Spanish Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Latinx Social Domination

Your law firm might be a social media sensation, amassing thousands of likes and followers, but if you’re not taking advantage of Spanish social media marketing for lawyers, you might miss out on being a relevant resource for the fastest-growing market in the U.S.

At Nanato Media, the leading full-service Hispanic marketing agency for law firms, we swear by the power of the U.S. Hispanic market. If your law firm is looking to increase its presence among a Spanish-speaking population, look no further than targeting Latinos with relevant, fresh, and informative content on social media. You can become their go-to resource for legal services by incorporating bilingual social media marketing for lawyers. Book your initial consultation with us to learn how.

Here’s why you should be investing in social media advertising in Spanish to reach a Hispanic audience.


Latinos and their love for social media

Latinos, for a long time, have been leading the charts of social media usage. In fact, according to Pew Research, 85% of Hispanic adults use YouTube, while 72% use Facebook and 52% Instagram, so if your goal is to dominate your Hispanic market, then it should be evident to you that you have to meet your Comunidad Latina where they are, and that is social media.

Latinos social media
Latinos horario

Hispanics not only use and are comfortable in social media platforms, but they also over-index in any metric across all demographics the time spent on social media; in fact, Nielsen measured in their 2020 Digital Connectivity Report that 57% of Latinos spend over an hour a day on social media platforms compared to 48% of the total population.

How can you leverage social media to connect and build trust with a Latino audience? Social media for lawyers to reach your local Hispanic market may seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be with these simple strategies crafted by us, los expertos in Spanish marketing services! 

Spanish social media marketing for attorneys strategies to follow

Be present on social media


Content that speaks to your Comunidad Latina

For years, video has been the best-performing type of content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and so it should come as no surprise that that's the type of content you need to have a successful social media presence that generates engagement.

Our Latinx Social Domination strategy uses over 40 video assets that are custom for your business, focusing on you, your team, Hispanic clients, and the Latino community.

From identifying your Hispanic client avatar and developing the scripts for your videos to having a native speaker interview your Hispanic clients, we make sure that the messaging for your videos is not only providing valuable legal insights but also tackles the most frequent roadblocks that prevent Latinos from hiring a lawyer. We assure you that’s the type of content that works for Instagram marketing for attorneys or any other type of social media platform for that matter.

Social Videos

Short, informative videos that give quick but efficient insights into a particular practice area so that viewers can take advantage of the value being shared on the video and feel encouraged to share with friends and family that will find the content useful. This is perfect for Instagram and youtube advertising for attorneys.


Satisfied clients are your law firm’s best spokesperson; show your Hispanic community how you have helped Latinos that look and talk like them during difficult times—usually edited into a two-minute version, with a shorter but impactful cut edited in all three aspect ratios for all social media platforms.


The Right Creative for the Right Platform

When it comes to Instagram or Facebook advertising for lawyers, nothing is worse than a vertical video in landscape mode or vice versa. Therefore we ensure that you have video assets in all relevant aspect ratios so if a user sees your ad on Instagram feed, they see it in square 1:1, and if they see you on their Facebook reels, they see vertical 9:16. No black bars or blurry backgrounds, just video maximizing the screen real estate available to you everywhere all the time.


Audio Off

Captions are as important as visuals, as most users will keep audio off on social media videos if they are browsing in a public space.

We craft subtitles for all your videos to ensure that impressions are not wasted if users can't, or don't want to play audio; get your message through even when your audience is not listening, literally. This time, your attorney Facebook ads will definitely stand out to your target audience. You can expect high-quality videos with high-quality captions en español.


From Awareness to Conversion

Your social media content will only be as good as your strategy of presenting them to the right audience at the right time with the most relevant call to action according to where they are in their user journey.

We help you define who your Hispanic client avatar is and segment your social media campaigns to reach only users who have the potential to need your services now or in the future. Then we watch and monitor their behavior and set retargeting rules, and expand the audience to match the profiles of the users who are responding well to your content.

