The impact of COVID-19 has been evident in every aspect of our lives, social, and business. Inevitably the pandemic has also left its marks on Workers Compensation Attorney PPC campaigns.  

Since March, COVID-19 has dominated our lives in various ways, from changing the way we socialize with our relatives and friends, to how we conduct business. The new normal that we have to get used to could not leave digital marketing and PPC unimpacted. In previous articles, we discovered the latest developments in PPC for Personal Injury Attorneys, and PPC for Immigration Attorneys, today we’ll dive into the world of PPC for WC law firms and how Workers Comp digital marketing has shifted amid COVID-19. 

Based on our experience, we’ve seen our clients land some of their best cases from keywords related to Work Injuries. Here, we’ll first look into the search query Work Injury Attorney. While we don’t see hundreds of thousands in search volume, these cases can prove to be among the most lucrative; therefore, the interest is high, and investment is justified. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we had called our partners to consolidate their PPC efforts and not leave food on the plate for others. Let’s look at the supporting graph.

 Search volume never dropped; on the other hand, since March, we notice a significant upward trend for the related queries. 

The next graphs that we want to review are those of the Workers Compensation Attorney and Workers Comp Attorney near me.

Starting with the more general query, we can see an initial drop that continued in April, only to be replaced by a subsequent recovery in May. June and July were no different as interest rose, and we currently sit close to the highest search volumes we’ve seen this year. Mobile traffic also shows a healthy and steady recovery, adding to the expectations of high intent queries. 

If we look at the next graph, Workers Comp Attorney Near Me, we’ll end to almost the same conclusions. We want to highlight here that the query started strong in 2020, but if we look back in November, the numbers don’t look very different compared to March. The search volumes dropped further in April, which is justified by the horrible situation we all faced, but right now, they are close to their year to date high.

Let’s move to the high intent keywords in Spanish, Abogado de accidente de trabajo. Things don’t look significantly different compared to what we noticed in the English search terms. The drop didn’t start in March but became noticeable in April. The search volumes peaked in June, and in July, we are back at the yearly average. We consider this an excellent sign for the future, as experts expect more markets to recover gradually. It’s important to mention that mobile queries dominate the relevant traffic. That’s another proof that Hispanics are mobile power users, and they prefer their mobile devices over desktop.  

Tip: Landing pages can help you convert more leads and maximize your ROI with Workers Comp PPC. 

Fact: A critical percentage of the Latinx workforce is employed in construction jobs. Therefore, this particular demographic can be your best chance to increase your caseload with more Workers Compensation and injury cases.  

If you’ve read the article so far and went over the facts and figures we present, you’ll understand that COVID-19 has impacted injury-related and Workers Comp PPC. Still, volumes and intent have recovered in Google Ads, and if you aren’t already doing so, it’s now time to start investing in bilingual PPC for your Law Firm.

All aspects of life are moving to the online part of the matters, and marketing efforts could be no different. If you don’t have the proper digital marketing strategy in place, you risk missing out on your best opportunity to increase your caseload with high-value cases.  People will keep searching online for Personal Injury services. If you don’t get in front of them with bilingual Google Ads campaigns, optimized for conversions, you miss out on a great opportunity. What’s even worse? You are leaving the whole pie to your competitors, and they won’t sleep on that chance.

Remember that construction sites, restaurants, factories are open and unfortunately accidents do happen. Also, people are more inclined to find ways to make money due to COVID-19 and the worsening economic environment. An injury that might have passed unreported in the past, will be reported today.

Tip: Complement your Google Ads with a display strategy for your WC practice. It can help you raise brand awareness and sign potential prospective clients at a fraction of the cost.  

What are the key takeaways?

  • Traffic and search volumes for high intent injury-related and WC keywords have recovered from the initial drop and are now in an upward trend, or at worst case stable at numbers close to pre-COVID. 
  • Mobile is essential, especially for Hispanic Workers Comp PPC. Be mobile ready and have the appropriate call to action to maximize conversions. 
  • Experts expect a further rise in volumes and cases when the pandemic stabilizes further, so be prepared, act proactively and remember that Google Quality score takes into historical data of your account and ad relevancy, among other factors. 

Do you have questions regarding your WC bilingual PPC strategy? We are the leading agency in bilingual PPC for Workers Compensation law firms in the US, and we are here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.