispanic segments you should know and how to target them: Americanizado, Nueva Latina, AmBi-Cultural, Hispano, y Latinoamericana. If you’re interested in learning more about how to identify your local Hispanic market, this article is a good starting point.

If you’ve worked with Latino clients before, you’ll know they are your most passionate and loyal clients. Have you wondered why that is? If you were able to earn their trust as a criminal defense lawyer, they will make sure everyone and their mother knows that you helped them.

According to a 2022 Retail Customer Brand Loyalty study, 43% of Hispanic consumers identify themselves as “loyalists,” consumers that find a good source for purchases and then stick with it. As the largest consumer demographic in the U.S., Hispanics represent an estimated $1.9 trillion in buying power, and guess what? They’re looking for legal representation they can trust.

If you become their go-to resource in bilingual criminal defense services, we assure you your Hispanic clients will be your best brand ambassadors. As highly social individuals, Hispanics are more likely to engage in word-of-mouth and pass along the information they hear than any other demographic. If they prefer you as an attorney, their marketing de boca en boca will be a valuable asset for your criminal defense advertising.

Hispanic criminal defense law firm mrketing principles

It is evident that Latinx criminal defense marketing is a profitable opportunity to raise your caseload. However, you need to know how to do it right if you want to be a reliable resource for your Hispanic potential clients. As a competitive legal industry to market, here are the main Hispanic marketing for criminal defense attorney principles you should apply if you plan to win the Hispanic market:


Earn trust with the spanish speaking community

A growing share of Latinos is English proficient, with over 67% of Hispanics being U.S.-born. If you’re targeting the young Latino population, bilingual criminal defense marketing for your law firm is your best shot. Don't speak Spanish? That's okay! What’s important for Hispanic prospects to know is that you’re putting in the effort to earn their trust by understanding their cultural roots and speaking the language they’re most comfortable speaking.


Take a mobile-first approach

Latinos LOVE to use their smartphones. In fact, Hispanics are very tech-savvy regardless of age, and they search for the products or services they are interested in on their phones. Not only that, Hispanic consumers are more likely to post on social media daily and engage with new digital platforms like TikTok. With 98% of Hispanics ages two and up owning a smartphone, we strongly recommend that you take a mobile-first approach in your digital marketing for criminal defense attorneys, such as optimizing your law firm's website for mobile users and sharing informative content on your social media channels.


Establish a Spanish-language online presence

You may already have a solid online presence in English that works for you. Perhaps, you have previously invested in traditional marketing efforts in Spanish to reach Hispanic communities, or God forbids, use poor Spanish translation in your messaging. But do you know how much you’re missing without a powerful Spanish-language online presence? A lot, we’ll tell you.

While a Spanish-only approach won’t cut it for your Hispanic audience,—Use of Spanish has declined among Latinos in the past decade—there are still about 37 million Latinos in the U.S. who still speak Spanish at home and consider the language to be an important part of their culture. Whether you build a criminal defense SEO strategy in Spanish or establish bilingual Google Ads campaigns for criminal defense lawyers, you’ll reach a huge portion of the Latinx community looking for your services.

Why partner with a Hispanic marketing agency to handle yur Latino criminal defense marketing

Don’t be guilty of missing out on the power of U.S. Hispanics criminal defense marketing. Like every other community in the nation, the Latinx community will have individuals that are looking for a criminal attorney. Partnering with a full-service Hispanic marketing agency for law firms to handle your Latinx criminal defense marketing is a great start when it comes to showing your local Hispanic market that you’re here to help. With over a decade of experience targeting the Latinx community in criminal defense cases, we’ve got the right services to increase your caseload. 

Bilingual criminal defense marketing strategies to raise your caseload

Domestic violence, tickets, traffic violations, or jail release cases—You name one criminal defense practice area, and we can assure you we’ve managed thousands of dollars in campaigns about them. Here are just some of the ways we can boost your presence among your local Latinx community:

Bilingual PPC

Are your Google ads not performing? You can effectively target the Hispanic market with bilingual, high-intent pay per click campaigns that will make you their first option.

Bilingual SEO

Break through the Google search results with skilled search engine optimization for the most competitive keywords in English and Spanish.

Latinx Strategy Session

If you haven’t yet found out about the most profitable opportunities marketing to a spanish speaking audience, our two-session program helps you identify them.

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Reach the Latinx market quickly and efficiently with our SEO content accelerator program designed to optimize your legal website’s most important pages in Spanish.

Latinx Social Domination

Conquer the Hispanic market by targeting where they spend the most time: Social media. With campaigns tailored to social media, you will become your target audience’s most influential legal figure in your practice area.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

Your law firm can successfully win the Latinx market by creating a Hispanic sub-brand tailored to your spanish speaking community that conveys Latinidad y sazón.

Billboard Advertising

Captivate your Hispanic community's attention through strategically positioned billboards, empowering your law firm to seamlessly communicate with both English and Spanish-speaking prospects.

Website Design & Development

Empower your connection with the Latinx market through our law firm website design and development solutions. We deliver visually appealing designs and culturally relevant content that enable you to effectively engage with a Latinx audience.

Bilingual criminal defense marketing strategies to raise your caseload

Domestic violence, tickets, traffic violations, or jail release cases—You name one criminal defense practice area, and we can assure you we’ve managed thousands of dollars in campaigns about them. Here are just some of the ways we can boost your presence among your local Latinx community:

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With the right Hispanic criminal defense marketing strategy, the Hispanic market is yours to win. That’s where Nanato Media comes in. We will help you connect with your local Hispanic market’s legal and cultural needs. With a high-intent, fully-optimized legal marketing campaign, we’re sure Hispanic prospects will know you’re their best option. Book your initial discovery call with us today to get started.

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