When it comes to Google Ads, most law firms make almost every effort to find an edge over their competition. 

They look for different keywords.

They try different types of copy.

They test different kinds of landing pages.

And yet, the vast majority of law firms miss out on the most important – and easiest – way to give their Google Ads an edge over the others: language.

As lawyers should know, there’s no actual law that says Google Ads must be in English. Spanish Google Ads could become your firm’s secret weapon. 

6 Reasons Law Firms Should Be Investing in Spanish Google Ads 

In fact, at Nanato Media, we regularly improve our clients’ results simply by running Spanish Google Ads for them. We’ll even show you proof of how incredible this simple tactic can be in just a moment.

So, if you’re currently only running your law firm’s Google Ads in English, here are six reasons you absolutely must add Spanish variations ASAP to immediately see much better results.

1. Spanish Speakers Represent Untapped Potential

Look, we are sure you’re very, very good at the kind of law you practice.

However, that’s not going to be enough to grow your firm’s revenues.

The fact is that demand for legal services probably isn’t going to increase any time soon, at least not by a lot. For firms that do see substantial growth, it will most likely be because they raise their rates. That’s not a very realistic strategy for most firms, though.

Oh, well.

You’re fine making the same amount of money this year, right?

And maybe next year?

…and maybe for a few more years after that?


Then, we have good news!

Literally, all you need to do is add Spanish Google Ads to your normal campaigns to increase your revenues.

That’s it.

Even better, the increase in potential customers will not be small.

Consider that the United States is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the entire world, second only to Mexico. More than 40 million people – about 13% of our population – speak Spanish here. That’s a number that will most likely continue to grow in the future, too.

Those Spanish speakers aren’t just using the language around each other, either. Even those who are bilingual often prefer Spanish when online. Back in 2015, Google published data on Spanish searches, which showed that:

“…Spanish language searches are on the rise. The number of Spanish keyword searches has increased from about 65% to 200%…between 2011 and 2014.”

Furthermore, Google discovered that roughly 16% of Hispanic users only search in Spanish and 20% of that crowd will leave English-only websites they come across for Spanish alternatives.

2. Very Little Competition Even in Highly Active Markets

It’s not just that you’ll enjoy a whole new market by launching some of your Google Ads in Spanish.

It’s that you also won’t run into a lot of competition in this new market, either.

This is huge for law firms because, as you probably know all too well, HIGH competition tends to be the norm in active markets. Unless you’re practicing an extremely niche form of law, you could easily be competing with a dozen other firms each time a prospective client turns to Google for help.

In many cities, it might be closer to 100.

So, finding a largely uncontested new market is like finding a goldmine.

There are even a number of ways you can check on your competitors’ Google Ads campaigns to see just how few of them are targeting the Spanish-speaking market. SEMrush also offers a tool that makes this extremely easy.

In any case, what you’ll most likely find is that your competitors haven’t yet discovered this massive market of potential clients who desperately need your services.

But wait…

There’s more…

It turns out that Hispanic Internet users are especially receptive to ads that they deem culturally relevant. As one report from Google about “How to Connect with U.S. Hispanics Online” details:

“When an ad includes aspects of Hispanic culture, regardless of language, 88% pay attention, and 41% feel more favorable about a brand that aims to be culturally relevant.”

Simply put, if you’re not targeting Spanish speakers with your Google Ads, you’re missing out on an untapped market that most of your competitors probably don’t even know about.

3. Almost No Competition in Niche Markets

Now, maybe your firm focuses on niche or emerging markets.

In that case, utilizing Spanish Google Ads will most likely give you a new market all to yourself. Whereas you still face some competition with English ads, you can realistically assume that there won’t be any when you add Spanish to your campaigns.

Again, you can look into this for yourself to make sure.

What you’ll most likely find when you start running these ads is that they compound the advantages of practicing niche law. You face far fewer competitors, there’s less price sensitivity for your ads, and, because you’re the only one addressing this market, your campaigns can be much simpler. As you’re the only one with Spanish ads, you’re the one they’re contacting.

4. Spanish Speakers May Represent Your Biggest Demographic 

The vast majority of attorneys would do just about anything to increase their market share by 3-5%. Year-after-year, that modest amount would add up to serious profits.

As you’ve now seen, doing something as simple as adding Spanish Google Ads could be enough to achieve this impressive growth.

Of course, your market share could also grow by a lot more.

A LOT more.

For some firms, Spanish speakers could become their biggest demographic.

Imagine that for a moment. Imagine adding a new demographic that’s bigger than any you currently serve. What would that mean for your firm?

