Facebook adds value to your digital marketing strategy, but while the majority of Attorneys concentrate on Facebook Ads, oftentimes, they forget to take advantage of organic posts. 

Lately, we’ve been covering multiple touchpoints around Facebook, its trends, and its added value for law firms. We explored the opportunities that can arise for PI Law Firms investing in Facebook Ads, we uncovered the top converting Facebook Ads placements for Attorneys, and we looked into the initiative to pause Facebook Ads during July. But what about organic Facebook posts for your law firm? Is there still any value in them? What are the best practices, and what are the most relevant posting ideas your law firm can implement? In this article, we will look into the steps a law firm should follow to maintain a solid organic posting strategy and will provide practical, real-life examples from law firms like yours. Then we’ll give you actionable tips for your posts.

Let’s start with a fact; Facebook’s organic reach has been declining in recent years compared to ads. Organic reach includes the number of people who see your posts or page without any paid campaigns. But why has it been on the decline? First, there’s increasingly more content distributed on the social network, with over 30b publishers every month. Additionally, Facebook is trying to optimize user experience by showing them only relevant content. As the site continues to tailor content to the needs of each user, you may find that sometimes your content is not being viewed by the audiences you expect. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should disregard organic posting and reach. On the contrary, Facebook favors those publishers who provide valuable and helpful content for its users. Combined with Facebook Ads, your law firm can acquire a significant number of new leads.

  • What should a Law Firm post on Facebook?

Your Law Firm’s goal with organic Facebook posting should be to keep your current/prospective clients involved while enhancing your brand awareness within your community. You can keep your client base (people you like and follow your page) updated with the latest news about your practice areas, noteworthy achievements of your law firm, celebrations, and moments of joy for the community or your team. Additionally, you can contribute to your community by sharing news that is relevant to local community members, and you can cover any outreach events you are involved with.

  1. Share moments of success

This could include photos of satisfied clients that have just received their check after your law firm successfully handled their case. This kind of content is highly relevant for Personal Injury and Workers Compensation attorneys but could also apply to other practice areas. For example, if you are an Immigration attorney, you can share a successful appeal or a won DACA case.

We can’t publish a photo of a PI or WC attorney handing over a check, but this is an effective way to prove your hard work and success first hand. Make it a part of your process; for example, every time you win a case, invite your client to the office and take a picture of you handing them their check, or ask the client to hold the check and smile at the camera. You can use those large reusable checks so that the amount won is shown clearly in the picture. The large check might sound a little cheesy, but it works.

Here is an example of a post coming from an Immigration law firm based in MA. What’s more powerful than a happy client sending gifts to their attorney?

And here is a handwritten thank you card as posted on Facebook from a PI attorney based in El Paso, TX.

  1. Share your Law Firm’s reviews

Previously, we’ve discussed the importance of reputation management for any business, specifically touching on the value of reviews for law firms. If you generate them, why not let the world know that you’re doing such a great job that people write about it? Facebook or Google My Business reviews are a great place to start. Make them into a work of art or just grab a screenshot and post. The end result is pretty much the same.

Here is a Facebook post on a review from a Personal Injury law firm based in Boston.

And here is another review shared on Facebook, with an organic post from a Workers Comp attorney based in NY.

  1. Make Facebook Q&As

Questions and Answers, or FAQs, are powerful tools for any law firm. You can create relevant organic posts on your law firm’s Facebook page weekly to capture the interest of your local audiences, while educating them at the same time. Make it a Facebook post answering one question at a time or promote an upcoming Facebook live.

Here is an example of a Q&A organic Facebook post by an Immigration attorney based in MA.

And here is another example coming from a Workers Comp lawyer based in NJ & NY.

  1. Share valuable information and updates.

Remember that Facebook isn’t all about promoting your business and services. Users also browse it for social updates and news. If you have a chance to educate them, don’t skip it. Is there any information that would be relevant to your community and/or clients? Share it with them and let them know that you are always there.

Here is an example of such a Facebook post by a Family Law attorney based in Long Island.

  1. Share joyful moments featuring your team members.

People care about how you treat your people. Getting them involved in your law firm’s Facebook feed is an effective way to share happy moments within your organization. You could use anniversaries, birthdays, and notable achievements (like graduations or promotions). Remember to not only involve the partners but interns and other employees as well.

Here is an example of a Personal Injury law firm based in NJ posting organically for an employee’s work anniversary.

And here is another example of an Immigration law firm celebrating an employee’s birthday amid COVID-19.

  1. Share your involvement with any significant events/community outreach.

This could be an appearance in the local news, an interview in the newspaper, or your team’s participation in a local Hispanic Community event. All these represent an opportunity for positive publicity and give you the chance to relate to your community.

Tip: Research your hashtags and use them with caution. Don’t stuff your posts with irrelevant hashtags. Only target what’s valuable for you.

What are the key takeaways?

  • Facebook’s organic reach has declined in recent years, but it’s still relevant and valuable for your law firm.
  • Use the actionable tips we explained above to reach your local audiences and get involved with your community.
  • If you have valuable content, post at least a few times every week. If not, limit your posts to once a week.

Have questions about your law firm’s organic Facebook strategy? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are bilingual Facebook experts, and our expertise lies in helping law firms succeed online.