A Marketing Guide to Help Law Firms Adapt to the New Normal

What’s the effect of the new normality to digital marketing? In this article, we’ll explore facts and metrics, and we’ll come up with actionable tips that will help your law firm succeed in digital marketing. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected multiple sides of our life, social, and business, including the way we plan our […]

Facebook Supports SMBs With Ad Credits & Cash Grants. Is your law firm eligible?

Small businesses are considered the spine of the modern economy, and Facebook wants to support them with a $100 million grant. Today we give an overview of the initiative and explore tips for your law firm. In a previous article, we covered Google’s initiative to grant $340 million in Ad Credit for SMBs. Now, it’s time […]

Google to Support SMBs With $340 Million in Ad Credits. Is Your Law Firm Eligible?

Google cares and values its partners, no matter if they are large corporations or small/medium businesses. With its current initiative, the company is injecting $340 million in Ad credits to aid SMBs to retain their digital presence.  Various businesses, across almost every industry, have been affected by COVID-19, and signs of a crisis are becoming […]

Law Firm Digital Transformation and Remote Working Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 is a reality, what’s the next step for your law firm? We take a look at digital transformation and remote working. It’s a reality, COVID-19 is changing our everyday lives, the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we socialize, and the way we think. What we considered to be our daily routine […]