What is content marketing? Is it important for law firms? Is it relevant amid COVID-19? Your companion to legal content marketing that stands out.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, and we conduct business. It has also shifted marketing efforts and intent. Health concerns and social distancing means canceled or postponed events; as a result, marketers, and companies need to find alternatives to promote products and services. One of the most relevant topics among experts is content marketing. In this article, we’ll explain the basics, guide you through the possibilities, and give you tips on how to create legal content marketing strategies that will stand out.

You must have heard or read the phrase content is king, but what should you consider as content for your law firm? Some years ago, having a blog would be enough for a content strategy. Nowadays, content is so much more, it can be articles, but more than that it can be videos, ebooks, social media, etc. Let’s identify the options and explain how you can use each one to help your law firm stand out. 


Articles – Blog posts

We’ll start our list with the most obvious choice, articles. You might have found yourself with some spare time; it could be valuable to write some blog posts for your law firm’s website. Remember, you’re not writing for colleagues or other professionals in the legal industry. You are writing for clients, current or prospective. What does this mean?  That you should keep it simple and easy to read.

Practice areas Pages

Some of the most important pages on a law firm’s website are the practice area pages. Go over them, or ask one of your employees to do it and enrich them. Add relevant information, create pages for practice areas that you can handle, but you didn’t include them on your website so far. One of them could be bankruptcy; we recently published an article explaining the opportunity to increase your firm’s caseload with bankruptcy cases.

Tip: Are all your pages translated to Spanish? Hispanics represent a significant percentage of the population, and you can benefit by following a Hispanic marketing strategy. If you have a native Spanish speaker in your team, make good use of their skills and have your website transcreated.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Another crucial component of your website is your Q&A section. Do you already have one? Great news, this is your chance to add relevant content to it, for example, information about your processes amid COVID-19. If you don’t have it, then start working on it. Identify the key pillars of your practice, the questions your clients always ask the most, and come up with your law firm’s Q&A.


If you are familiar with our blog articles, you already know that video is content too, and it is powerful. You don’t have to be an expert or work with a studio from day 1. Now it’s time to make your first steps. You can use your smartphone’s camera to create short videos that will enhance your Q&A, while they will add a hint of your personality, as clients will get the replies by their attorney.  Additionally, you can start using Google’s new tool, the Video Builder. With this free tool, you’ll be able to create short videos that you can use for multiple purposes.

Tip: Upload your videos on Youtube and link them to your website. The popular network is great for multiple purposes, and it can enhance your SEO performance.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Have you already updated your current or previous clients about your new procedures and working hours? Do you have a story to tell them about how you stand by your team and the community? Now is the time to get in touch with them and show that you care. You shouldn’t do it to sell, but with the proper message, and personalization, they will know that you care and you got their best interest in mind.

Tip: Do you work with Hispanics? A message to your Spanish speaking clients in Spanish will mean a lot to them and will show that you care about their cultural identity. 

Social Media

Has your firm gone social? Social Networks are growing every year and now, during the pandemic usage and engagement are skyrocketing. Make good use of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, or the emerging Tik Tok. They can help you with brand awareness and can add a personal touch to your law firm.


It’s all about the time that you might have now, and you didn’t have before. Use it to create an Ebook; it could be about your experience in a specific practice area, including a major win you scored. The Ebook will help you capture the interestof leads that are still researching. Not only you will stay on top of mind, but you will also get the chance to obtain their contact details (you require to fill in a form to download the Ebook). 

Tip: Create a dedicated landing page for your Ebook, where you could track analytics and collect the necessary forms.

Remember: Great content is unique content. Whatever path you choose to follow, make sure that you avoid duplicate content, and you give value to your audience, your clients.

It’s time for your key takeaways.

  • Content is evolving, and nowadays, it’s much more than blog posts.
  • Use your own and your personnel’s time to create unique and relevant content. 
  • Content marketing is a strategy that will help you drive traffic without being pushy.  
  • Consider content in Spanish. If you are not capturing your Hispanic audience, you are missing out on a great opportunity. We, at Nanato Media, are experts on Hispanic digital marketing, so feel free to contact us if you need any suggestions.