This Time It’s Personal: English and Spanish Online Strategies for Personal Injury Attorneys

We’re not afraid to say it. In our modern world, there’s simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Alas, humans haven’t quite figured out how to solve that problem yet, so 24 hours it is. With so many limits and obligations on our time, there’s nothing more disruptive to our day than an unexpected accident. Unfortunately, accidents tend to be the gift that keeps on taking. The last thing someone wants to worry about is spending hours finding an attorney. With our top-notch, fully-optimized English and Spanish marketing strategies, we get you in front of Latinx clients who need you when they need you most. Accidents suck. Let’s make finding you a little easier.

Sample calls of Hispanic accident cases

There’s no two ways about it. Accidents are stressful. Yet, somehow dealing with the fallout is even less fun. That’s where you come in. When Hispanic clients need you, they need you now. Making your Personal Injury law firm the first and obvious choice is a win-win situation. Our attorney clients dominate their local Hispanic market because we make sure their targeting strategy is both hyper-focused and cost-efficient, landing them at the top of the SERPs while not overpaying for clicks. We might even call that win-win-win.

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We Are the Champions of Bilingual Personal Injury Marketing Strategies

Look, we don’t believe in choosing a favorite child, but when it comes to online marketing, Personal Injury lead generation in English and Spanish is our #1 expertise. With over 10 years experience running Personal Injury PPC and SEO, our skills in the digital marketing sphere have aged like fine wine, if we do say so ourselves. We focus on quality and quantity, ensuring your bilingual campaigns are going after the right cases so you enjoy the highest ROI for every ad dollar spent. Take a look below for just a small sample of the many different PI campaigns we’re pros at running.
Auto Accidents

While no one hopes for a car accident to happen, they are an unfortunately common reality of our modern world. That means they’re a hot commodity for Personal Injury attorneys. So, what’s better than an agency that targets these highly coveted cases in one language? An agency that can do it in two. Beat the competition, by targeting high-intent keywords in Spanish and English that get you in front of your local Hispanic community as well as local English speakers. Our hourly optimization schedule keeps you at the top of the SERPs.

Trucking Accidents

Compared to auto accidents, trucking and commercial vehicle accidents have a relatively low search volume. However, when a prospective client experiences a catastrophic accident with an 18-wheeler or any other commercial vehicle, we know you know that’s a worthwhile case. In fact, our partners regularly receive calls for these kinds of accidents due to the highly relevant campaigns we build. High-quality-score ads put your firm at the top of the SERPs, making you the obvious choice for an injured client on one of their worst days.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, when it comes to losing someone we care about, when it rains it pours. As Personal Injury lawyers, you are often there to help people navigate some of the most difficult terrain they’ll travel. Wrongful death cases often cause your clients to re-live painful moments. On top of that, denied insurance benefits or simply misunderstanding life insurance benefits can add to an already difficult time. With high-intent keywords in English and Spanish, we’ll get you in front of people who need you, so you can help them rebuild.

High-Intent | Bilingual | Cost-Effective

Spanish PI campaigns are ripe for the picking.

When you go to a popular restaurant on a Friday night without reservations, you usually wait longer for a worse table. When you only advertise your services in English, you spend a lot of time waiting for calls that may not even be your ideal case. However, every town or city has its own hidden culinary gems. We think Hispanic prospects are just those gems in the world of Personal Injury. As one of the fastest growing communities in the US, this market has the potential to become your biggest demographic and most loyal clients. Take advantage of our cultural know-how and bilingual expertise, and you’ll never go hungry on a Friday night again.

We Take Your Legal Marketing Personally

Your clients want someone experienced in navigating choppy waters, so it makes sense to us that you’d want the same. With over 15 years of managing digital marketing campaigns for attorneys, we think even Malcolm Gladwell would agree that we’ve put in the hours. Here are some of the ways we take care of finding clients, so you can focus on taking care of them.


Get higher rankings and more qualified traffic from your website with a customized SEO strategy and optimizations.
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Launch a polished website optimized for conversions and high rankings or opt for just maintenance.
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Beat the big guys in their own game with high quality scores and smaller advertising investment.
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Facebook Ads

Connect to a localized audience who need your services with an optimized Facebook ads strategy.
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The Price is Right, but make it for Personal Injury lawyers. Our high-intent, manually managed, and hourly optimized bilingual PPC campaigns keep you on track and under budget.

As visible as Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Results your Personal Injury law firm can see.

Track every lead with a personalized dashboard. We whole-heartedly believe in the saying, “Secrets don’t make friends.” Your personal Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT) is designed to spill the beans on the results that matter to you. Mark qualified and unqualified leads, record call submissions, and keep track of your campaign progress.

Click fraud prevention. Personal Injury clicks are costly. So we take click fraud attempts from bots and competitors very personally. Your PPC campaigns are protected by the most effective click fraud prevention software in the biz. 

Heatmaps. Personal Injury law is a competitive field. With our heatmap tool, we keep your PPC campaigns laser-focused, by identifying and removing anything that might distract from driving visitors towards converting.

Your local Hispanic community is a hop, skip, and bilingual campaign away.

Winning Hispanic clients is about more than translating ads. We’ve been building bilingual digital campaigns to connect Hispanic Americans to PI law firms for over a decade. Our cultural know-how is here to help you extend your reach.

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