A Nanato Media Original Series (of Awesome Content): English and Spanish Original Content and Content Optimizations

From streaming services and cable television to websites and newsletters, original content is one of the hottest commodities out there. Hispanic consumers may spend lots of time online, but as many minutes or hours that they spend on the web, there’s that much more content available. And that’s just on Netflix! Competition for eyeballs has never been fiercer. From SEO web copy and SEM copywriting to social media content and email marketing, we’re here to make your English and Spanish original content so engaging that users enjoy the journey and the destination. Get stand-alone content marketing services or bundle content marketing with SEO and SEM services to get maximum reach and have your customers asking, Netflix who? 

A Nanato Media Original Series (of Awesome Content): English and Spanish Original Content and Content Optimizations
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Need Hot Copy? Copy That!

No business is one-size-fits all. That’s why our original content is tailor-made for your business, and our optimization strategies are customized to attract your desired clientele. That’s right. When you work with us, we take your measurements so we can whip up optimized English and Spanish content that will wow Latinx consumers and current customers alike. We’re not saying you’ll be red carpet ready (in the metaphorical sense), but we’re not not saying it either. Let us help you up your bilingual content marketing game and your website won’t be able to go anywhere without getting asked, Who are you wearing? 

Keyword Research

Some people ride coat-tails to the top, but we much prefer short-tails and long-tails. Short-tail and long-tail keywords that is. As a content marketing agency, keeping on top of the hottest new keyword trends just comes with the territory. We focus on keywords that already have a healthy search volume. Your content will be ready for maximum optimization right off the bat so you can start building organic traffic within your niche and location from day one. Show me a pair of coat-tails that can do that.

Content organization

If cleanliness is next to godliness, organization has got to be a close cousin. That’s because a site that’s easy for users to navigate is a site that gets users to convert. What’s more divine than that? Give consumers and bots alike a leg up, by making your site’s information easy to find, and search algorithms will return the favor by making you easy to find. It really is as easy as making it easy. Do that and when it comes to outperforming you, the competition won’t have a prayer. 


To convert or not to convert? That is the question that every user faces when they travel to your site, whether they know it or not. Though in this age of media literacy, they probably know it.  Good content is key to getting those conversions. We specialize in compelling bilingual content for your site and key-word rich blog posts. With a custom-made content calendar for your business, just like a proper Shakespearean monologue, your site will never run out of things to say. 

Bilingual | Original | Engaging

Your brand is your bread and butter. Get it right with a strong content marketing strategy.

Social Media, Queen of the Digital Marketing (Chess) Game

If content is king, social media is queen. Think about, it can travel anywhere and without it the king is usually lost. Love it or hate it, social media legitimizes your business and gives you a chance to engage more directly with prospective clients. That goes double for Hispanic users who love using social media to connect with friends and loved ones. If it’s where all the cool kids (i.e. consumers) are hanging, you better have a presence there. Social media is a great way to meet people where they’re at, promote brand awareness, and get people “in the door” with promotions. Checkmate the competition when you hire us to:

  • Write, edit, select matching photos and videos, and publish kick-butt content on all your socials (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
  • Optimize social posts based on your target audience’s interests and behaviors
  • Track and report back on social media insights (including traffic, engagement, shares, and conversion rates)
The Power of the Inbox: Email marketing and newsletters
Grow your list, nurture prospects, retain customers.

The Power of the Inbox: Email marketing and newsletters

We don’t know about you, but with smartphones these days, we find it’s almost as easy to check your email as it is to check incoming texts. Treat email marketing campaigns like the secret weapon they are and use those carefully gathered email lists to your advantage. With rich, personalized content, you can deepen your connection with already interested users and nudge them towards becoming the holy grail of customers: the repeat purchaser. Leave your email list in our hands and we’ll be spinning gold in no time.

Solving for PPC

Ah, PPC ads. When they’re done right, they can be a game changer. When they’re not though? Mostly they just become a money waster. However, writing killer copy for PPC ads can be a complicated affair. Platforms like Google Ads aren’t all that generous with the space they offer, so catching a user’s eye and enticing them to click can feel like an unsolvable mystery for those not in the know. Lucky for you, we’ve literally made it our business to know. Here’s how we keep creating chart-topping content:

Consistency is Key

From campaigns to landing pages, a consistent brand is key. You bring your killer business, we’ll drive killer results with a keyword strategy that draws a throughline from your ads to your website and landing pages. Customers and brands that understand each other, stay together. Earn the trust of your users by speaking to their needs no matter where you meet.

On Brand All The Time

If you want cookie cutter branding, look elsewhere. We’re baking you up something from scratch over here. Our bilingual copywriting is made-to-order and unique to your brand so your paid marketing campaigns stand out from the rest. When customers are clear on what you have to offer, they are more likely to trust you, resulting in greater visibility and reduced cost-per-click. 

Why hire content marketing experts instead of keeping everything in-house?

It was once said about Ginger Rogers that she “did everything Fred Astaire did...just backwards and in high heels.” As an SEM agency, we’ve run hundreds of campaigns and managed over $15 million in ad spend for our clients. And we’ve done it backwards and in high heels! Okay, that’s not true. But we have done it in two languages which is almost as cool. The US Hispanic market is our specialty and we’ve been working hand-in-hand with Google for over ten years, building an expertise in bilingual Search and Display campaigns. Let us use our expertise to create your strongest bilingual digital ad campaign yet.