In It For the Long Haul: English and Spanish Online Strategies for Immigration Attorneys

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you never know exactly what to expect from an Immigration case. That means that as an Immigration Attorney, you have to be on top of your game for every client if you’re going to help them navigate the behemoth that is the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. The name alone is quite a journey! With so much on your plate, our goal is to lighten the load. We use fully-optimized English and Spanish marketing strategies to get you in front of Hispanic prospects when they are in the greatest need of your services. Keep your focus where it’s needed while we get new clients to pick up the phone and call you.

Sample calls of Hispanic accident cases

The Latinx community is a powerful market, and their numbers are only growing. We’re no mathematician, but as the US Hispanic population grows, it follows there will be a growing need for immigration attorneys. And when they need immigration help, they’re going to look for it online. That’s why we’ve built our company around creating hyper-focused and cost-efficient bilingual ads that keep you at the top of the SERPs. Rest assured that with our help, when prospective clients are looking, you’ll be the one they find.

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The Power of Bilingual Campaigns Compels Us

For individuals and families seeking your services, they’re looking for anything from help filling out paperwork to get their fiance stateside to a straight up miracle that will keep them in their home. While marketing perhaps isn’t quite as noble, we like to think we work our own little miracle by connecting you with individuals in the Hispanic and other markets when they’re looking for you. For over a decade, we’ve successfully run English and Spanish PPC and SEO campaigns that let your clients know that from status adjustments to family-based petitions, you’re the one to trust when help is needed. 

Family-Based Petitions

It was Tolstoy who said, “every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Sometimes that “way” is just that they’re not together. That’s where you come in. From working with Immigration law firms, we know leads for family-based petitions are a hot commodity. From working years in the digital marketing world, we know appealing to the Hispanic market with highly-targeted English and Spanish ads is an excellent way to win these coveted leads. With our manually managed campaigns, we keep you at the top of the SERPs for your desired clientele.

Adjustment of Status

The long and arduous process of dealing with immigration is no more apparent than in adjustment of status cases. It’s paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Potential clients starting the long process of status adjustment are looking for help and they’re looking online. If you’re aiming to appeal to Hispanic prospects, Spanish ads are a key way to let them know you can make this difficult process smoother. With targeted keywords that speak to their pain points and their unique cultural needs, our relevant campaigns will up your caseload in no time.


“Home is where the heart is” is a sweet sentiment, but, as far as we know, it’s inadmissible in court. That means those facing possible removal or deportation from the place they call home are going to need your help and fast. With cases that can be time sensitive and complex, you want to be the law firm a prospect sees the moment they need your services. Our bilingual PPC and SEO campaigns are designed to generate top-notch leads, so you can focus on delivering top-notch service for your clients. Let us let them know how you can help them.

High-Intent | Bilingual | Cost-Effective

We’re a multicultural nation. Keep up with the market with Spanish Immigration campaigns.

Your bread and butter is based on the knowledge that the US is made up of many different cultures. So we have a feeling we don’t need to convince you of the importance of running ads in Spanish. However, if you are running Spanish ads and feel like you’re not quite hitting the mark with Hispanic prospects, don’t fret. We do a whole lot more than translation. Our bilingual marketing strategy is all about connection, which means we create content in English and Spanish that doesn’t just aim to communicate to Latinx individuals. We connect with them culturally too. Hispanic clients have the potential to become your biggest demographic and most loyal clients. We’re just here to make the introduction.

Serving You Who Serve the Community

We’ve no doubt it takes years of working in Immigration law to learn how to navigate constantly fluctuating rules and regulations. We can relate. With the internet in a state of constant flux, our 15 years of experience managing over $15 million in ad spend for attorneys has taught us how to keep on top of trends and changes so you’re increasing your caseload at a much smaller investment.


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Clicks cost money. We know how to make them cost less. With high-intent, manually managed, and hourly optimized bilingual PPC campaigns, the price goes down and the leads go up.

When it comes to building your Hispanic clients, you focus on winning cases, and we’ll focus on winning you leads.

The Latinx market isn’t going anywhere. Attracting clients from this community is all about building bilingual campaigns that let them know you know what they need. You’ve got the legal expertise. We’ve got the digital and cultural experience. Let’s get you connected.

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