A different action at every stage—whether it's a like, share, landing page visit, or conversion—, we establish the objectives at each stage in the funnel to make it easy for those who are ready to initiate a conversation with your law firm can do so in a way that is easy and convenient for them and leverage one more channel from where users can communicate with your law firm and initiate the process of becoming a client.


How we craft your Spanish social media marketing strategy


We meet with you to define who your audience is, what practice areas we are creating content about, and define what assets we want to generate, and which locations we will be shooting on.

Script development

We craft custom scripts for your law firm, tackling all the pain points that matter to Latinos while delivering valuable and insightful information in an easy-to-understand and conversational manner, and share them with you for approval.


We provide you with a checklist, guides, and even release authorization forms so that on production day, you don’t have to think, just be. Our production team turns your office and any other location we visit during the day into a high-end production studio without disrupting your daily operations.

Post Production

We process all the footage and match it with sonic assets, custom or stock, and an impactful animation of your logo to end all videos with your branding. You get to see the preliminary cuts at this stage to share feedback.

Turbocharge the impact of your Latinx Social Domination with Sonic Branding.

Double the impact of your Latinx Social Domination strategy by increasing brand recognition and making it inevitable for your Hispanic market to forget your brand. Add some sazón Latino to your social videos with a unique sound produced by our talented studio. That will surely make you stand out from your competitors.

Social Media Campaigns Development

We prepare your landing pages and copywriting and build your campaigns on all social media platforms that will be part of your strategy; From audience segmentation to goal conversations and pixel implementation, you bet Latinos will not miss your social media campaigns.

Assets Delivery

Your final video cuts are shared with you and also passed on to our strategy team to prepare your campaigns for launch.

You can leverage your video assets by adding them to the following platforms:

  • Website
  • Google Business Profile
  • TikTok
  • Legal directories
  • YouTube

Campaign Launch

This is the exciting part: Your campaigns launch on all social media platforms simultaneously.

Campaign Optimization

Videos, copy, and strategy is updated monthly to ensure the campaigns remain relevant and generate engagement and conversions from your market.

Social media marketing strategy

Need other video production services?

We've got you covered. From explainer videos to TV commercials, we can adjust our video production services to meet your law firm's specific needs and strategy. We would love to hear your needs and present you with a custom-crafted solution for you. ¿Estás listo/a?

Bilingual PPC

Effectively reach Latinx legal searchers with precisely tailored Google ads campaigns that highlight your expertise. Position yourself as the leading solution in your market, forging meaningful connections.

Bilingual SEO

Position your law firm as a frontrunner in Spanish search results, commanding a prominent presence. Our award-winning editorial team produces top-notch content that will surely amplify your practice’s reach on Google Search.

Latinx Strategy Session

Discover the potential for increased Hispanic cases through two customized strategy sessions. Our comprehensive analysis of your law firm's position, competitors, and local market unveils the most advantageous opportunities, enabling you to optimize your outreach and maximize results.

Sonic Branding

Craft an unforgettable and impactful sonic brand with our cutting-edge solutions. Differentiate yourself from competitors, and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Elevate your website from obscurity to top-ranking status with twenty meticulously optimized content pieces in Spanish. Capture the attention of the spanish speaking community seeking legal services and establish your law firm as their trusted go-to option.

Latinx Social Domination

Enhance your social media presence and assert dominance in the diverse Latino market using a collection of over 40 custom video assets. These assets are expertly scripted, produced, and exclusively managed for your law firm.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

Craft your unique and culturally relevant Hispanic sub-brand to attract Spanish speaking potential clients to your law firm.

TV Advertising

television commercial ads in English and Spanish remain effective ways to target the Latinx market. We can help!

Radio Advertising

No, radio is not dead. We help you produce engaging radio ads that will directly connect you with your Hispanic community.

Billboard Advertising

Gain high visibility with carefully crafted bilingual billboard ads that will advertise you as Hispanics’ go-to legal resource.

Website Design & Development

You can’t win the Hispanic market with a poorly designed website. Our team of expert web designers and developers will create your sleek, mobile-friendly website.

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