Have you considered Google’s video platform, YouTube, for your law firm’s digital marketing? Today, we’ll explore the possibilities YouTube offers and how they can be beneficial for both brand awareness and engagement with your law firm’s community.

In previous articles, we’ve covered various aspects around PPC, including the Display Network and its importance for law firms and the Essential Ad Formats For Law Firms. If you’ve read these articles, especially the second one, you have a high-level understanding of PPC and why YouTube can contribute to your law firm’s success with digital marketing. Today, we’ll dive deeper into the world of YouTube Ads. We’ll start with news and updates about the premium advertising program. Then we’ll look at the most valuable YouTube ad formats and how you can use them for your law firm.

What is YouTube Select?

It is Google’s new premium advertising program for YouTube. It offers multiple layers of flexibility and adaptability for your Video Ad buy and provides enhanced selection options in terms of device targeting, content specialization, or even preference on specific content creators.

How is it different from other Video Ad options?

Let’s compare it to its predecessor, Google Preferred. According to the YouTube Select official launch video, it helps you find relevant content for your brand and your law firm. They are extending the offerings, giving you the ability to choose more specific categories, rather than broadly target entertainment or health and beauty categories. The video platform now allows you to directly access events, such as sports and music and add sponsorships. Additionally, it gives you increased capabilities, allowing you to target specific interests or topics. Last but not least, with YouTube select you can receive maximum certainty that your ads will be content compatible. Additionally, Google combines AI with manual watching to ensure that the content will be approved and is suitable for specific audiences.

Tip: Use the advanced targeting features to get in front of Spanish speaking audiences. The US Hispanic market is rapidly gaining importance and represents a significant opportunity for law firms. Don’t forget that it’s crucial to speak their language, culturally as well as actually.

Why is it relevant right now?

We left the best feature for last. YouTube now allows you to add connected TV targeting. Why does it matter? By targeting TV screen viewing, you increase the chances of committed audiences who carefully pick what they watch and relate closely to your specific content. CTV viewing has increased amid COVID-19. With high intent, local targeting you can increase your law firm’s brand awareness showing ads to people who matter to your practice.

Below you will find some important statistics YouTube is sharing regarding the performance of YouTube Select:

Now that we’ve explained the new, enhanced capabilities of YouTube’s premium advertising program, it’s time for the main consideration. What should be the goal for your law firm’s Video Ads, and how can you achieve it?

  • Build brand awareness for your law firm

TV, radio, and other traditional media previously dominated legal marketing, especially for brand awareness purposes. Nowadays, though, we are living in a digital world, and YouTube has taken the leading spot in the race towards raising brand awareness for law firms. You can get all the positive aspects of TV Ads without the downsides, such as long term commitment and hefty ad buy. At the same time, you can choose the schedule for your attorney YouTube ads, turning them on for specific days and times. Having a dominant brand name allows you to stay top of mind, so clients recall you when they need your services. It also makes your other paid marketing formats more effective, as people who remember your law firm’s brand name have more chances to click on your ad and convert.

What formats of YouTube Ads are suitable for law firm’s?

  • Bumper Ads

Google is heavily investing in AI, and bumper machines have been in the spotlight for YouTube Ads. Its purpose is to go through longer videos and create 6 seconds clips, originating from longer videos, using artificial intelligence. This technology is tied to Bumper Ads, a Video Ad format that is short and to the point that users can’t skip. If you don’t want to let AI do the job, you can use Google’s new Video Builder tool to create videos for your law firm, using your assets and additional free media provided by Google.

Tip: Target your local audiences for increased exposure within your community. Approach them with a positive, empathetic message that will make your law firm a point of reference.

  • Non-skippable in-stream Ads

These 15 second, non-skippable Video Ads allow you to get in front of your target audience at the beginning, middle, or the end of a YouTube video. This Video Ad format appears on content that is relevant to your ad, making it ideal for your law firm’s brand awareness strategy.

Remember: You will get charged based on impressions for your Bumper Ads and in-stream ads (CPM bidding).

We would also recommend you look into the possibility of Video Discovery Ads for your law firm’s Video Ads strategy. Their core purpose isn’t brand awareness but brand and services consideration. They use a CPC bidding format and are similar to Text Ads on SERP or Display Ads on the Display Network.

What are our key takeaways on YouTube Ads for law firms?

  • YouTube Select is Google’s brand new premium program for its Video Platform, and it offers several important features that could help you increase your law firm’s brand awareness.
  • Your goal with YouTube Ads should be to establish your law firm as an authoritative brand that is recognized by your local community.
  • Google is investing in AI, and it’s closely related to bumper machines and bumper ads. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to add them to your law firm’s digital marketing mix.