Beyond Se Habla Español:
How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market
Our book is out now
and is officially a best seller! ​

Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market
Our book is out now and is officially a best seller!

How Law Firms Can Use Educational Content for Community Outreach


How Law Firms Can Use Educational Content for Community Outreach

How many times have you heard us (or read on our blog) talking about the value of content? We’ve also explored the importance of community outreach and community awareness. What about combining these concepts? 

In previous articles, we’ve uncovered the value of unique and original content in multiple formats. One of them is educational content. Articles. Videos or even podcasts can provide your prospective clients and/or your community with valuable insights that have roots in your experience as an Attorney. Today, we’ll uncover the potential we’ve spotted here, and we’ll give you actionable tips and ideas on how to start creating educational content that you can leverage to enhance your community awareness and give back to your local audiences. 

  • How can you create educational content, and how to distribute it.
  1. Articles. That’s probably the first you’d think about when considering original, educational content. Those unique articles can include bits and pieces of your personal experiences as an Attorney handling specific cases. For example, instead of creating a general blog regarding the uninsured individuals’ involvement in car accidents, make it straightforward to your audiences. Provide your local community with highly relevant information about the regulations, steps, and procedures specific to your city or county. Enrich it with personal experiences, how you’ve handled a particular case, how you’ve helped your client, and what others can expect if they (or a relative) are involved in such an unpleasant situation. Regarding the articles’ promotion and distribution, you can use your website, share it on your social media, and use it as newsletter material.
  2. QNAs & FAQs. That’s one of the most critical and potentially beneficial methods. You can use several tools, so let’s break it down. Firstly, you can gather the most common, recurring questions you’ve received as an Attorney and create your personalized answers. A creative way to do this is through videos. You can split the questions by practice area, and with the help of a colleague and your script, record your QNAs/FAQs in several different sessions. You can then promote your content through your social media, and especially on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can give them a further boost by creating Ads. Additionally, you can use the power of social network platforms to create interactive sessions. On Instagram, for example, you can collect questions from your followers through stories and then reply to them through video-stories. That is giving back to the community. It can help raise brand awareness through outreach using non-traditional tools compliant with the current restrictions and social distancing. Finally, don’t forget to transcribe this content and use it for your website. Your community outreach activities can eventually help you with way more than you initially thought. One of them is your organic presence and potentially SERP results.
  3. Podcasts. In most of our conversations with Attorneys that happen to bring up podcasts, we notice an initial hesitation. It might indeed sound like a lot of work and something out of the strictly ordinary, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Podcasts allow you to discuss hot topics with other partners of your Law Firm, people you’ve collaborated with externally, or other individuals of interest for your prospective clients and community. By covering a list of educational topics and adding hints of personal experiences from you, your co-host, or guest speaker, you can add tremendous value to the listener. You can add your podcasts on your website, list them on the most prominent apps (applepodcast, for example), and (again) don’t miss out on the opportunity to transcribe them. Similar to what we mentioned above, they can give you an additional piece of original content. 
  4. Ebook or potentially a physical book publication. Starting with the first step, you can gather all your experiences on a particular matter and create an Ebook. For example, you can explain how you’ve helped injured workers in your state, given some particular complications. You can then promote your Ebook and distribute it to your existing and previous clients, your social media followers, and make it available to the general public through a PR release. It sure requires work and effort, but it can boost your personal branding while giving back to the community. If you’d decide to take it a step further and look into a physical publication, you have to be prepared for an extensive process, but it can do wonders for your reputation.
  • What can you expect as a return?

2020 has been a year that changed the world as we know it, and it affected Law Firms in ways that nobody could have predicted. Among the various aspects that the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving its mark on, it impacted community outreach. 2021, at least part of it, is expected to flow in a reality with social distancing and somehow limited physical interactions. That means you have to find alternative ways to give back to your community. Outreach through digital media is the way to go, and following our tips can maximize your chances of retaining the bonds you’ve created throughout the year with offline efforts. Developing and providing educational content with a personalized touch can work wonders for your Law Firm’s reputation. You can listen to your community,  offer solutions, discuss their concerns and needs (through live events or QNAs on social networks, for example), and ultimately stay on top of mind if they need your services in the future. 


What are our takeaways:

  • Community outreach has changed in 2020 as most in-person events and gatherings have been canceled or restricted. 
  • Educational content is a great way to ensure that you keep in touch with your local audiences while giving back to the community. 
  • Written content, videos, podcasts, and Ebooks can contribute to your community outreach strategy through educational content. 
  • Don’t overlook the value of Social Platforms. Their usage is skyrocketing, and you can use their various tools to promote your content and stay relevant in these unprecedented times. 

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