Double the Languages, Double the Fun: Managing English and Spanish Facebook Ads

We know that you know that Facebook Ads are here to stay, especially if you’re looking to grow your clientele in the Hispanic market. Not only is it one of the most cost effective ways to get in front of potential clients in two different languages, but it also provides invaluable data to learn more about your company’s market AND reminds you that your high school reunion is coming up. Some websites can have it all. However, if you don’t know how to create ads that convert, Facebook can feel like a frustrating code you can’t quite crack. That’s where we come in. We specialize in English AND Spanish ads that connect with your local audience with an optimized Facebook strategy. Ask us how! 

Double the Languages, Double the Fun: Managing English and Spanish Facebook Ads
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All We Do Is Win, Win, Win No Matter What

We’ve got converting leads on our mind, and we can never get enough…of helping your business engage with more clients. That’s why our English and Spanish Facebook ads get you in front of potential clients from the Hispanic market when they need you the most. As one of the best ways available to connect directly with potential customers, advertising and having a presence on Facebook is essential to keeping your business ahead of the curve. What makes Facebook ads an even greater winning strategy? It’s incredibly cost effective too because it allows you to specifically target relevant customer prospects. Come win with us!

Build awareness

To know a brand is to, well, know to look for it when you need the services it offers. After all, Hispanic clients aren’t going to reach out to you if they don’t know you exist or simply can’t read your ads due to a language barrier, or if you simply can't reach them if your are not segmenting your market the right way. There’s a lot of competition as potential clients scroll through engagement photos and nuanced political arguments. Through our English and Spanish Facebook ad strategy, we cut through the noise to put your brand on their radar by showing what you have to offer in a way that doesn't interrupt browsing over the platform.

Engage with potential customers

For better or worse, Facebook remains one of the best ways for customers and potential customers to interact with their favorite (and least favorite) brands and companies, so why not take advantage! The Latinx market is our specialty, so believe us when we say, trust is one of the most important factors Latinx clients consider when deciding to become a client. What better way to build trust than to create campaigns that allow you direct interaction where you can start to build a relationship? New clients are a click, follow, and comment away!

Turn potential customers into leads

The philosopher Avril Lavigne once asked, “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” While we can’t (yet) prove she was talking about Facebook ads, we think the question applies. Ultimately, potential clients want one thing, and that is to clearly understand your business’s value proposition. By creating English and Spanish Facebook ads that tell your potential customers what you’re offering, our agency gets to the heart of this want. With just a little nudge, we turn potential Latinx clients into leads that seek out your business directly to enquire your services and convert to customers.

If you have ads in two languages it makes sense that you need corresponding landing pages to stick the landing. We’ll build the pages, handle the hosting, and create copy in English and Spanish.

Unique landing pages just for your English AND Spanish Facebook Ads? Don’t sweat it because we’re here to sweat it for you!

Facebook retargeting that does the trick

Remember how we said, to know a brand is to know to look for a brand when a potential client needs it? The truth is, ads don’t always convert on the first try. That’s where retargeting comes in, because, if at first you don’t succeed, you can use information on who’s already visited your website or clicked on one of your PPC ads to target them again. Specifically on Facebook. The reason retargeting is so effective? You’re putting a bunch of ad dollars towards potential clients you already know are interested. They’ve flirted with the possibility of working with you and, now, through targeted Facebook you can let them know that the flirtation is not one sided. Bat your eyelashes a little and give people a subtle reminder that your product or service is the perfect solution to their problem. Our agency offers this additional service on the SEM packages so you can use info from your Google Ads or organic website visits to turn a maybe into a date on Friday night 😉

Get clicks on clicks from eager customers
Here's what's included.

Complete Facebook ads management.

We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy, write every ad, and conduct ongoing campaign management and optimization directly from your Facebook business account.

Keyword and hashtag monitoring.

We’ll watch Google Trends and keeping a pulse on industry news and social media trends.

Facebook event tracking.

Set up via Google Analytics and implementation on website and landing page through Google Tag Manager.

Post scheduling.

Decision making on monthly theme and times and dates for posting depending on client's Facebook page metrics.

Facebook Pixel tracking implementation.

We’ll make sure Facebook Pixel is work to track clicks so you can do remarketing to people who have indicated their interest.

Content calendar, creation, and curation.

Social media content calendar, post copywriting, graphic design for infographics, selection of stock photography, and relevant hashtags to be included to each post.

Track the metrics that matter.

We monitor your followers, engagement, sharing, and lead generation to measure outcomes and optimize your strategy. Stay updated on analytics and reporting with a monthly Facebook ads report on key measurement metrics.

Why hire Facebook Ads experts instead of keeping everything in-house?

It was once said about Ginger Rogers that she “did everything Fred Astaire did...just backwards and in high heels.” As an SEM agency, we’ve run hundreds of campaigns and managed over $15 million in ad spend for our clients. And we’ve done it backwards and in high heels! Okay, that’s not true. But we have done it in two languages which is almost as cool. The US Hispanic market is our specialty and we’ve been working hand-in-hand with Google for over ten years, building an expertise in bilingual Search and Display campaigns. Let us use our expertise to create your strongest bilingual digital ad campaign yet.