Digital Marketing is more than a necessity. It’s an opportunity for your law firm to be ahead of the competition.

The current pandemic is bringing uncertainty to every business, law firms included, and almost every leader is evaluating targets and goals. One of the most common questions in every leader’s list is “What should I do with marketing”? Well, let’s break it down and face reality.

COVID-19 has changed our lives, the way we move, we socialize, we conduct business. Many professionals work from home, and law firms have changed (or are changing) their operational structure to get used to remote working. Calls are probably decreasing, and workload has drastically shifted, leaving you wondering what’s next and what should be cut to balance out your expenses and ensure stability.

The answer is NO, no, no. You should, however, take a deep breath, clear your vision, think ahead, and understand what’s a good strategy. Remember your long term goals, split them into smaller portions, and find ways to be proactive.

  • Content is key! Time to build.

It’s probably the first time in years that you don’t have an extremely tight schedule. Courts are closed on many occasions, and you can use your time and valuable knowledge to create content for your firm, either by giving details to the agency you collaborate with or by yourself. When we’re talking about SEO (search engine optimization), among the various tips we give, these stand out:

1. Content is key. Provide exceptional, personalized, unique content to your readers (existing or potential clients), and Google will reward you. Google knows and penalizes duplicate content, so that’s your chance to stand out.

2. SEO takes time and effort, don’t expect to get immediate results. Well, who can expect immediate results at the moment? Get on the SEO train and be ready for the brighter days.

3. Look into Hispanic digital marketing, the opportunity is enormous, and you can build your Hispanic digital strategy, starting with a cultural translation and then content creation.

Tip: Video is also content. Take the time to create your videos. It can be your Q&A or tips for existing/prospective clients. Use it on your website, upload it on youtube and use it on your Social Media.

  • What should I do with my paid Ads?

It’s true, phone calls will most likely decrease for certain practice areas, as people spend less time outdoors due to the pandemic. Many people are pulling out from their Google Ads campaigns, and this is bad. Why? Because if you pull the plug, first of all, traffic stops immediately, and you offer your future clients to your competitors. Not only that, but the ones who got the courage to remain calm will get traffic from Google Ads at a reduced cost, as a lot of bidders are out of the game. Recent reports state that CPC (cost per click) is reduced by around 15% while search volume has dropped by hardly 5%. Do not panic, evaluate your strategy, talk to the experts, and make the right decisions. 

Additionally, think of ways of remarketing. You can do this either through Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Remember: Google rewards accounts that stay active for long periods. Also, you want to be the ones that sign, low-cost click clients now, even though possible trials might take place at later dates.

  • Email marketing is effective, but it needs to deliver a message

The first thing to do, if you haven’t already, is to inform your clients that you’re still open for business. Let them know of the changes in your opening hours, methods of communication, and new processes that you put in place.

Tip: Content is key. Everybody’s inbox is getting a lot of new emails every day, and you need to stand out. What’s better than a video message? Take some time and create a brief video; you don’t need professional skills, just some inspiration, and your smartphone.

  • Monitor areas of practice that might see an increase

Well, we expect to see a decrease in criminal defense cases, don’t we? The same could also apply to personal injury cases as fewer people will be outside. However, trucks will still be out there and potentially present an opportunity. And don’t forget about those who had accidents a few weeks ago but decided to report them now, that they have more time in their hands, due to a layoff or self-quarantine. 

Additionally, think about domestic conditions. People are forced to stay in and together for prolonged periods. Two areas could see an increase in cases; domestic violence and divorces. Pay close attention, monitor the daily changes, and act accordingly. If you already have a specific area of practice listed on your website, enrich it, translate in Spanish, and reach more audiences. If you don’t have it, and you identify an opportunity, act fast, update your website, and create rich, unique content to support it. Use email marketing to communicate what’s new, when appropriate.

Tip: You should expect an increase in form submissions. Especially for domestic violence and divorces, people won’t be able to call due to limited privacy, while a form is quick and private.

  • It’s time to go Social.

People are staying indoors, social life is absent and people are craving entertainment, for news, for an escape, that’s when they turn to social media, where they spend more time now than ever before. That’s your chance to build your brand, it’s an unprecedented opportunity. Don’t try to sell, share interesting stories, posts that show that you care, do something positive for the community, raise awareness. It’s time to turn your law firm to a brand, especially to your local audience. 

Tip: Speak to local followers, establish yourself as a community caretaker. Your efforts will make you stand out and remain in people’s minds.

If you’ve made it till the end, it should be evident to you that it’s necessary to invest in your digital presence and digital marketing now more than ever. Take action and turn this threat into an opportunity for you and your law firm. Invest in content creation. It’s not just about investing money, but your time and knowledge as well. Monitor areas of practice and understand what works for you. Research your local Hispanic market. Hispanic digital marketing might prove to be a critical factor. Get social in the times of “social distancing”. Use social media to enhance your storytelling and brand identity. And remember, stay safe, stay healthy, stay home!