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If you think that you don’t need a Lawyer TV advertising strategy in Spanish in this day and age, you need to think twice, because guess what? Television advertising campaigns for lawyers are still very much relevant among the Latino community.

As the leading full-service Hispanic marketing agency for law firms in the U.S., we surely know what we’re talking about. With over a decade of experience in Spanish TV commercials for lawyers, we have repeatedly seen success from our clients. Book your initial consultation with us to learn how we can help you craft your Spanish Lawyer TV advertising strategy to win the Hispanic market today!

Not entirely convinced yet? We show you why exactly lawyers that advertise on TV to the Hispanic market can increase their caseloads with a solid strategy.

Why You Must Have a Spanish Lawyer TV Advertising Strategy

To think of TV commercials as the traditional 30-second schedule of advertisements carried on linearTV is an outdated, misleading, and lame way of regarding the power that television as an advertising channel carries.

TV has now expanded its reach through OTT, connected TV services, which allows you not only to expand your reach and be in front of your most desired audience. Think of all the benefits of digital advertising but with the benefits and experience that only TV advertising can offer. It's the best of both worlds.

While we understand that the internet has become a powerful channel to market to Latinos, we can’t doubt the unmatched power TV advertising has had and continues to have on la Comunidad Latina. There’s no better way to target Latinos with tv commercials for lawyers than when they’re happily tuning in to their novela or streaming their favorite show.

On average, the legal industry spends $225 million monthly in law advertising on TV. However, only $16 million are invested in Spanish TV Network; in other words, only 6.2% of the law industry TV ad spend.

Spanish TV advertising dollars yield more and perform better than budgets spent on TV for the general market; furthermore, advertising in Spanish TV networks is less expensive, less saturated, and less competitive in many markets. Yes, it is that great.

Too few marketers cater to Spanish-speaking Latinos which is, quite honestly, sad. Going back to Telemundo and Univision, these networks have been effective at marketing to this particular demographic for years, and if they have found success, why can’t you? In fact, a Kantar 2021 U.S. Monitor report shows that 88% of U.S. Hispanics appreciate a business that speaks to them in Spanish, and 87% feel companies that sincerely try to be part of or invest in their communities deserve their loyalty.

If you recognize the U.S. Hispanic market as a cultural and economic force in the nation, you can translate this very well into your marketing strategy. If not, your practice might just not be relevant to the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. The Hispanic market is a very profitable business opportunity, but only if you know how to do lawyer tv ads right.

Of all TV content consumption sources and methods, Latinos prefer streaming by streaming, as 43.6% of their TV time is spent on this type of content. However, that is not to say that they do not consume traditional or cable tv, as they spend 23% and 20% of their time, respectively, on these two other platforms, according to a recent study from Nielsen.

With Connected TV, or CTV for short, 17% of device users are U.S. Hispanics and were the second-highest cohort in Q3 2020 of CTV watchers (52%), according to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report. This is an opportunity for your law firm to leverage its TV advertising strategy and meet Hispanic audiences where they’re at.

Have you heard about Univision and Telemundo? U.S. Hispanics indeed have, as they’re still the most reliable go-to networks to stay informed. Here’s the thing: While social media has become an excellent resource for Hispanics to stay connected and engaged, no one is doing it like these two TV networks in connecting brands with Hispanic audiences. If TV advertising is not as effective anymore, then why do Univision and Telemundo remain the pillars of Hispanic marketing and advertising? Food for thought.

While TV advertising in all its shapes and forms remains a highly effective way to reach and position your business or law firm in the Hispanic market, the success of your campaign will only be as successful as the messaging and quality of your creative.

It’s not a surprise that lawyers’ TV commercials are a billion-dollar industry. But no money in the world can buy you Hispanic clients if your messaging is not hitting the mark. Especially for a demographic that constantly looks for representation on screen, it’s essential that you put thought into the kind of Spanish lawyer TV advertising you’ll put out for your local Comunidad Latina to see.

Are you thinking of repurposing your English TV spots by adding a voiceover from one of your Spanish-speaking employees and hoping that does the trick? Spoiler alert: It won’t, not in this new market where law firms that strive to deliver the best and most authentic experience to their Latino markets are emerging nationwide. The competition just keeps increasing.

Keep these lousy marketing habits, and you will soon lose your unhappy employees who are sick and tired of having to double as your law firm's Spanish voice talent and your Hispanic market share.

Representation matters, and Hispanics like to see themselves on the screen, hear a message that speaks to their needs and culture, and address their pain points. But it means it also has to be easy to follow and creative enough for it to capture the attention and prevent them from shifting their attention to a different screen nearby.

For instance, Spanish personal injury lawyer TV commercials that don’t address the specific needs of an injured Hispanic client, and don’t portray their experiences accurately, will not succeed at resonating with their target audience simply because they don’t speak to them.

Spanish Lawyer TV Advertisng Solutions

At Nanato Media, we help law firms develop creatives for every kind of TV strategy that will capture the attention of their local Hispanic audience. Whether you need a simple produced-in-a-day testimonial commercial or are looking to invest in a 6-digit production to disrupt your market, we can take care of the full production or consult your curative team to ensure that the tone, message, and execution of the creative can get you more clients. Our solutions include:

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Bilingual PPC

Are your Google ads not performing? You can effectively target the Hispanic market with bilingual, high-intent pay per click campaigns that will make you their first option.

Bilingual SEO

Break through the Google search results with skilled search engine optimization for the most competitive keywords in English and Spanish.

Latinx Strategy Session

If you haven’t yet found out about the most profitable opportunities marketing to a spanish speaking audience, our two-session program helps you identify them.

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Reach the Latinx market quickly and efficiently with our SEO content accelerator program designed to optimize your legal website’s most important pages in Spanish.

Latinx Social Domination

Conquer the Hispanic market by targeting where they spend the most time: Social media. With campaigns tailored to social media, you will become your target audience’s most influential legal figure in your practice area.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

Your law firm can successfully win the Latinx market by creating a Hispanic sub-brand tailored to your spanish speaking community that conveys Latinidad y sazón.

Billboard Advertising

Captivate your Hispanic community's attention through strategically positioned billboards, empowering your law firm to seamlessly communicate with both English and Spanish-speaking prospects.

Website Design & Development

Empower your connection with the Latinx market through our law firm website design and development solutions. We deliver visually appealing designs and culturally relevant content that enable you to effectively engage with a Latinx audience.

Explore ur diverse range of Hispanic marketing services

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