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Speak the Language and Culture
of Your Customers

We help you address the business opportunities you are missing out on.

Speak the Language and Culture of Your Customers

We help you address the business opportunities you are missing out on.

We're multicultural marketers & we love it.

Nanato Media is the result of years of moving around the world, adopting different cultures and languages as our own. Our founders’ background is very diverse, with luxury hospitality at their core and cutting-edge digital marketing experience with a focus on U.S. Hispanic lead generation for service industries backed up by all the certificates and accreditations you would expect. Although Nanato Media was founded and is headquartered in Austin, TX, we have previously called home other countries such as Mexico, Greece, UK, Spain, Israel, and France and have lived so far in five U.S. states. We realized that there were several small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. trying to build inclusive bilingual campaigns, but they were either lacking the in-house diversity required to create a powerful strategy for their target audience or had already built a robust bilingual strategy but didn't take into account the various U.S. Hispanic cultures, or lacked the digital skills to execute it. We brought with us personalization, attention to detail, and an anticipatory approach that we mastered in the luxury hospitality world, and merged with digital marketing knowledge that dates back to the days when digital marketing was a promise yet to be fulfilled. As a result, we now offer bilingual digital marketing solutions delivered with the highest levels of customer care.

Our guiding principles.

From the moment we enter into partnership with you, there is an open communication between our team and yours. We believe in communication, and we want to hear your issues, your goals, and your general thoughts about your future business strategies to help you achieve them. We hear you every step of the way and use our digital marketing strengths to make your products, services, and expertise, stand out.

We strive on doing the right thing at all times. We don’t take short-cuts in doing our work; we are organized and stick to agreed-upon deadlines. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we are honest and truthful to our partners and our team, whom we treat with the utmost respect and professionalism. We value our reputation as a business, and we strive to present ourselves in a way that puts our best foot forward.

Passion is what drives us. We are passionate about digital marketing and multiculturalism. Your wins are our wins. We get excited matching users to the brands and products they’re looking for, and acknowledge different cultures, races and ethnicities within communities, separately speaking to them in the language they feel most comfortable with. We don’t just translate — we make cultural connections.

We have grown to be as multicultural as it gets, and because of this, we understand how important it is for businesses to be able to capture diverse audiences. The same old method of advertising that considers the market as a whole is not realistic. We use digital marketing to create relevant, inclusive campaigns for U.S. Hispanic audiences. We increase engagement. We convert visitors into paying customers.

We help you get it right.

We leverage our diverse background to inform your online marketing efforts.

Diverse, inclusive and relevant advertising; driven by clicks, not clichés.
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What does Nanato mean?

NANA – comes from banana.

TO – comes from pagoto, which  means ice cream in Greek.

Before founding Nanato Media, we scouted several cities to find the right location to launch the digital marketing brand. Austin, became a strong contender because of its deep Mexican-American roots.

One night, during a visit to Austin, our founders Natalie and Liel, and their two-year-old daughter Juliana, stumbled upon a food truck called Bananarchy. This trailer sold frozen banana treats, complete with every topping you can imagine. Needless to say, it was delicious! The next day, on their way to the airport, little Juliana asked for a “Nanato.” At that time ,Juliana barely talked and tended to mix languages. She now speaks four languages fluently. 

Natalie and Liel scratched their heads. Juliana repeated her request again: “Nanato”. Then again. And again. Finally, they got it. Juliana wanted BaNANA-PagoTO. In other words, she wanted another frozen banana from Bananarchy.

Apart from thinking that it was endlessly cute, Natalie and Liel also thought that if a two-year old that doesn’t know yet how to talk can say NANA-TO, then anyone can, and when we say anyone we mean anyone in the world, no matter their origin, language or age. And like that, Nanato Media was born to help businesses across the globe multiply their digital marketing results.

We have managed tens of millions of value in English and Spanish digital marketing campaigns.

We’re certified by almost every digital marketing platform you can think of, but at the end of the day, we’re just a dedicated extension of your marketing team, helping you get the results that matter for your business.

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