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Hispanic Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

The Hispanic population is diverse and multilayered, and without a robust Hispanic marketing strategy for law firms, your generic marketing efforts just won’t cut it. Get wrong your segmentation or fail to acknowledge the untapped opportunities in your market, and your ambitions of Hispanic market domination can quickly turn an effective market move into a Hispanic market failure.

One of the biggest issues we have seen many law firms and attorneys face across all practice areas is making strategic decisions about how to increase their Hispanic market client base without first fully understanding who are the Latinos in their market, how to segment them, where their attention is, and how they choose law firms and attorneys.

While the term ‘Hispanic’ is often used to describe a person of Latin American origin or descent, U.S. Hispanics are too diverse and dynamic to be put in a box. In fact, Claritas distinguishes five distinct segments, each with unique characteristics depending on the level of assimilation into American culture: Latinoamericana, Hispano, AmBi-Cultural, Nueva Latina, and Americanizado. Booking our Latinx Strategy Session is a simple but effective starting point. (FYI: Our award-winning book "Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market" goes into detail on how to distinguish these Hispanic segments)

Our Latinx Strategy Session sets you up for success if you want to get started with your law firm’s Hispanic marketing strategy. This program combines consulting and strategy planning for your law firm, and it breaks down into two parts.

As the country-leading Hispanic marketing agency for law firms, Nanato Media meets your legal practice where it’s at and optimizes your marketing dollars, effectively targeting your local Latinx market with culturally relevant messaging and innovative web design, engaging social media campaigns, community outreach opportunities, and strategic advertising services. Book your initial discovery call with us for more details.

Without further ado, here’s how the Latinx Strategy Session helps lawyers win Spanish-speaking potential clients.


To quote our good friend and ally to our agency Harlan Schillinger, “What you don't know, you don't know.®” and trust us, no matter how much you feel you understand the Spanish-speaking market through the experience you had with your Latino clients there is still a lot for you to learn and acknowledge before you can dominate your Hispanic market and we are here to help you do that.

As a multifaceted demographic, no Latino prospect is the same. Their consumer preferences will vary based on a number of factors such as age and level of acculturation. But don’t fret—Those of us well-versed in Hispanic marketing can pinpoint such differences and leverage your practice’s marketing to connect with your Comunidad Latina on a deeper level.

The first part of our Latinx Strategy Sessions does precisely that. Our consulting work looks into your current positioning in your market and what is working now and what isn't.


Are your TV commercials presenting solutions to your Latino local market pain points? How about your website?


Are those three pages in Spanish on your site discoverable to Latino users?


Or even worse, are they hurting your brand?


Well, we will present you with all the answers.

For instance, Hispanic Americans are the most active smartphone users than any other demographic in the U.S., spending about 14 hours a week searching and scrolling online, according to a Nielsen study. If your law firm’s website is not taking a mobile-first approach to target the Hispanic population, our expert consulting will analyze how to improve your website for success.

Getting started with our latinx strategy session today

Let's grow your law firm

Get started with our latinx strategy session today


We start with the one thing you already know you want: More Hispanic clients. We know that building a Hispanic law firm marketing plan is no easy task, so we aim to determine the best, most cost-effective way to win you Hispanic clients. 

How do we do that?

We understand that it’s a challenge to engage the powerful U.S. Hispanic audience without first looking at the numbers.

As our first step, we analyze demand from the market size, segmentation, cost per click in search networks, social media opportunities, organic and paid competition. We then figure out what steps 1, 2, and 3 need to be taken, to get you towards the goal of more Latinx clients as fast as possible while keeping your bilingual attorney marketing strategies net positive.

Why can’t I just base my strategy on what works for other firms?

All markets have different scenarios that are determined by the size of the population and competitor set. So, what works for your attorney friend in the midwest may not work for you on the west coast and vice versa. As a lucrative market with a buying power of $1.9 trillion, you can’t afford to make the mistake of taking a one-size-fits-all marketing approach that will not resonate with your target market and lose relevance. 

Furthermore, there are other aspects that will influence how you approach your Hispanic attorney marketing plan. Are you a Latinx lawyer? Are you a non-Hispanic lawyer? Are you a non-lawyer-owned law firm? (yes, we work with those also). That way we can set up a realistic budget that considers your practice area’s market size.

