Creating unique and original content for your law firm is always a top priority. Is it enough though to get you the results you were looking for when you decided to invest in it? Getting your assets in front of your target audience should be among your ultimate goals, and today we’re going to look into ways that will help you repurpose your law firm’s content.

When you publish a new blog article or a video on your law firm’s website, you rely on your traffic; this is how people will eventually read or watch your freshly published content. Of course, it assists you in your SEO campaign, and a properly researched and executed content strategy will gradually increase your visibility and rankings on the SERPs. Is that enough, though? Ideally, you want as many people as possible to view and appreciate your content; therefore, today, we’re putting together a guide on how you can achieve that through repurposing.

When we talk about content repurposing, we explore the concept of using your existing assets in their original form or with alterations on platforms different from the one they were initially published. That way, you extend your potential reach, and if you manage to capture the interest of the viewers/searchers, you can add them to your funnel, converting them to prospects. To get the most out of this practice, you need to understand your audience and assets and pick the right methodology and platform. Are you ready for our actionable tips for your law firm?

We’ll split content-repurposing into two main categories, written (blog articles) and video.

a) Written Law Firm Content

Tip: Don’t forget to create a dedicated highlight where users can go back and review your stories.

b) Video Content Repurposing

Tip: Don’t forget about Facebook and other social media such as Twitter. Once you are fully compatible with Instagram requirements and you are on a roll, move to Facebook and then Twitter.

What are our takeaways:

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