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It’s a link-eat-link world out in the Wild Wild West of the world wide web. With the amount of content available to consumers, it’s no wonder companies go to extreme lengths to get their attention. After all, if you’re not showing up on the first page of a search engine, the odds of a customer finding you go down. Like, way down. That’s why having an English and Spanish SEO legal marketing strategy is integral for law firms looking to build their Hispanic client base and overall online visibility. Through consistent SEO marketing that creates valuable content and a smooth website experience, we increase the quality and quantity of your prospects by getting you in front of your target audience when they’re looking for you. 

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We Want YOU to SEO Your Website

If your law firm has made ample effort to hit the top of the SERPs without much luck, the benefits of SEO can feel pretty elusive. Where is all this organic traffic digital marketing gurus speak of?! However, if you’re looking to increase your caseload and win clients in the Latinx market, SEO marketing has to be a key part of your strategy. As SEO pros, we’ve built our company on the power of bilingual SEO and its ability to boost your company’s organic traffic, especially for Latinx prospects. Here’ just a few ways we get you to the top:

On-Site SEO: Content

Perhaps one of the best ways to know you’ve made it as a company is when the name of your search engine is also used as a verb. Google didn’t get there by chance. As one of the most powerful search engines out there, it’s top priority is making sure high quality, relevant content dominates its organic results. That’s why our content strategy isn’t just about keyword stuffing. It’s about creating in-depth English and Spanish content that engages your target audience and positions your law firm as an authority in your field. 

On-Site SEO: Technical

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And that first impression is usually your website. Broken links and slow page load speed don’t just frustrate potential customers. They cause you to rank lower on search engines too. We run a full diagnostic on your website to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. From checking links to analyzing user interfaces to helping you improve user experience, we’ll make sure Google knows that when a prospect is looking for information on legal services, you’re ready to deliver. 

Off-Site SEO

Look, we’re not saying being popular is the key to happiness, but when it comes to ranking high in organic search, well, it definitely doesn’t hurt. By being popular, we mean improving the off-site perception of your site’s quality through link building. That’s because a killer link profile lets search engines know you're legit. Our bilingual SEO program monitors and maintains your link profile and checks the quality of inbound links your site has earned. Then we look for opportunities to expand by creating content worth sharing to make you Pop-u-lar!

No Tricks, Just Treats

Technical errors, link building errors, content mistakes, oh my! The thing about SEO is that it takes some time before you start to see major results. The good news is, once you get the ball rolling, those results compound on each other, increasing your ROI exponentially. The bad news is, it wears on the patience of some. As a resulte, there are plenty of companies out there that try to game the system by buying links or keyword stuffing their sites. This isn’t just poor sportsmanships, it’s actually against Google’s guidelines and policies, and you better believe, with so many sites vying for top position, Google doesn’t take too kindly to those looking to manipulate their algorithm. Our trick? Trick question. We don’t use tricks. We just build high-quality content on a technically perfect site that lets Google know that you know how to attract, engage, and add value to their users.

SEO and the Importance of Authentic Spanish Content

So you want to attract clients from the Hispanic market, but you don’t quite know how. We’re here to solve the mystery. It’s high-quality, culturally relevant Spanish content made by yours truly. Don’t get us wrong, Spanish ads are a great first step to generating leads from this market. However, once Hispanic prospects click onto your page, they are going to want to see content that continues to address their specific needs in their own language. We provide this through transcreation. It’s like translation but better. Why? Because as a fully bilingual agency, we create original and unique content in Spanish that will feel culturally relevant to your prospective clients. Highly relevant English and Spanish content doesn’t just make your organic listing better, it makes your actual content more likely to convert Latinx leads that click onto your site because they’ll know that your understanding of what they are looking for extends beyond a simple translation. 

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To SEO and Beyond!

Our bilingual SEO will have you flying in style right to the top of the SERPs. Might we introduce you to a few other services we offer too? With over 15 years of experience generating Hispanic prospects for law firms, we’re pros at using SEO, paid ads, and more to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders. You help your clients. Leave the rest to us. 

Oh, say can you SEO? Results you can see by the dawn’s early light (or whenever is best for you)
  • Your Own Lead Tracking Dashboard. It’s not enough to know you’re getting traffic. You need to know where it’s coming from, so you know what campaign efforts are working best for you. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, track leads on your schedule any time of the day or week.
  • Top-notch tools. We believe in our skills, and we believe in the power of tools to maximize our efforts. We’re all about cutting edge, up-to-date tools that help us hone our strategy. Want to know what tools make us tick? Give us a call. We’re happy to share!
  • Holistic bilingual content. As native Spanish speakers, our cultural research comes in part from our lived experience. We combine our cultural knowledge with your legal expertise to create a holistic campaign that let’s Hispanic prospects know why you’re their best bet.

Lead Tracking Dashboard

Getting too many leads for your business is our favorite problem to have. When your business starts to focus on bilingual PPC and Google Ads with our agency, those leads will start to come in fast. Luckily, we’ve had a lot of practice and have created a perfect solution. To keep your leads organized, every Nanato Media client gets access to a lead-tracking dashboard to, as I’m sure you can guess, track your leads, whether by web form or by phone. Here are just some of the things you can do from your custom dashboard:

English and Spanish SEO that will make you pop right to the top.

SEO is a long game that lets your prospective customers know you’re at the top of your game. Show Hispanic prospects you’re in it for the long haul with consistent content that connects on a cultural level.

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