Google’s Three-Strike Ad Policy Effect on Law Firms

As a pioneer in its field, Google constantly develops new features and creates updates that aim to improve overall user experience and search results. Among its many updates, the internet behemoth recently introduced its new Three Strike pilot program and expanded the results panel capabilities.  June and July 2021 have been two months that have […]

Google Marketing LiveStream 2021: Takeaways for Law Firms

Google’s product offerings and services keep expanding, with several that are being tested or in BETA versions accessible to high-profile accounts. In an effort to “democratize” its research process, communicate the latest developments, and make it more open to the public, Google hosts a yearly event where they share insights on what’s next. Up until […]

15 Questions to Ask Before Your Law Firm Hires a PPC Agency

Are you looking to partner with a PPC agency for your law firm’s needs? In this article, we go over the questions you need to ask before deciding. Digital marketing for your law firm is a full-time job, requiring concrete skill sets and a devoted team. Some attorneys choose to do it by themselves. Others […]

The Latest Google Ads Features for Law Firms

PPC (pay-per-click), if implemented correctly, can be a significant traffic and case driver for law firms. Google Ads, with all of their components (Search Network, Display Network, YouTube), are usually the gold standard for attorneys that want to stand out. Google knows that demand is there and is constantly testing out and trying new services […]

Google Advertiser Identity Verification for Law Firms

Google constantly tries to improve its service quality, offering transparency and seamless experiences to its customers/users. In that vein, the internet behemoth is committed to providing extended choices and control over ads and has, therefore, started verifying advertisers’ identities.  Transparency isn’t a new concept in Google Ads. The company has long offered the option for […]

About Google Local Campaigns for Law Firms

Google Ads, according to a significant number of legal marketing experts, ourselves included, is one of the strategies yielding the highest and fastest ROI for law firms, if done properly. Marketers, business owners, and general advertisers are constantly looking for additional ways to promote their services/products. One of the most important missions of our Nanato […]

KPIs for Successful Law Firm Google Ads Campaigns

Law firms, just like all businesses investing in Google Ads, should know that paid marketing campaigns are not a “set them and forget them” strategy. They require fine-tuning and optimizations. To ensure that your Google Ads strategy yields the maximum ROI, you should understand, monitor, and track the following KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Clicks It […]

2021 Google Ads Updates Your Law Firm Should Be Aware Of

Google Ads is one of the top options for law firms aiming for sustainable growth through marketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways. Among the most impacted marketing aspects is the continuously growing importance of digital components. As the leading search network, Google understands the current environment and is trying […]

How Immigration Law Firms Can Maximize Their ROI with Bilingual PPC Now

2020 was a strange and challenging year for all businesses, including law firms. 2021, however, is here and brings hope and potentially positive changes for attorneys handling Immigration cases. Expectations are high with the change of administration, as Joe Biden takes over from Donald Trump. What does it mean for Immigration law firms, and how […]