Sports Sponsorship: An Opportunity to Market to Latinos

Sports are a centerpiece of Hispanic culture, especially fútbol, commonly known as soccer in the United States.  Latinos who grew up in Central and South America playing fútbol with their compadres under the scorching sun will understand why sports mean so much to their culture and traditions. In fact, research shows that sports culture creates […]

Comunidad y Cultura: How Law Firms can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in 2022

It’s September, and businesses have been quick to post their stereotypical memes and promote their fiestas all over social media. Lawyers are no strangers to these practices during Hispanic Heritage Month, especially in Latino-heavy counties.  It is not uncommon for law firms to sponsor or attend community events and activities surrounding this month-long recognition of […]

5 Tips for Law Firms Marketing to Hispanics in 2022

To be successful at marketing to the Latinx community in 2022, there’s no need for wild predictions. The facts below don’t lie. And using those facts to communicate better can make a significant impact on your Spanish marketing strategy. You may be surprised at the results if you start getting these things right:  What Is […]

Getting Started with Your Law Firm’s Hispanic Marketing Strategy 

Would it make life a lot easier if your law firm were able to effortlessly generate new clients on a regular basis? (Hint: yes). Would it help profitability if you didn’t have to spend so much money on acquiring these new clients? (Again, the answer is “yes”) What if you could focus on clients who […]

Why Every Law Firm Must Focus on Hispanic Clients

Everyone knows that growing a business means understanding which demographics will help it grow the most. And yet, many law firms don’t segment their markets to include important cultural differentiators. Instead, most only focus on age, gender, and location.  This is a huge mistake, though, as the U.S. Hispanic population is arguably the most important […]