2020 was a strange and challenging year for all businesses, including law firms. 2021, however, is here and brings hope and potentially positive changes for attorneys handling Immigration cases. Expectations are high with the change of administration, as Joe Biden takes over from Donald Trump. What does it mean for Immigration law firms, and how can they aim for sustainable growth through bilingual PPC? 

Law firms, coming from any practice area, are always looking to sign new cases and aim for sustainable growth. Undoubtedly, digital marketing is one of the most profitable investments an attorney can make, especially bilingual PPC. One of the main reasons is that it can yield faster results and more measurable ROI compared to SEO. Many experts focus on Personal Injury and Workers Compensation, which often happens because of the potential case value, and sometimes the search volumes. What about Immigration, though? In previous articles, we’ve looked into the comparison of SEO or PPC for Immigration Law Firms. We’ve updated you about DACA cases and their potential with Google Ads. We’ve explored the impact of COVID-19 on bilingual digital marketing. Today, as the Biden administration is revealing parts of its policy, we’ll explore what is expected to change for law firms handling Immigration cases and how they can maximize their ROI by investing in bilingual PPC.

During the Trump administration, we encountered a series of efforts to end the Obama-era immigration policy. This created a general environment of fear for many prospective clients of Immigration law firms and an overall reluctance to pursue potential cases. It seems that Joe Biden is planning to shake things up and change how the US treats immigrants, so instead of creating fear and uncertainty, we now hope for progress and acceptance. This video offers a brief and to-the-point explanation of what we can expect of the plan for a pathway to citizenship 11 million undocumented people, and the changes for DACA and the dreamers.

  • How can all these affect Immigration Law Firms, and why does it justify an investment in bilingual PPC? 

As we already mentioned, during the previous administration, people might have been lost in uncertainty and fear, and therefore wouldn’t pursue their potentially valid Immigration cases. We expect this to change for the reasons we explained (more detailed info in the links), meaning new Immigration cases will surface. This can be your law firm’s opportunity to increase your client-base, sign new cases, and go after sustainable growth.

Another reason towards opening up to such an investment is that people who put their confidence in you for their Immigration case will likely become loyal, long-term clients. That means that you will become their go-to choice for any additional cases they (or their family members/relatives) might have in the future, increasing the chances of a potential lifetime client for you and your practice. That could be essential for attorneys that also handle Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, and Criminal Law cases.

The third point comes from Google Ads and the most recent search volumes.

– We’ll first look into the keyword “immigration attorney” across the US. If you look at the graph below, you can see that search volumes are around 200,000 queries per month, with an average top of the page (high range) bid slightly under $20. Interest and subsequently search volumes are expected to rise, but we’ll be able to see that in a graph after a few months.

The second graph is for the corresponding high intent keyword in Spanish, abogado de inmigración (immigration lawyer in Spanish). As you can see, we monitored increased volatility during the first months of COVID-19, but interest and search volumes have recovered, with an upward trend and are now close to a historical record. CPCs are around $13, over 30% lower on average than in English. In addition to the increased importance of the US Latinx communities for immigration cases, these statistics add up to the importance of PPC in Spanish for your Immigration law firm’s long-term strategy.

  • What are the most prominent tips for a successful Immigration PPC strategy?

– Invest now in Spanish Google Ads. We want to highlight both “now” and “Spanish,” so let’s break it down. Investing at this point will give you time to prepare, optimize your campaigns, choose you keywords (and negative keywords), set up your landing pages, and establish call to action tracking before a potential “boom” in interest. Having a head start against competitors will allow you to attract early interest while you build your Quality Score. The second part, “Spanish,” is tied to the graphs we showcased above. About 18% of the total population of the US is of Hispanic descent, and these are people that are more likely to require your Immigration law firm’s services. Add to this the loyalty of Latinx clients (and consumers overall), and you get a mix leading you to success.

– Explore Facebook Ads and their added value. Facebook offers a great variety of tools that allow you to target custom audiences as well as target (and retarget) people based on their interests and prior interaction with your law firm. We will insist more on interest-targeting than retargeting, as it will allow you to focus on people who share specific characteristics that can make them potential prospective clients for your Immigration law firm. Additionally, you can also use Instagram Ads to expand your reach and get in front of younger target audiences that are more active on the photo-sharing social platform.

– Invest in ads specifically for DACA cases. We devote a separate point to the dreamers as we expect their significance to rise in the next months. Careful research and execution of your campaigns are essential here, as the sensitivity and empathy around these cases will play a big part in signing them.

– Uncover the potential of YouTube Ads. The video-sharing platform will allow you to educate prospects that aren’t familiar with your law firm and are unsure about their eligibility or hesitation on their case. If you don’t want to invest heavily in a new video-production, you can try YouTube’s Video Builder that will allow you to create short and to-the-point videos using your existing assets. You can use them for effective bumper ads, or alternatively, you can also try the lead forms extension.

What are our key takeaways?

  • The change in administration is expected to bring a surge in immigration cases, as Joe Biden seems eager to outdo Obama and undo Trump’s legacy.
  • Hispanic communities are among the most prominent demographics for attorneys running an immigration practice, and therefore a strong presence should be mandatory.
  • Search volumes are on an upward trend, and experts expect them to rise even further.
  • The most effective way to attract new prospective clients and sustainably grow your Immigration law firm is through PPC, and the right time is now. Investing now will give you an edge over the competition and will allow you to land more cases at an optimized CPA.

If you have more questions or want to discuss your opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us.