You’re Not Using English and Spanish Online Strategies? That’s Criminal

Practicing criminal law is serious business. You are helping your clients make big and potentially life-changing decisions in a difficult-to-navigate legal environment. Chances are you don’t have a whole lot of time--or interest, for that matter--to spend also learning how to navigate the world of legal marketing. However, if you’re not taking advantage of both English and Spanish online strategies to grow your law firm and acquire more clients, well, we think that’s just criminal. The Latinx community is a diverse and rapidly expanding market, and they need lawyers for the same reasons everyone else does. With our bilingual ad campaigns, we do what we do to help you do what you do. Get in front of English and Spanish speakers when they need you.

Sample calls of Hispanic criminal cases

When you need a Criminal Attorney, you need them yesterday. Potential clients that are in hot water are looking for the fastest way to cool down. We keep your law firm at the top of the SERPs, so when disaster strikes, you get the call. If you want to grow your business and stay competitive in an already crowded market, English and Spanish ads will help you branch out, grow your caseload, and gain some of the most loyal clients out there.

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Double the Languages, Double the Leads:
Criminal Marketing Strategies

As a criminal attorney, no doubt you’ve heard the term “crime doesn’t pay” more than enough times in your career. However, our over ten years of experience generating leads in English and Spanish for attorneys proves that crime certainly isn’t going away. While we’re gonna have to leave solving that problem to Iron Man and friends, we know you’re going to be the one stuck dealing with the aftermath. As experienced experts in running bilingual PPC and SEO campaigns, we’ve helped countless criminal attorneys run campaigns with the highest ROI for the most desired case. Here are just a few we’re pros at:
Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is, unfortunately, a serious and endemic issue in our world. It’s also one of the most requested leads we receive from our Criminal Attorney clients. We understand how delicate domestic violence issues can be. When emotions are bound to run high, you need a skilled marketing campaign that can connect to your target audience. That goes double if you’re trying to connect with someone in a different language. Our English and Spanish campaigns can get you in front of the clients that need you, so you can focus on getting them through a difficult time.

Tickets and Traffic Violations

This is the part where we might give you a fact about how much time people spend in traffic, but the number usually bums us out. Suffice it to say, we all spend more time than we want commuting from place to place. The good news is (if we’re calling it that) that traffic misdemeanors and felonies are inevitable. With high-intent keywords we make sure to target people who took their road rage a little too far and need your help getting themselves back in the driver's seat. From speed tickets to driving without a driver's license tickets we get you all the traffic.

Jail Release

Just call us Bond. Bail Bond. If a client has a loved one in jail, they’re going to be looking to find the 007 of the Criminal Law world.  Yes, you guessed correctly, that's you Mr. Bond. And they’re going to want your legal help immediately. That means high intent jail release searches are a killer way to generate leads. Whether in English, Spanish, or both, we make sure your PPC campaigns get in front of those who need your expertise when they need it, so their loved one doesn’t spend one night longer than they need to in the clink. Just make sure you are on your feet and ready to help your clients.

Highly-Targeted | Bilingual | Cost-Effective

Don’t be guilty of missing out on the power of Spanish Criminal law campaigns.

Sure, it’s not against the law, but, in the court of online marketing, only advertising in English is sure to be declared harmful to your ability to generate new leads. Like every other community in the US, the Hispanic community will have members that need a Criminal attorney. And when they do, they are most likely going to look online. Also, like every other community, when choosing a lawyer, they are going to want to find someone they can trust. Spanish ads are a great start when it comes to showing the Latinx community you’re there to help. As an added bonus, Spanish keywords can end up being a fraction of the cost of their English counterparts.

Services to Raise Your Caseload

Your clients are banking on your experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal system. We don’t think you deserve any less when choosing a marketing team. With over 15 years experience managing digital marketing campaigns for attorneys all over the US, our methods are battle-tested and our knowledge comes from experience. If you want more cases, we’re the team to get you there.


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No need for a warrant. Our Lead Tracking Dashboard shows you real results every step of the way.

Track every lead with a personalized dashboard. Your leads are just that, yours. So we think it should be easy for you to track ‘em. Just call us revolutionaries. Your personal Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT) is designed to help you mark qualified and unqualified leads, record call submissions, and keep track of your campaign progress.

Click fraud prevention. While click fraud is an actual criminal offense, we prefer to stop it from happening to you in the first place. We make sure to protect your PPC campaigns with the most effective click fraud prevention software in the biz.

Heatmaps. We may not be light on crime, but the world isn’t light on criminal lawyers either. We keep you competitive in the field with a heat map tool that ensures we’re focusing your campaigns in the right market at the right time.

With the right campaign, Latinx clients are yours to win. That’s where we come in.

Hiring a criminal attorney isn’t just about reading a Spanish ad. It’s about feeling like the person you’re hiring understands your cultural needs as well. Our bilingual digital campaigns connect with Hispanic Americans, so they feel comfortable connecting with you.

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