Google cares and values its partners, no matter if they are large corporations or small/medium businesses. With its current initiative, the company is injecting $340 million in Ad credits to aid SMBs to retain their digital presence. 

Various businesses, across almost every industry, have been affected by COVID-19, and signs of a crisis are becoming prominent. Google has been monitoring the situation and knows the struggles first hand, especially for those who have been using its services. In response to these, Google decided to prove that it values its partners, and created a plan to support various businesses, including NGOs, the World Health Organizations (WHO), and SMBs. Let’s start by going over the big picture. How is Google splitting the $800+ million? The list includes NGOs, the World Health Organization, and SMBs.

Let’s start by reviewing the big picture. How is Google splitting the $800 million?

  • Google will distribute $250 million in Ad grants to the WHO and over 100 other government agencies that provide information about methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help local communities. 
  • The company will invest $200 million in a fund to support NGOs and other institutions that provide financial support to SMBs. An example is the OFN (Opportunity Finance Network) in the US. Their mission statement is: “We provide fair, transparent financing and financial education to small businesses, community-based projects, and consumers that mainstream finance considers too risky or not profitable enough.”.
  • The initiative will boost academic purposes with a pool of $20 million in credits for cloud services. 
  • Last but not least, Google will insert $340 million in Ad credit, available to SMBs with active accounts over the past year. This proves what we already know about the tech giants, Google values long-term relationships, and they prioritize accounts who stay in the network. As they state, SMBs are the backbone of the modern economy, representing about 90% of all companies and 50% of worldwide employment.

Now that we covered the key pillars, it’s evident that the last point is what’s relevant for your law firm. In previous articles, we covered the importance of investing in Google Ads, and of continuing your digital marketing efforts, we hope that you listened and you are eligible for the Ads grant. Let’s dig deeper and understand how and when Google will distribute the $340 million.

How is Google identifying what’s a small or medium-sized business?

Google has a team dedicated to SMBs, working with them daily, and the Ad credits will be going towards these businesses. In other words, Google knows if you fit into the category, and they will make sure to support you.

Can you explain the eligibility criteria? What does Google consider an active account?

According to their official statement, to be eligible you need to run Ads on Google networks in 10 out of the 12 months last year (2019), and in January and/or February this year (2020). 

What if a digital marketing agency handles your Ads?

If it’s a certified Google partner account, all the eligible accounts within the management account will receive the corresponding Ad credit.

How will the Ad credit work?

The Ad credit’s purpose is to assist your law firm in your future digital legal marketing efforts. It means that you won’t be able to use it for billed or current Ad spend. The Ad credit will be applicable across the entire Google network, including Search, Youtube, and display.

When will Google roll out the Ad credit?

Again, according to the official statement, the company will start rolling out Ad credits in May. Various phases will follow, and eligible accounts will be notified when their Ad credit becomes available.

What’s the value of the Ad credit?

It all depends on your historical Ad spend. Google will evaluate your previous campaigns and will allocate the corresponding Ad credit.

Is there an expiration date?

You will be able to use the Ad credit throughout 2020, December 31 is the deadline, and any unused credit will be removed afterward.

By now, you know everything about Google’s initiative to help SMBs with Ad credit, so it’s time for our tips.

  • Avoid using it as a method to reduce your costs, but as a tool to capture more opportunities and invest further. Look into your Hispanic community, and understand the value of running Spanish Google Ads
  • Monitor your areas of practice and identify missed chances. It could be PPC campaigns for bankruptcy law or family law.
  • Look into the Display Network. The Ad credit might be your chance to test it and try creating brand awareness for your law firm, using retargeting and geolocating methods.
  • Google recently launched the Video Builder Link to the blog; it’s a free tool that allows you to create short videos. Your Ad credit will be valid on Youtube, so this might be your chance to test its performance and results. 

What are the key takeaways?

  • Google respects your business and proves it by giving $340 million in Ad credit for SMBs.
  • Your law firm will be eligible if you have been active on Google Ads.
  • The purpose is to assist in future efforts. It won’t be available for billed or current campaigns. 
  • Use it wisely, consider expanding your practice areas and your audience. Hispanics represent a great opportunity that you can capture. 
  • Explore parts of the Google network that you didn’t have the opportunity to explore in the past, such as Youtube and Display Ads.