Hispanic Branding for Law Firms

Did you know that carefully crafted Hispanic branding for law firms is an untapped opportunity to build a solid reputation within the fastest-growing market in the United States? If you’re looking to increase your law firm’s caseload, look no further than targeting the diverse U.S. Hispanic community with a culturally relevant branding strategy that positions you as their go-to option.

Usually, what law firms do when it comes down to marketing their services to Hispanics is they literally take their English marketing messaging and translate it into Spanish, not accounting for the errors that will arise through poorly adapted expressions and wordplay that just don’t work en Español.

Especially for a demographic that is more loyal to brands that market to them in Spanish regardless of language preference, building a brand solely for the Hispanic market is a profitable business opportunity.

But it goes beyond just the bad, often tone-deaf titles and subtitles translations. This inconsistent and vague identity law firms suffer when trying to adapt their brand to a Spanish-speaking market is also displayed in a lack of consistent tone and voice that oftentimes fluctuates from formal to informal (tú and usted) without questioning how the law firm wants to be perceived by their Spanish-speaking clients.

A branding strategy includes your law firm’s name, logo, website, and social media assets that establish your brand in the minds of potential clients. A robust branding strategy also makes your brand stand out from the competition and highlights your unique assets. When it comes to your clientes Latinos, your Hispanic branding components are crucial.

What will the jury think?

As the U.S. Hispanic population continues to grow, the presence of Latino jurors across the nation is a common thing. Have you ever thought about how a poorly crafted brand image in your Spanish assets will impact their opinion of your firm? As James Carter, from The Cochran Firm, says, your opening statement starts before your show up to court.

As the leading Hispanic branding agency for law firms, Nanato Media builds your Hispanic market brand from the ground up based on your target market with culturally relevant messaging. With our brand kit program, we look to create assets and guidelines to ensure that your brand has an impactful and consistent message for your Spanish-speaking audience that stands out from the competition.

Addressing the U.S. Hispnic Market’s Needs and Wants

So you want to win your local Hispanic community. Then, it’s time to demystify one of the most powerful markets in the U.S.

According to a study by Nielsen, Latinos will contribute more growth than any other population segment and will be the primary contributors to the total U.S. population growth for the next 40 years! Not paying attention to the Latino market would be an unwise business move.

The U.S. Hispanic market is growing, and it’s growing quickly. Their needs and wants, more than ever, cannot be overlooked. Transmitting elements of Hispanic culture to stand out from the rest is key to being the law firm that understands them and their cultural heritage no matter your practice area.

It’s also crucial to understand how Latinos interact with brands and the channels they use to search for your services. As hyper-social, well-connected users, you can find Hispanic Americans spending nearly 10.5 hours per week using the internet on their smartphones, browsing social media, streaming music and movies, messaging, and downloading apps.

Further, as a relatively young demographic—32% of U.S. Hispanics are Gen Z—Hispanics are more likely to interact with brands on social media. News flash: That also includes your law firm. In fact, a Thomson Reuters study found that 45% of Spanish-speaking consumers searched for an attorney on social media. If you understand the Hispanic marketing game, you’ll know how valuable it is to position your law firm online as a knowledgeable and culturally sensitive brand for Hispanic Americans.

Building your Latinx law firm brand identity

Now that you recognize the value of building a Hispanic brand identity for your law firm to form a deep connection with your target market, let’s explore what our Hispanic branding for law firms entails.

Spoiler alert: It’s more than designing a nice logo and adding Spanish words to your marketing. Spanglish is cool and all, but Hispanos are a demanding market, and standing out from your competitors takes more than that.

If your law firm were a Hispanic person, how would they talk? Would they be serious and powerful, or kind and thoughtful? Understanding your law firm's principles and values will help us define the voice of your law firm in Spanish so that Hispanic consumers understand it and relate to it.

If you haven’t consciously crafted a brand tone of voice that helps you connect with your target audience, then you’re missing out on its shown benefits. For instance, a Grammarly Business study found that a transparent and consistent voice increases trust by up to 33% and loyalty by up to 19%. And Latinos care a whole lot about brand loyalty.

Your law firm’s Spanish tone of voice will determine how you will use words and graphics across every content format, including emails, landing pages, ads, social media posts, blog posts, and print materials. Most importantly, it will reflect your law firm’s personality and values.

Defining your brand’s tone of voice could also be helpful if you’re looking for other marketing strategies such as establishing your law firm’s brand sound or crafting your law firm’s bilingual SEO strategy.

If winning the Hispanic market is your law firm’s goal, it will depend on how effective your brand messaging is to communicate your brand’s essence to Hispanic prospects.

You probably know very well what makes you stand out from the competition and what you do differently that makes your clients love you. Well, we help you figure out how to say that in simple but effective words so that your Spanish-speaking clients get precisely what you want them to know and set up guidelines so that this message is effectively delivered across multiple channels where you are currently marketing.

While the name of your firm won’t change unless you are considering a sub-brand, your law firm needs a tagline that speaks directly to your Hispanic audience and that helps them quickly and effectively understand what you do.

A tagline achieves just that. Taglines are short and incisive phrases that are tightly knit with your practice. They need to be as catchy and memorable as possible because they will easily create una conexión with your target audience.

As Hispanic legal marketing pros, we work with you to develop your law firm’s Spanish tagline and set guidelines on how to use it effectively.

Your logo and other essential graphic assets need to have a Spanish version where all other words aside from your name are presented in Spanish, so when users interact with your Spanish social media pages or Spanish website, the logo matches the language of the content.

But don’t make the mistake of using stereotypical imagery and symbols to build your Hispanic brand identity. If you don’t know how to use their language and cultural signals accurately, then it’s best you ask Hispanic marketing professionals to help because the last thing you want to do is overuse Hispanic cultural symbols in a stereotypical way to the point that your law firm is perceived as offensive or blatantly ignorant.

Before you add a sombrero or piñata to your law firm’s logo, we can take the time to understand the cultural practices of your target market and build a culturally relevant and appealing visual brand that you can use to share your content on social media or on your website.

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