Hispanic Business Lawyer Marketing

Do you know about the untapped opportunities an effective Hispanic business lawyer marketing strategy offers your law firm? That’s right. Targeting Spanish speaking business owners and entrepreneurs is a profitable business opportunity for your corporate and business law firm, and overlooking this growing market could damage your practice.

As a full-service marketing agency that wins Hispanic clients for law firms, we know first-hand about the unmatched power Latinos have on the U.S. economy and culture. Our multicultural background combined with our expertise in legal marketing makes us the Hispanic business lawyer marketing agency of choice. Book your consultation with us and learn about the solutions we offer law firms looking to win the Hispanic market.

Not fully convinced about why your business law firm needs a Hispanic-focused marketing plan? Let’s take a deep dive into the dynamic U.S. Hispanic market as one of the most valuable and loyal prospects your corporate law firm can have.


The untapped opportunities in Hispanic Business Lawyer Marketing

Not only are Latinos the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., but Hispanic small business owners are also the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. According to Stanford University’s 2018 study on Latino-owned businesses, Hispanic-owned businesses have contributed more than $700 billion in sales to the overall economy annually.

As Latinos increasingly become a driving force in the U.S. economy, they also find growing success with their small businesses, employing over 2.3 million people, according to a 2012 U.S. Census Survey. The Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE) also highlights the industries with the highest concentrations of Latino business owners: Transportation, warehousing, construction, leisure & hospitality, and administrative support.

Over the last 10 years, the number of Hispanic-owned businesses grew by 34% compared to 1% for all business owners in the U.S. But as Latino business owners and entrepreneurs succeed in their business ventures, they also face unique challenges such as lower incomes and loan rates. In contrast to white business owners, Latino business owners report sharp operating expense and credit availability issues, the Stanford study shows.


In short, Hispanic entrepreneurs, while successfully building their businesses from the ground up, need the help of a business law firm to counter these unique challenges. Whether Latino-owned businesses are scaled or unscaled—if the business generates at least $1,000,000 in annual revenue—these challenges are equally prevalent and stop them from scaling their businesses up even further.

If there’s one thing business law firms like yours need to know is that the nearly 5 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. can benefit from legal services that take their cultural heritage and multifaceted identity into account. What, then, are the best strategies to market your business law firms to the Hispanic market?

Business law firm marketing strategies
in Spanish

To effectively market your business law firm to U.S. Hispanic business owners, you need a marketing plan that is customized to your target market’s consumer habits and preferences. While the U.S. Hispanic is a complex, highly sought-after market, there are three basic principles you should follow:


Understand your Hispanic market segment

The key to crafting a culturally relevant messaging for your local Comunidad Latina is first and foremost understanding and distinguishing the different Hispanic segments that comprise this demographic: Americanizado, Nueva Latina, AmBi-Cultural, Hispano, and Latinoamericana. Claritas divides these segments by level of acculturation, or assimilation into U.S. culture.

We share more insight about the different Hispanic segments in this blog post.


A robust digital and social media presence

The truth is that, in this day and age, a digital marketing strategy is crucial to stay relevant and increase your brand awareness. But this especially applies to the Hispanic market, one of the most hyper-connected and social media-savvy demographics. If you want Hispanic Americans to pay attention to your brand, you must take an omnichannel marketing approach, unifying your traditional marketing efforts with a creative digital strategy that speaks to their culture and dynamism.


A bilingual, culturally relevant messaging

One of the best ways to build trust and form a deep connection with your local Hispanic community is through an English and Spanish marketing strategy in which Latinx culture is the centerpiece. Hispanic business owners proudly showcase their cultural roots in their products and services, so the most effective way to get known within your market is to speak their language and let them know you appreciate and value their heritage.

Catering to Hispanic business owners’ needs

Now that you know the Hispanic marketing principles we swear by, you must also know the business law services U.S. Hispanic business owners need the most. Lucky for you, we have the backed-up experience in marketing and SEO for business lawyer to tell you exactly what they’re looking for.

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Why partner with a Hispanic marketing agency for business law firms

We know marketing your corporate and business law firm to a brand new market is no easy task, especially if you don’t have insider knowledge and expertise. If you’re truly committed to conquering your local Hispanic market, our Hispanic marketing agency is committed to providing your law firm with a custom-built strategy that reaches your desired market. The most important thing is that you have a genuine desire to help your hispanic clients on all legal matters.

Bilingual PPC

Target spanish speaking clients in your area by implementing customized and budget-friendly campaigns specifically crafted for your law firm's areas of expertise. Are you ready to connect with the most profitable client base?

Bilingual SEO

Crafting an SEO strategy focused on spanish speakers will help you win new clients and communicate the right message on your website that ranks in the most sought-after spanish keywords in your market.

Latinx Strategy Session

Are you unsure about how you can reach the spanish speaking market? Let us guide you in your decision making process with our two-session program that will identify the most profitable opportunities within the spanish speaking market.

Sonic Branding

You can reach a hispanic audience with sonic branding for lawyers that is catchy and relatable to your target market in your practice area.

Spanish SEO Content Accelerator

Make the most out of your marketing dollars with our efficient Spanish SEO content accelerator program designed to boost your online presence among the hispanic community quickly and efficiently.

Latinx Social Domination

You can dominate the Latinx social media sphere and become the most influential attorney in your practice area. We craft spanish language campaigns that will resonate with hispanic audiences looking for your legal services.

Hispanic Market Brand Kit

The first step to craft your hispanic lawyer marketing strategy is to build a Hispanic brand directed to the spanish speaking community. Our team of Hispanic marketing experts helps lawyers expand their branding to the latino population.

TV Advertising

Showcase your legal services to spanish speaking people with creative and engaging television ads that present your law firm as the go-to attorney for Hispanics.

Radio Advertising

Directly connect with spanish speaking clients with radio ads that feature your practice's unique characteristics and showcase you as an attorney.

Billboard Advertising

Your legal practice can benefit from billboard ads in spanish for lawyers, effectively targeting Hispanic communities outside their homes.

Website Design & Development

Your legal website can effectively target Latinx clients with unparalleled website & development for lawyers that resonates with Hispanic potential clients. We craft your law firm's website tailored to the spanish speaking community.

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Your customized Hispanic business lawyer marketing strategy is waiting for you. If you recognize the unrivaled power of the U.S. Hispanic market, then let us Hispanic legal marketing pros help you increase your business law firm’s caseload. Book your initial discovery call with us and find out if we’re a good fit for your business law firm’s marketing needs.