Amid COVID-19, we’ve all seen our lives change in every possible way that we couldn’t have predicted. The pandemic has inevitably affected Law Firms in every practice area, among them those that handle Workers Compensation cases. What’s its impact, though, for WC Attorneys investing in Pay Per Click?  

A few months ago, in August, we published our first article for WC PPC and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking back at this blog, we covered the search volumes for high-intent keywords in English and Spanish; we reviewed Attorneys’ reactions. We explained why withdrawing from your Law Firm’s digital marketing strategy would be a bad idea (on the contrary, consolidating your efforts proved to make the difference for those who didn’t act in fear). Today, we’re back with Vol. 2. We’ll review what happened based on the updated data we have access to, we’ll look at the recent search volumes for bilingual Attorney PPC, and we’ll explore the most suitable opportunities for WC Law Firms that want to increase their caseload. Stay tuned. That’s your best chance to invest as we’re approaching the end of the year.

In August, we started by looking at some of the most prominent keywords for WC Attorneys who want to invest in PPC. We looked at the search volumes provided by Google Ads, in English and Spanish. At first, we reviewed “work injury Attorney” and “work injury Attorney near me.” The more specific phrase indicated no drop, not even in March-April, while on the other hand, it recorded a yearly high for three consecutive months, May-July. The more general phrase registered a drop in March and April, to start recovering in May, reaching pre-COVID-19 volumes in July. The big picture was almost the same for another high intent phrase, “Workers Comp Attorney.” An initial drop, with a recovery and stabilization phase, especially in June and July. We then looked at the Spanish WC PPC phrase “abogado de accidente en el Trabajo.”

April began with a dip in volumes, but the recovery was rapid, and with a few ups and downs, we reached a peak in June with stabilization in July. What’s crucial to mention here is that despite the overall rise in desktop traffic, mobile dominated the search queries, especially in Spanish PPC. And now the million-dollar question. Who was right, the Law Firms that withdrew and stopped or paused their Bilingual Google Ads or those who didn’t pull the plug? Based on our hands-on experience, we saw some of our clients reporting a few of their best months during the previously mentioned period. That resulted from people pulling out of PPC, leaving the cases to those who acted proactively and strategically. These Law Firms saw more prospective clients coming in as a result of improved Quality Score, lower CPCs due to reduced competition, and steady search volumes.

Tip: Have you heard of Google LSAs? They can be a great addition to your Law Firm PPC, but they aren’t a standalone strategy. One of the most prominent reasons is that you don’t have any customization option, and they are not available for Spanish-speaking searchers.

We’re in the post-election period, approaching the end of the year, and unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. The second wave is hitting most US states, and it seems to be severe, needing attention and proper handling. Inevitably, all these have affected Law Firms and their digital marketing. After summer, in August and September, we monitored several Law Firms that restarted their bilingual Google Ads after pulling off during the first months of the pandemic. How did all these facts and events impact Google Ads for Workers Comp Attorneys? Let’s find out, starting with the most recent search volumes.

The latest evolutions of Search Volumes:

During the first wave, the world of digital marketing saw a lot of Law Firms pulling out from their campaigns to cut costs. Others decided to stay dedicated to their long-term strategy and keep investing in what brings them value, a great ROI, and ultimately new cases. Our experience taught us that this is the time to sustain growth and not act in fear. Most of our clients stayed active and saw their conversions take off. It’s not an exaggeration to mention that several had a few of their best months during that period. That’s a result of several factors, including limited competition and better CPCs.

Tip: Use landing pages for your PPC campaigns. They allow you to convey the right message to the right prospective clients, maximizing your chances for conversions.

Don’t forget: Social media are on a constant rise, make sure that you make the most out of them, either in terms of Facebook organic posting or Ads, or Instagram organic or ads.

Time for our takeaways:

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