Paraquat: New Mass Tort Opportunity for Law Firms

At Nanato Media, we pay particular attention to mass torts, and we always keep an eye on new opportunities. While there are certain risks that attorneys have to evaluate before getting evolved, these cases can represent some of the highest-yielding ROI opportunities. As we’ve previously said in another article, people sometimes compare mass torts to […]

Mass Tort Legal Marketing Trends for 2021

Mass torts can be one of the most profitable opportunities out there for law firms that want to invest, grow, and aim for maximum potential. What are the newest and hottest torts in 2021? How can you approach them through digital marketing, and what are the most recent developments?  Last summer, in July ‘20, we […]

Texas Blackout: The Next Big Class-Action Lawsuit

Last week, starting on February 15 and continuing for several days, an unprecedented winter storm stuck Texas and other central and southern states).  The winter storm and some potentially questionable decisions left millions of people without electricity for several days, searching for the basics. The effects of the blackout caused severe damage and led people […]

Talcum Powder: The Mass Tort Opportunity Your Law Firm Cannot Miss

Experts often compare Mass Torts to the stock market, due to the risk involved and the opportunities for profits and big returns. One of the most current and untapped opportunities for your Law Firm is the Talcum Powder Tort, and today we’ll explain why you need to get involved now. In a previous article, we […]

The Top 7 Mass Torts for 2020

Have you looked into the opportunities your law firm can get with Mass Torts? Let’s explore the most important lawsuits for 2020, their digital marketing approach, their potential, and the latest developments. People often compare Mass Torts to the stock market, meaning that there’s risk involved, but there is also an opportunity for profit. If […]