Hispanic Family Law Marketing

You can get in front of Hispanic prospects with a solid Hispanic Family Law Marketing strategy that speaks to them in a culturally relevant way. Family issues can be tough to navigate, especially if they get to court. Unfortunately, the laws surrounding divorce, custody battles, and spousal support claims can add to an already stressful time for families encountering difficulties. Hispanic families in the U.S. are no strangers to family problems, and when they are looking for a family lawyer, you’ll want to be their top result in marketing for family law.

Are you ready to win your local Hispanic market? Nanato Media puts your family law firm in front of potential Hispanic clients when they’re struggling with family issues. If you’re not yet convinced about the potential of a robust bilingual family law attorney marketing strategy to increase your practice, then let us, Hispanic legal marketing experts, show you the untapped opportunities that exist within the growing Hispanic market.


Why build a Hispanic Family Law Marketing strategy?

In the competitive arena of family law, it’s always a great idea to explore ‘uncharted territory,’ or in simple terms, start breaking into specific markets that the legal industry has traditionally passed over. One such market is the U.S. Hispanic market, the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. with over 62.1 million people as of 2020, about 17.6 million households.

The Latino community is expanding quickly, already comprising about 20% of the total U.S. population. The numbers don’t lie—To ignore such a sizable and profitable market would be an unwise move if your plan is to stay in business. You may have the upper hand in Hispanic family lawyer marketing if you start crafting a strategy that addresses the needs and wants of Hispanic families. Considering that the purchasing power of U.S. Hispanics exceeds $1.9 trillion, this market opportunity cannot be neglected.

Break into the fastest-growing demographic with culturally relevant marketing

Great! You are starting to understand the value of the Hispanic market, the driving force of U.S. culture and economy in your marketing for family lawyer. But beyond building a generic marketing approach, you must consider that Hispanics are an exceptionally diverse and dynamic market. A one-size-fits-all U.S. Hispanics family law marketing strategy just won’t cut it. There are a couple of things you should take into account if you’re committed to winning your local Hispanic market:

Speak their language and culture

Connecting with Hispanic families in your local market is your key to building a successful family law caseload. The best way to earn their trust and become a reliable resource for Hispanic families navigating tough times is to speak their language and culture. This is not to say that you only need to build a Spanish website and call it a day. In fact, there has been a decline in Spanish usage among Latinos in the past decade, so it’s best to immerse yourself in your local Hispanic community and witness their needs and wants first-hand.

In our award-winning book “Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market,” we dive deep into the different segments of the U.S. Hispanic population divided by their level of assimilation into American culture: Americanizado, Nueva Latina, AmBi-Cultural, Hispano, and Latinoamericana. Each of these segments is characterized by their language preferences, time lived in the U.S., and adherence to Hispanic traditions. Learning the key differences among these segments will strengthen your family law firm marketing.

Build your bilingual online presence

Your Hispanic potential clients are surfing the net looking for the right family lawyer to handle their unique needs, and you want to be their first option. By creating a bilingual online presence, you can ensure you’ll be in front of your local Latinx market. There are multiple ways you can leverage your English and Spanish online presence. One of the first steps is to build a Spanish version of your website, and we don’t mean translating your English website. We mean literally crafting each page and section with culturally relevant messaging that resonates with the Hispanic community. You can also consider creating Spanish-language content on your blog and social media accounts to increase your visibility.

When it comes to targeting the Hispanic market, family law digital marketing is the most effective approach since Hispanic Americans are hyper-connected to technology and social media. In fact, you’ll do even better taking a mobile-first approach because smartphones are central to U.S. Hispanics’ lives, and many use their phones to make their buying decisions.

Bilingual family lawyer marketing solutions that work

By now, we hope you’re fully on board with incorporating Latinx family law marketing into your practice. No matter which kind of family law cases you’re chasing, you can bet we have over a decade of experience managing hyper-focused campaigns that speak to the cultural and language needs of the Hispanic community. Our most in-demand campaigns include:

Why a Hispanic marketing agency for family lawyers is your best option

While you’re out in court fighting for your clients’ needs, you’ll need Hispanic marketing experts to get you new clients. Hey, that’s us! If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, our bilingual marketing services will certainly connect you with your local Hispanic community. 

Family law firm marketing services fit for you

Bilingual PPC

Be your Hispanic prospects’ top search result with bilingual PPC campaigns that position you as their go-to family lawyer.

Bilingual SEO

Optimize your family law practice’s website for results with English and Spanish content that speaks to your local market in a culturally relevant way.

Latinx Strategy Session

With our Latinx strategy sessions, we can share the magic of Hispanic family law marketing solutions that fit with your target market and are tailored to your needs.

Sonic Branding

Get inside your future clients’ heads by crafting a unique, catchy sonic brand for your family law brand.

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Enhance your Spanish online presence with fully-optimized website pages that target the most relevant Spanish terms in your family law practice.

Latinx Social Domination

Conquer the Latino digital space with creative and informative video assets in English and Spanish.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

Build your Spanish family law brand from scratch to appeal to your local Hispanic market.

TV Advertising

Make your law firm stand out from the crowd with attractive television commercials that will immediately connect you with the sought-after spanish speaking market.

Radio Advertising

Our team of radio advertising experts will help you craft the most creative and powerful radio commercials that will attract your Comunidad Latina immediately!

Billboard Advertising

The local Hispanic community is yours to win with strategically placed billboards that will showcase you as their go-to legal resource.

Website Design & Development

Our tech-savvy website design and development team will build your law firm’s website from the ground up and help you position yourself as a reference within your practice area.

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Set yoiconr Latino family law marketing strategy in motion

Get started with your hispanic family law marketing today. While you’re committed to helping your clients, we’re committed to helping you. We put our 15+ years of experience marketing for family lawyers targeting the Hispanic market to work for you. Book your initial discovery call with us to find out how we can partner with you and build a Hispanic Family Law Marketing strategy that delivers you results in the blink of an eye.

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