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Bienvenidos a Nanato Media – the real deal in Hispanic marketing right here in the heart of Austin! We're all about bringing the true essence of the Latino culture to the forefront of marketing, helping law firms connect and engage with the vibrant U.S. Hispanic community. Our crew of savvy marketers, creatives, and hustlers knows que onda, and we'll take your brand to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about us.

Nuestros Cofounders

Liel Levy Liel Levy

Liel, at 40 years old, has a mind-blowing 30+ years of Hispanic legal marketing experience under his belt. ¿Confundido? Well, hold on tight because there's more to this story.

Picture this: Liel grew up watching his uncle pave the way as he built the first-ever agency laser-focused on serving the Hispanic community in the USA, all the way back in the rad 80s. Yeah, you heard it right! They were on a mission to be the champions for injured Latinos. And guess what? Liel was right there, soaking up the marketing secrets like a boss.

Born and raised in Mexico, Liel had a taste of the LA lifestyle during his summer camp escapades. The only catch was, while other kids were catching rays and having a blast, our man Liel had to hustle at the family business on weekends. As an 8-year-old, he rocked community outreach events like a pro, handing out balloons and more. As he grew older, he took charge of intake and business development. Talk about starting from the ground up!

Liel says, "There's something special about learning a skill while growing up." And boy, he hit the nail on the head! Flash forward to Liel studying at a fancy Swiss Hotel management university in Spain, where he was left in awe of his classmates who grew up immersed in the hospitality industry. They effortlessly commanded the kitchen, service areas, and luxurious settings.

Liel couldn't help but think, "I wish I had been raised in that environment so that I could have been a natural too." Little did he know that 20 years later, he'd be the head of the nation's fastest-growing Hispanic legal marketing agency. He authored two books, and his expertise made him a sought-after consultant for the biggest consumer-focused law firms nationwide. All because of what he learned as a kid, marketing to the awesome US Hispanics.

Natalie Fragkouli Natalie Fragkouli

Natalie, the ultimate digital marketing pioneer, was ahead of her time! Long before Instagram influencers and Facebook business platforms became a thing, she had already cracked the code of leveraging social media to grow and monetize brands.

Picture this: It was the summer of 2009, and Natalie's Facebook page centered around beauty was making waves in sunny Greece. She turned her social media experiment into a roaring success, even before the world caught on.

But Natalie isn’t just a social media wizard. She's got the academic background to back up her expertise too. As the VP of Marketing at Nanato Media, she holds an MBA and taught Corporate Strategy and Business Marketing at the University of West London in the UK. Oh, and having called home Spain and Mexico, she’s fluent in Spanish.

It's no wonder she was the perfect fit when she was appointed CMO for the largest US Hispanic legal advertiser in 2010. She was ready to take on the challenge head-on. Natalie fondly recalls the pivotal moment she realized her true mission: transforming a $15 million yearly budget offline strategy into a digital-first strategy.

Back in 2010, only a handful of digital marketing agencies focused on the legal industry, let alone with any experience in the Hispanic market. So what did our savvy CMO do? She built her own in-house team. ¡Y vaya, did they deliver!

They became the first-ever Google Premier partner agency in the US with a special focus on Hispanics. The company skyrocketed, the marketing budget shrank to a fraction, and guess what? Everyone else tried to keep up but couldn't catch up with Natalie's team. Fast forward to today, and Natalie continues to shake up the Hispanic legal marketing landscape at Nanato Media, rewriting the rulebook, pushing boundaries, and leaving the competition in the dust.

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La timeline de nuestra agency

2018 August First Law Firm Client
2019 January 5 Law Firms helped
2019 June First time at PILMMA in New Orleans
2019 October Conceived at MTMP in Las Vegas
2019 November First time at Great Legal Marketing in Arlington, VA
2019 December 18 Law Firms helped
2020 January First in Camera Podcast episode airs
2020 February First time attending the American Association of Justice in New Orleans
2020 March Lockdowns begin; the first chapter of "Beyond Se Habla Español" is written
2020 December "Beyond Se Habla Español" manuscript is finalized
2021 May First time at the National Trial Lawyers in Miami
2021 July "Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market" is published and becomes an Amazon bestseller
2021 Nanato Media is published in ABA, Law360, Marketing the Law Firm, and Law.com
2021 October PILMMA presentation in Washington, DC, on Winning the Hispanic Market
2021 October 2021 Latinx Strategy Box is launched
2021 November Winning the Hispanic Market presentation is delivered at Great Legal Marketing in Arlington, VA
2021 December 40 Law Firms helped
2022 January Nanato Media now has a solid offering for Video Production, Sonic Branding, and Bilingual SEO services
2022 August "Beyond Se Habla Español" is awarded at the International Book Awards in Los Angeles
2022 October Sonic Branding "Get Inside Your Future Clients' Head" presentation is delivered at Great Legal Marketing in Nashville, TN
2022 December Over 80 Law Firms helped
2023 January "Beyond Se Habla Español" and Sonic Branding presentations are delivered during the Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami
2023 March Latinx 360 service is launched
2023 April "En español tambien es marketing: consigue el sueño americano usando tu idioma" is published
2023 More than 100 Law Firms helped

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Generate traffic for your personal injury practice in the Hispanic market with superior search rankings for profitable English and Spanish keywords.  

Latinx Strategy Session

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Remember how Hispanics love social networks?

With this service, you can supercharge your social media presence and become the most recognized legal practice among Hispanics in your market. With over 40 custom video assets scripted, produced, and managed by us, you will dominate the digital sphere.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

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We take your current website from zero to breaking through the ranks with SEO for personal injury so your law firm becomes discoverable by Latinos searching for you as a lawyer. 

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