As just one example, consider this from a report published by The Center for Construction Research and Training:

“Most Hispanic workers are new immigrants…About 73% of the 2.8 million Hispanics working in construction in 2015 were born outside the U.S., and nearly 1.7 million (59%) were not U.S. citizens. A majority of Hispanic workers are employed in production, or blue-collar, occupations…In 2015, 34.3% of production workers in construction were Hispanic, higher than the proportion among production workers in any other industry.”

As such, if your firm handles employment law, dispute resolution, worker’s compensation, occupational safety, or any other legal matters related to construction, targeting Spanish speakers with Google Ads is a no-brainer.

Other industries that employ large numbers of Hispanic workers include:

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting
  • Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Utilities
  • Education and Health Services
  • Leisure and Hospitality

If you practice any form of law related to these industries, running Spanish Google Ads could increase your business like nothing else.

The same goes for those firms located in areas with large Hispanic populations. Criminal, family, civil, and personal injury attorneys in these areas could also skyrocket their business by focusing on Spanish speakers. For example, if a Hispanic person has been in an accident or finds themselves in some other traumatic situation, they want to talk with someone who speaks their language and understands their cultural background. They want to work with someone with whom they’ll feel completely comfortable.

Launching Google Ads in Spanish could show a large local market that your firm employs these kinds of attorneys.

That being said, all that business would probably mean a lot less time for Netflix or arguing with strangers on social media, but the upside would be helping way more people while making a lot more money.

Tough decision.

5. Spanish Google Ads Come with a Lower CPC

Here’s where we really start to get into “too good to be true” territory.

So far, we’ve covered how Spanish Google Ads could not only add to your market but actually double it – or more – without facing a lot of competition in the process.

But what if you could enjoy these benefits without greatly increasing your ad spend?

That’s too good to be true, right?

That would be impossible.

Well, we thought you might say that, which is why we’re including the following screenshot from one of our clients. All we did was create Spanish versions of their Google Ads and look what that did to this law firm’s clickthrough rate (CTR):

Obviously, you always want a high CTR, because that means more prospects.

However, higher CTRs also lead to higher Google Quality Scores.

And when Google likes you, they reward you by dropping your CPC.

Now, look, we’re going to take some of the credit here. One of our areas of expertise at Nanato Media is PPC marketing for law firms.

Still, as you can see from the above screenshot, it definitely helped that the ads we created for this client were in Spanish. That’s the only difference between those two campaigns.

Given some of the information we covered above, the cheaper CPC makes sense. There just aren’t as many law firms creating Google Ads for Spanish speakers, which means those keywords cost a lot less. Combine that with a high Google Quality Score and your law firm will enjoy minimal CPCs.

6. Hispanic Prospects Are Perfect for Google Ads

Here’s another powerful tidbit from the Google report we referenced in the second section:

“66% of U.S. Hispanics say they pay attention to online ads—almost 20 percentage points more than the general online population.”

20 percentage points!!!

That is an incredibly big difference from the general population.

Believe it or not, it gets even better, though.

That same report points out that:

“Among those who recall seeing online ads, 93% of them take action—whether that’s performing a search, visiting a company’s website, or making a purchase.”

So, not only are Hispanic prospects more likely to pay attention to your ad, but the vast majority of them are more likely to take action, too.

Instead of investing in another round of CTR optimization tactics, you’d probably be a lot better off simply by running Spanish Google Ads instead.

Hispanic mobile use is on the rise, as well. In 2013, 76% of Hispanic Internet users were going online via their mobile devices. By 2016, that number had grown to 94%. This is a big plus for law firms that are investing in the power of Google Ads Smart Campaigns. The Hispanic market is clearly well-represented if you plan on targeting mobile users.

Finally, not only are Hispanic prospects more likely to notice your ads and not only are they more likely to click them, but they are also more likely to tell their friends and family about your law firm’s services:

“…Hispanics are not only more likely to engage in word-of-mouth than the general public, but also more likely to pass along the information they hear to others…Some 47% of brand word-of-mouth (W-O-M) among Hispanics leads to high purchase intent (top2-box on a 10-point scale), including a majority (52%) of brand W-O-M among Spanish-speaking Hispanics.”

Put another way, Spanish Google Ads come with a lower cost-per-click, but your ROI could even be several times greater than you first think because Hispanic users – not just actual clients – will spread the word about your law firm’s services.

Start Leveraging the Power of Spanish Google Ads Today

By now, it should be clear: if your firm isn’t investing in Spanish Google Ads, you’re leaving money on the table and doing your competitors a HUGE favor.

Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier to change this.

At Nanato Media, we’re experts at creating Google Ads that compel clicks and drive conversions. One of the many ways we do this is by making Spanish versions.

To find out more about how we can help your law firm with Spanish Google Ads and other methods of attracting prospects, contact us today.