In our modern and digitized world, social media isn’t really optional for any law firm (or business in general). Networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even the emerging TikTok are a necessity for attorneys who want to stay relevant, raise their brand awareness, and get in front of relevant audiences. 

If you are familiar with Nanato Media, our views on law firm digital marketing, and you follow our blog, then you already know that we are firm believers in the potential of platforms like Facebook or Instagram for law firm marketing. We’ve even gone a step further and considered the opportunities provided by emerging or trending networks, like TikTok for attorneys, or Clubhouse, the audio-only app. In today’s article, we’ll take a step back by returning to the fundamentals of social media marketing and exploring the top benefits of social media for law firms. Let’s dive into why you shouldn’t miss out on this fast-growing, effective, and potentially inexpensive way to reach your target audiences.

  1. Increase brand awareness & humanize your law firm’s image

Brand awareness is the first thing to think about when considering social media for business purposes. Why? Because around 50% of the general population is on at least one social media app, making them a go-to spot for users who want to connect with friends, explore trends, browse the latest news, or discover new products and services. According to Instagram, 83% of its users find new products/services on the platform and consider them for their future needs. Additionally, social media allows you to add an extra layer of brand awareness in the form of humanization. You can create human touchpoints for your law firm by sharing notable moments or wins, personal achievements or accomplishments, and celebrations of your colleagues and staff.

  1. Network and become an attorney thought-leader

This applies to most platforms but is particularly important for attorneys on LinkedIn. Expanding your network by getting in touch with peers and other attorneys should be the first step. This creates positive sentiment and may open you up to opportunities in the future (from co-counseling to collaborative efforts such as a podcast appearance). Moreover, getting involved in discussions, writing articles or posts, and sharing your videos can establish you as an authoritative force in your field. That can create massive advantages, as growing your network and follower base will help you become a resource that people come back to again and again.

  1. Increase your law firm’s website traffic and generate leads

Social media apps, either through organic posting or ads, can become one of the key traffic drivers for your law firm’s website. Organic posting can help you stay in touch with your audience and, at the same time, create CTAs (calls to action) that drive them to your website. Taking it a step further, things like Facebook & Instagram lead ads can help transform the interest you generate into actual submissions and potential new clients.

Tip: You can also collaborate with local influencers and thought leaders to help you gain more traction and drive increased traffic and leads to your law firm.

  1. Content distribution, promotion, and repurposing

Content is king; this is an undisputed fact. Social media presents an excellent opportunity to create and share content. Be it videos (extended or short), photos, or written content, you can use social platforms to share it. Even better, you don’t need to constantly come up with new assets to share. You can repurpose your law firm’s existing content to create appealing, informative, and engaging posts.

Tip: You can also use social media as a source to generate content ideas by following related accounts and hashtags.

  1. Reputation Management

Legal reputation management is a vital component of every law firm’s success, not just with digital marketing but in general as well. Getting reviews on social media platforms can significantly boost your reputation and drive clients to your practice, as consumers are more likely to convert if they see positive reviews on your pages. Apart from that, social media a great way to communicate with your audience through comments or DMs, enhancing your reputation even further and creating a stronger bond with your followers.

Tip: In case of negative reviews or comments, you should jump in and handle the issue with care and sensitivity. A positive interaction stemming from a problematic situation can leave its mark and help prospects understand that you care and value every opinion and every user.

  1. Communication, customer service, and support

We live in the digital age. Customer support is no longer conducted just over the phone. Even emails sometimes seem obsolete. Especially for younger generations, messaging is the go-to option when they need assistance. Through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram DMs, people may ask for information, enquire about their case, or request consultation. As such, these apps, create an additional touchpoint, and staying on top of them can help you provide top-notch customer support while proving that you’re an attorney for and of the modern era.

  1. Understand your audience

Social media provides great tools and apps that allow you to view various metrics and reports that help you better understand your followers and prospective clients. You might wonder why we insist on this when you already have all your website and ad data. However, social media adds an extra layer of information, with the most important being brand sentiment. Using sentiment analysis can help you protect your brand, avoid crisis, and, as stated previously, improve your reputation.

  1. Targeted ads and retargeting

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram (despite the new policy updates) allow you to create ads based on demographics, interests, and user preferences. That’s a powerful tool that can contribute to your marketing efforts, creating opportunities with audiences that Google Ads, for example, couldn’t reach. Additionally, Social Media is a great place for retargeting. Adding Facebook Pixel to your law firm marketing mix can prove beneficial, as it allows you to get in front of people who have interacted with your brand (in one way or another) but have yet to convert.

Time for our takeaways:

  • Social Media platforms are part of our everyday lives, and no law firm should overlook their significance.
  • They represent a great opportunity that allows you to get in front of targeted audiences organically or through ads.
  • Social media is accessible and can allow your law firm to establish its presence within your community, making you a go-to source for help in matters related to your practice areas.