What are the deliverables from the Latinx Strategy Session?

Clarity. And yes, a full stack of slides, reports, and actionable takeaways for you to leverage the opportunities for your law firm. But above all, you get a clear understanding of what opportunities are available for your law firm's marketing strategy, to be leveraged to increase its Hispanic market share, which is fundamental for making intelligent and ROI-generating business decisions on investing in a Spanish language marketing strategy.

Can your personal injury law firm take advantage of a fully-optimized website in Spanish to rank higher among Hispanic prospects? Does your workers’ comp practice need to up its social media game with relevant and informative content in Spanish to attract Latino workers? Maybe your family law practice can benefit from a friendly and catchy tagline jingle to increase its reputation among Latino families. Whatever your law firm needs to win the Hispanic market, you can certainly bet we’ll deliver the most effective strategies for the most effective results.

Who will be our strategist?

We give you access to our co-founder Liel Levy, who has over 30 years of experience in Hispanic legal marketing (he grew up in the legal services business, literally!) and has advised some of the largest, highest revenue-generating consumer-focused law firms in the nation about their Latinx lawyer marketing strategy.

The team of professionals at Nanato Media works on the research and analysis for the strategy presentation, and the sessions are facilitated by Liel, who personally evaluates all the data and identifies your law firm’s areas of opportunity.

Where do the strategy sessions take place?

This program has been developed to be best consumed over video conferences as the presentation is full of interactive elements such as video, audio, and other multimedia assets that require access to screen and audio at all times. Furthermore, this allows you to have several of your legal team members join, even if they work from multiple locations.

Strategy Implementation

If your law firm has the in-house expertise or resources in place to help you implement the Hispanic marketing strategy opportunities that were uncovered during the strategy session, then that is fantastic. However, if you need a partner to help you implement some or all of our recommendations, we will also share how Nanato Media can work with your law firm to get you on track to winning your local Hispanic market.

After all, no one understands the diverse U.S. Hispanic community more than Spanish-speaking Hispanic marketers!

Other Hispanic marketing solutions for your legal practice

Bilingual PPC

Engaging campaigns designed to reach Latino legal searchers in your market. Present your law firm as the premier solution personalized to their needs with attractive copy and sleek design.

Bilingual SEO

Attain search result supremacy for profitable Spanish terms in your market. Benefit from our award-winning editorial team's content creation, and you can keep your English SEO provider.

Latinx Strategy Session

Uncover lucrative opportunities for Hispanic cases with two custom strategy sessions. We analyze your law firm's current position, competitors, and local market to maximize results.

Sonic Branding

Shape your brand identity with unique and impactful sonic assets developed through our program. Stand out, be memorable to future clients, and influence their perception of your law firm.

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Boost your law firm's online presence with twenty content pieces optimized for search rankings. Be found by Latinos in need of legal services and position your law firm at the forefront.

Latinx Social Domination

Supercharge your visibility and become the go-to law firm for Latinos. Gain an edge with 40+ custom video assets crafted for your firm. Enhance your resonance bundling with Sonic Branding.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

Create a comprehensive Hispanic market brand for your law firm, encompassing tagline, tone, and graphic assets. Deliver a consistent and resonating message to Latinos across all platforms.

TV Advertising

Create a memorable impact on the Hispanic market with TV commercials tailored for law firms. We leverage our cultural expertise to effectively address their unique needs and preferences.

Radio Advertising

Harness the tremendous potential of Spanish lawyer radio advertising to amplify your law firm's reach and engage with the multifaceted Latinx market with culturally relevant messaging.

Billboard Advertising

Grab the attention of the Hispanic market with strategically positioned Spanish billboards and empower your law firm to effectively connect with Latinx prospects looking for your services.

Website Design & Development

Expand your client base with our bilingual law firm websites, designed to connect with the Latinx market through impactful design and content that resonates with your target market.

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Congratulations on making the important decision to invest in your local Hispanic community with a Hispanic marketing strategy for law firms that speaks to their needs and wants—But that’s just the beginning. Booking your Latinx Strategy Session with us is the next step to winning the U.S. Latino population. We’re excited to hear from you and partner with your law firm.