How to sign Hispanic clients without speaking Spanish

Law firms that want to increase their caseload and aim for sustainable growth look for ways to expand through marketing. Be it traditional strategies like TV, radio, and billboards, or digital marketing methods like PPC and SEO. If you’re an ambitious attorney, you have to find the right fit for your firm and location. Part […]

The Must-Have Client Intake Checklist For Law Firms

Your law firm’s intake process is one of the critical determining factors of your success. When a prospective client reaches out via any method (phone, web form, chat, email, etc.), you or your team should be prepared to listen to their problem and start helping right away. Don’t panic; we’re here to help you. If […]

7 Ways to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Client Intake Process

Investing in digital marketing and bilingual PPC is the first step towards increasing your Law Firm’s caseload and maximizing your investment. But are you ready to take the new cases that will come your way? We keep preaching that investing in bilingual PPC is the best decision you can make for your Law Firm’s growth, […]