Hispanic Sonic Branding for Law Firms

Do you know about the untapped opportunities in Hispanic sonic branding for law firms? When it comes to the Hispanic market and music, we surely know a thing or two. Let us, Hispanic legal marketing pros (and music lovers), walk you through the extraordinary benefits of bilingual sonic branding for law firms—It’ll be música to your ears!

Sonic branding is exactly what it sounds like: The sound of a brand. We know that you can play Apple’s simple but catchy startup sound or visualize the Universal Studios animation in your head. See how effective an audio brand can be? That can be your personal injury law firm or employment law practice for your Hispanic prospects.

The difference between having or not having a unique and custom melody that is consistently associated with your business will determine your brand recall potential. In “The Power of You,” Ipsos reports that recall increases when you use sound in branding efforts. Trust us, you want to increase your recall with audio to stay inside your prospective clients’ minds.

If your law firm uses music strategically to market to Hispanics, it will be remembered, and if not, it will be immediately forgotten.

A Leicester University study found that brands that use music that is aligned with their brand identity are 96% more likely to be remembered. News flash: This applies to your law firm’s branding as well.

Sound evokes memory. With a strong audio strategy, you can literally speak to potential clients and create a connection with them by showcasing your services, whether it is through radio advertising, social media, TV, and audio streaming services.


As the leading Hispanic Sonic Branding Agency for law firms, Nanato Media helps you identify your practice’s unique sound. With our sonic branding package, we explore your brand’s strongest qualities and boost them with sound. Whether you’re looking for Spanish and English sonic branding for law firms, just English, or just Español, we have a solution for you that will get your brand inside your future client's heads.

Don’t sound like everyone else. You can easily stand out from the crowd with attention-grabbing tunes. From songwriting to mastering, we take care of the production process and deliver sharp, harmonious results. Here’s how we do it.


Hispanics and Music

The average Hispanic consumer spends $135 per year on music, considerably more than the average consumer, who spends $105 per year, according to Nielsen’s Listen Up study. Music is an integral part of the multifaceted Hispanic culture, and as such, your law firm can foster an effective emotional connection with your local Hispanic market using music.

While it shouldn’t be assumed right off the bat that Hispanic consumers immediately connect with a sonic branding in Spanish, using music to market your legal practice to Hispanics works overall because music is a powerful touchpoint that unites U.S. Hispanics regardless of their acculturation levels. Thus, investing in your Latinx Audio Branding is a no-brainer.

The beauty of sonic branding is its omnichannel potential when it comes to the U.S. Hispanic market. Whether it's through free streaming services like Pandora or YouTube or traditional media like radio, music is part of the daily lives of Latinos. As a hyper-online, social media-savvy demographic, online sources, and ads can influence Hispanic consumer behavior. With sound, you can take your law firm’s presence al siguiente nivel!

Creating a sound that is unique to your law firm and that influences the perception that your Hispanic market has about your law firm is an extremely powerful approach to staying top of mind and becoming their law firm of choice—As long as it’s culturally relevant. Let us explain.


Composing for Cultural Relevancy

Understanding your local Latino market’s language and culture is your golden ticket to accurately tap into this demographic. It’s crucial to speak to them by advertising in Spanish and immersing in their herencia cultural to make your brand more memorable and likable, a report by Adweek shows. That’s why using culturally appropriate music is an effective way to position your law firm among Hispanic Americans.

Choosing the right music for your market has to look at several factors in your Hispanic market, which include but are not limited to age, country of origin, language preference, and geographic location. So, when you decide to develop sonic assets for your law firm, it is important that you remember you are crafting these assets to appeal to your Hispanic market, not you or your personal taste in music. Unless, of course, you are your ideal Hispanic client avatar.

Work with experts like us to ensure your Hispanic sound branding hits the right tone with your target market instead of using tone-deaf messaging that creates the opposite effect.




Tagline jingles are short and sweet brand identifiers with the potential to create a HUGE impact on a brand. Take McDonald’s “Ba-da-ba-ba-baaa ... I'm lovin' it," which you probably sang in your head after reading it. There are brands that you could recognize with your eyes closed just by hearing their jingles. And you still wonder if a sonic branding strategy is necessary.

Make it easy for your clients to recall your law firm with a vibrant and powerful tagline jingle they will always associate with your brand. Taglines ideally describe your brand’s value proposition through a short, memorable phrase.

Regardless of your practice area, we help you find the right tagline for your law firm if you don’t already have a tagline or slogan.

Brand Music

When brainstorming your sonic brand or sonic rebrand, it’s best to take an omnichannel approach, creating audio assets that you can use for your radio, TV, and digital marketing. That’s why a tagline jingle is just the first component of your hispanic marketing strategy. Your brand music will complement your social media content, and radio and TV ads.

Our music is fresh, original, and catchy, con sazón latino. We provide a unique soundtrack that will help your audience recognize your law firm from the start of the commercial. This connection between a brand and melody maintains you in your audience's minds, making it easier for them to remember you and the solutions you offer.

Curious to know the magic behind our brand music and tagline jingle production? We’ve broken down our process for you.



When it comes to building your brand identity, we don’t play it by ear. We take your vision to the next level by crafting every melody with attention to detail. We aim to produce your sonic branding assets within 30 days by following these steps:


Purchase package

Our packages offer you a complete sonic branding experience.


Brand personality survey

We want to explore your brand’s strongest assets and enhance them with sound.


Tagline creative review

Your input is the key to our music composition.



From songwriting to mastering, we take care of the entire production process.


Demos delivery

We develop two jingles and brand music options for your firm, so you can choose the one you like most or put both options through a focus group.


Preliminary cut delivery and feedback

We work together in harmony to deliver smooth results. 


Final cut delivery

We assure you the final product will be music to your ears!



Get ready for a successful release like a superstar.

This can be used in all media assets:

media assets

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