Let’s Get Bilingual: English and Spanish Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management

The truth is you can be a master of PPC campaigning and still miss your mark with the US Hispanic market if you’re not putting as much work into your Spanish Google Ads as your English ones. It takes more than a word-for-word translation or (heaven forbid) a trip to Google Translate to create compelling Spanish copy. That’s why we specialize in bilingual PPC campaigns that aren’t merely translated but crafted to make your target’s digital journey relevant, useful, and unique to their needs. In fact, we’re not just creating bilingual Google Ads. We’re creating cross-cultural campaigns with PPC results you can measure. If you’re looking to break into the US Latinx market, our team is looking to help. 

Certified Fresh English and Spanish SEO Marketing for Law Firms
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The Madness to Our Methodology

Call us crazy, but we think that attracting new clients to your business should never take time away from you helping the clients you already have. Our Spanish Google Ads and bilingual PPC gets you in front of new prospects when they need you most, converting prospects into clients. On top of that, we’ve found our clients like to hold onto all their arms and legs, so we use thorough optimization on your accounts to make sure you’re not paying an arm and a leg for clicks. If that sounds crazy, we still wouldn’t do it any other way.

Ad Viewability

We specialize in engaging the Latinx community, meaning it’s our job to know that US Hispanics are one of the most tech savvy markets out there. When they need something, they aren’t driving around looking for your billboard. Partly because that’s not how billboard advertising works, but mostly because Google exists. When they search “best attorney in town,” they need the best attorney in town right now. We get you in front of them with bilingual Google Ads optimized to earn high ad positions and customized to turn prospective clients into actual ones.

Results Monitoring

Like all good relationships, we know communication is key to us creating the best campaign we can for your business. No need to play coy because we’re only interested in one thing. Making sure you’re getting real value conversions to your business. That’s why your campaign optimizations are based on the feedback you leave us on each lead we generate for you through your lead-tracking dashboard. Score your leads and leave notes for our team to review so we can keep your campaign relevant and up-to-date in real time.

Less Investment

You know what’s actually crazy? The hefty minimum ad buys that come with traditional forms of marketing like TV, radio, and print. Especially when you consider how much more cost effective Google Ads are at targeting potential clients. Why cast a wide net when our Hispanic PPC campaigns allow for thorough optimization that makes sure you’re not overpaying for clicks? We do this by bidding differently on every keyword and adjusting our bidding strategy on the campaign level to make sure you're seeing returns in the US Hispanic market without breaking the bank.

Measurable | Inclusive | Personalized

Compete with the bigwigs. Acquire higher-quality leads at a smaller investment.

High Google quality scores for optimum results.

To some the Google Quality Score remains one of life’s great mysteries. This is due, in part, to Google’s desire to keep their Quality Score algorithm, well, a mystery. Yet a strong Quality Score is essential to get you higher ad rankings at a lower cost, especially in the US market where competition for eyeballs has never been fiercer. As the bilingual Sherlock Holmes of the digital marketing world (feel free to use this nickname), our agency does more than guess when it comes to achieving a strong Quality Score for your business. From our great powers of observation (and over a decade of experience), we know the factors that impact your score, including your click-through-rate (CTR), the relevance of each keyword to its ad group, landing page quality and relevance, the relevance of your actual ad text, and your historical AdWords account performance. We assemble these clues to achieve for you a strong Quality Score so you can start seeing a return from the US Latinx market right away.

Lead Tracking Dashboard

Getting too many leads for your business is our favorite problem to have. When your business starts to focus on bilingual PPC and Google Ads with our agency, those leads will start to come in fast. Luckily, we’ve had a lot of practice and have created a perfect solution. To keep your leads organized, every Nanato Media client gets access to a lead-tracking dashboard to, as I’m sure you can guess, track your leads, whether by web form or by phone. Here are just some of the things you can do from your custom dashboard:

Why hire SEO experts instead of keeping everything in-house?

It was once said about Ginger Rogers that she “did everything Fred Astaire did...just backwards and in high heels.” As an SEM agency, we’ve run hundreds of campaigns and managed over $15 million in ad spend for our clients. And we’ve done it backwards and in high heels! Okay, that’s not true. But we have done it in two languages which is almost as cool. The US Hispanic market is our specialty and we’ve been working hand-in-hand with Google for over ten years, building an expertise in bilingual Search and Display campaigns. Let us use our expertise to create your strongest bilingual digital ad campaign yet.