Get in front of English and Spanish speakers who have been injured at work and need your help now.

English and Spanish Online Strategies
for Workers Compensation Attorneys

Sample calls of Hispanic accident cases

To say that Workers Compensation Law Firm Marketing is our specialty is an understatement. It’s much more than that. We have been running Workers Comp PPC and SEO campaigns and have been creating converting websites for Workers Compensation attorneys for over a decade. Our Hispanic centered hyper-localized targeting and perfectly composed business message will set you apart from your competition in the SERPs, no matter how big these guys are and how competitive your local market is. Injured blue-collar Hispanic workers need your help, and we help them find you and give you a call. The rest is on you and your team.

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Bilingual Workers Comp Marketing Strategies

We understand the different types of work-related injuries that your prospective clients might have suffered. A combination of that knowledge, our excellent PPC and SEO management capabilities and conversion rate optimization tactics, as well as our outstanding Spanish campaign setups will ensure your law firm will be the absolute market share winner in your local market.
Work Injuries

English and Spanish workplace accident campaigns that convert.


We help you reach injured workers in English and Spanish when they need your legal help and encourage them to connect with you. The accident cases we are after and common types of calls our current clients are receiving every day are: lifting accidents, electrocutions, equipment and machinery accidents, falls from heights (ladders, scaffolding, and roofing), large truck accidents (18-wheeler and tractor-trailers), hand tool and power tool accidents and more. Our law firm marketing experts make sure that you will be the preferred Workers Compensation law firm to turn to, when someone from your local market suffers a job-related accident and is seeking financial compensation for injury-related losses with ambicultural campaigns that convert.

Construction Accidents

English and Spanish targeted construction accident campaigns.


We typically treat construction accidents separately due to the life-altering consequences that they that can cause to the injured party. Electrocution, struck by an object, falls and caught between objects are the most common causes of construction accidents according to our marketing experience with construction accident campaigns. We will get you in front of the injured worker or their family members when seeking professional legal help on Google either with SEO or PPC campaigns or both in English and Spanish. Hispanic Americans are very likely to need your help in your local market, and we know how to craft and manage campaigns that will generate you the desired business results for your Workers Compensation law firm.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

English and Spanish repetitive stress injury campaigns.


Those tend to be campaigns with low search volumes and low intent but generate great results as you get your prospective clients to stop what they are doing and pay attention to how you can help them and why they need to report their cases. Facebook Ads and Google Ads Display Advertising work beautifully on that type of campaign. Most of the blue-collar, mainly factory workers, Hispanics or not, do suffer stress at work due to repetitive motion. Cleaners can get the same type of injuries too. Most of them don't know that they can file a Workers Compensation claim and get the financial help they deserve. We will make sure you get in front of them with the right message showing how you can help them gain their rightful compensation.


Highly-Targeted | Bilingual | Cost-Effective

Start reaching your local Hispanic community and grow your WC practice.

Hispanics aren’t just the largest growing demographic in this country. They’re also extremely adept at using the Internet and smartphones – the best places for your ads. However, if you don’t attempt to reach them the right way, you’ll waste a lot of time and money coming up short with your marketing campaigns. We at Nanato Media connect you culturally with your Hispanic local market. We craft highly targeted bilingual SEO, PPC campaigns, and websites optimized for conversions to ensure that no-one with a job-related injury in your market will come across your law firm and not give you a call.

Our Legal Marketing Services

We have 15 years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns for attorneys allover the United States and have managed over $15M in advertising spend so far. With Nanato Media, you can rest assured that we will increase your caseload at a smaller investment, no matter how small or big your law firm is. We take care of everything while you focus on representing your clients.


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Pay the right price for Workers Comp clicks with our ambicultural, highly optimized digital marketing campaigns.

Track every lead with a personalized dashboard. Through our LTD (Lead Tracking Dashboard you can review live all the prospective clients that will submit a form on your landing pages or call your law firm from any of your Nanato Media managed campaigns. You can also see the keyword they searched for to find your law firm and listen to your call recordings.

Fraud prevention software. Fraud prevention is crucial for Workers compensation campaigns. As you read this paragraph, it is very likely that a competitor of yours is clicking on your ad (assuming you have active campaigns right now) and is costing you a lot of money. At Nanato Media we use a sophisticated Fraud Prevention software to ensure you don’t pay for those clicks.

Advanced bidding strategies. When it comes to Workers Compensation PPC campaigns, we make sure to use the most advanced bidding strategies to beat the competition. We do most of our work manually to control your budget and make sure you don’t overpay for clicks. We even use bidding scripts to schedule your ads for certain times of the day or certain days of the week.

We are focusing on real business results for your Workers Compensation law firm.

Effectively market your WC law firm to Hispanic prospects.

If you want to grow your business, you need to grow your strategy to include specific campaigns that are laser-focused on this growing market. At Nanato Media, this is our specialty.

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