Have you looked into the opportunities your law firm can get with Mass Torts? Let’s explore the most important lawsuits for 2020, their digital marketing approach, their potential, and the latest developments.

People often compare Mass Torts to the stock market, meaning that there’s risk involved, but there is also an opportunity for profit. If you were a financial expert, you would be looking into the various stock options you have, the data of each company, and its potential within the sector and its niche. But you aren’t just any businessman, you understand the law, the potential of each case and you can look into the details that make a Mass Tort viable. Not every tort is successful, neither every time it’ll yield ROI, but it’s important to conduct your research and make an informed decision if you step in and begin your journey to Mass Torts, potentially with a digital marketing approach. In today’s article, we’ll discover the top seven current torts that you should already be following if you are looking to invest. At this point, we want to mention that this isn’t a promotion of any particular Mass Tort, and we would suggest that you only look into the possibility of investment if you have the extra funds.

1. Zantac

The Zantac Mass Tort has been in the center of the talk lately. The issue with the drug that people have been using for decades now is that it contains elevated levels of NDMA, especially when heated. NMDA is a known carcinogen, and this situation led to an initial recall of particular lots, and some days later, a complete recall of Zantac from the shelves in the US. What should you know about it? First, there were two potential uses, over the counter and prescribed. When there are prescriptions involved, there are higher chances for a valid case as you can prove its use, and you can relate it to potential issues you can tie to the client’s profile. The second you have to note is that there are specific cancers that are directly associated with Zantac; these are liver, stomach, prostate, intestinal, colorectal, esophageal bladder, myeloma, pancreatic.

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of Zantac, the question is how should you get involved and start generating leads. PPC, for this Mass Tort, can prove to be an effective solution. There is significant overall awareness around the case, and there are enough monthly searches to justify a level of interest nationwide. According to Google search volume trends, there are over twenty-five thousand searches on average. But it’s not just about initial interest; if you want to take that path, you need to target high intent prospective clients. Who are they? People who have already been diagnosed and are in the process of asking the right questions for their next steps.

2. RoundUp

The next we’ll mention is the herbicide Roundup from Monsanto. If you are not already actively involved in the Tort, it’s probably too late to catch the train now, but we’ll mention it as it’s one of the most valuable Mass Torts lately. The issue with it is that it contains glyphosate, a known human carcinogen. The main problem with Roundup is that different states have different laws around the subject which makes it a difficult Tort to pursue. The cases that can potentially stand out and pan out well are those of long-lasting commercial use that can be tracked and proven. This is because it seems that people can relate it to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. If you have such cases coming your way, then you have good potential with Roundup. Please note that a few days ago the company agreed to a $10b settlement which might bring closure to this Tort, but we don’t have the full details yet.

Our tip here, if you want to go after Roundup leads, would be to do it through Facebook Ads for Mass Torts. With the proper localization and interest targeting, you might be able to create an audience that is specific enough but significant at the same time. As we explained above, your best bet would be with prolonged commercial exposure, so you could target farmers who live and work in specific states.

3. Juul

Juul is described as a smoking alternative, but the issue here and the reason why it’s a potential Tort is that it was directly or indirectly marketed to minors. People are stating that Juul was deceptively advertised to underaged individuals who weren’t’ supposed to have access to such products. Nowadays, the company has completely changed direction and focuses on adults (you can even see it on prominent spots on their website). But there is room for potential Tort, especially if you could prove usage of a minor between 2016 and 2018 and any lung issues without prior problems.

If you’d want to target Juul cases, you’d have to first identify your audience. It’s mainly GenZ, so young adults or still teenagers who are very digital, connected, and use social media. Facebook, Instagram, or even Tik Tok would be your best possible approaches to the potential Mass Tort.

4. Aqueous Fire-Fighting foam film

This is a very specialized and new one as it’s strictly related to Fire-Fighters using the Aqueous film forming foam. They use it not only during fires but also for training purposes and you can see them covered in it on multiple occasions. Lately, experts related this chemical foam film to a potential list of cancers and other health issues, such as fertility.

This is still a very new Mass Tort (surfaced a few months ago) and a very niche one as well. Search volumes are low right now for the Search Network, so we’d suggest you consider Facebook Ads targeting firefighters on a national level.

5. The 3M earplugs

Back in 2003, the US military contracted 3M for earplugs that the company would create for dedicated in-battle use. It’s a relatively popular case, but we don’t necessarily consider it a good fit for a successful Tort, mainly because the company (3M) goes back to the co-design and approval process, not assuming full responsibility, which could prove to be a valid point.

On the other hand, these are products used by a specific group of people that could be identifiable and they share common backgrounds (military) and health issues (tinnitus). As we said in the beginning, Mass Torts are similar to the stock market, so if you believe that it’s a good fit for you and your law firm, you could invest in Facebook Ads specifically targeting active or ex-military individuals. You can achieve that by adding professional status and/or finding dedicated military groups.

6. Talc (Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder)

Talc has been a very hot case, and we have to share some recent developments with you; but first, let’s look at the background. Talcum powder is, allegedly, connected to a series of cancers, mostly ovarian and fallopian. Talc has been a Mass Tort with significant awareness, and search volume (over ten thousand queries), the product has been removed from the shelves in the US (still available in other locations, Europe, for example), and Johnson recently had to pay $2.1b to women with related cancer cases. This was a very recent update coming from an appellate court in Missouri. These particular lawsuits were associated with asbestos which is known to cause cancer.

Some people might say that Johnson & Johnson is already admitting guilt, but on the other hand, the company won’t settle and specifically said that they don’t accept any allegations, but they want to ease the pain of people involved in this. We don’t know yet if we’re approaching the end of this Tort, and the waters remain unclear, but we’d suggest you keep an eye out for further details as we notice a lot of companies that used Talc as an active ingredient for their products removing it without giving detailed reasoning behind this decision.

7. Hernia Mesh

Hernia Mesh is a device that doctors implant in a patient’s stomach or groin as a supportive layer for weakened tissues, and it has been around as a medical tech for over 50 years, and as a potential Mass Tort for quite a while now. Researchers have proven in the last years it can potentially cause severe harm, starting with pain, infection, and ranging till recurrence of the hernia, and adhesion. The critical pint for cases to qualify under Hernia Mesh Torts is if there has been a recovery surgery. Additionally, there are specific lists of related mesh producers that are tied to the Tort.

This a potential fit for Google Ads and the Search Network. There is significant awareness and search volume, and you can concentrate your targeting efforts on high intent queries and keywords.

What are the key takeaways from our top Mass Torts for 2020 (so far)?

  • Facebook and other social media can be ideal for Mass Torts that involve specific profession or age groups, and people sharing common interests and selection criteria.
  • The Search Network can be the perfect fit for the lawsuits that are broader and have already raised significant awareness and search volume.
  • The Roundup cases seemed to be very hot but are now on a final stage with the settlement that Monsanto announced a while ago.
  • Talc is one to keep an on for future developments connected to Johnson & Johnson or other companies that used Talcum Powder as an ingredient and might find themselves involved.