Marketing your services as an attorney requires, to some extent, adapting to evolving trends. This means embracing digital marketing and other such innovations.

It does not mean abandoning other marketing channels that may still yield results. Consider the example of radio. Although radio marketing may no longer be ideal for every professional, if you’re an attorney (particularly one marketing to the Hispanic/Latinx market), radio can still be an effective tool.

Now may actually represent an ideal time to place a greater emphasis on radio marketing. The following overview will help you better understand why. It will also offer some advice you can use to ensure your radio marketing campaigns deliver a strong return on investment.

The Value of Radio Marketing for Attorneys: Why it’s Still Important

Radio is a marketing channel that should not go overlooked by attorneys for several reasons. They include the following:

People Still Listen to the Radio

Of all the points you take away from this guide, this may be the most essential.

It’s true that the digital age has given people more ways to consume marketing content than ever before. Yet, statistics indicate that the average American adult has not replaced “old” forms of content with new forms of content. They’ve simply expanded their content-consumption preferences.

Specifically, a recent Nielsen report concludes that as of the first quarter of 2020, 91% of American adults still listen to the radio every week. This may make radio the dominant form of media a typical adult is exposed to throughout their daily life. If you don’t include radio content in your marketing campaigns, you’re limiting your chances of reaching potential clients.

It’s also worth noting that, while investing in radio marketing is a smart move for all attorneys, it is a very smart move for those who tend to serve members of the Hispanic community. Research shows that 97% of the Hispanic and Latinx population in the country listens to the radio on a weekly basis. Although you might assume fewer people in general are listening to the radio these days, among the Hispanic community, radio audiences are actually growing in size. There is very little reason to suspect this trend will reverse itself at any point in the near future.

Radio is Local

Some types of businesses and professionals can offer their services to customers in virtually any part of the country. That’s not the case for attorneys. As a lawyer, you are almost exclusively serving clients in your general region.

This is another reason to focus on radio marketing. Radio is inherently local. Thus, when you spend marketing dollars on radio marketing, you can be confident that the people your marketing content reaches are likely people who live close enough to your area to consider hiring you.

Just remember that radio isn’t only local because the airwaves only travel so far. It can also be “local” in that advertising on the radio gives you the freedom to choose which stations you advertise on. This makes targeting your audience based on shared interests and cultural values fairly simple. For instance, you can research the types of radio stations members of the Hispanic community tend to prefer to reach them more consistently.

Now that streaming radio is popular, you also don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself to solely advertising on stations that only broadcast to a limited area. If your firm is large and serves many cities or even states, you can advertise on a streaming station that caters to your audience’s interests to cast an even wider net.

Others Are Abandoning Radio

It is not always wise to “follow the crowd” when planning marketing campaigns. In some instances, you can benefit more from implementing campaigns that differ from those of your competitors.

This is a prime example. Again, due to the rise of various forms of digital media, odds are good many other attorneys in your area are spending less money on radio than they did in the past.

You can leverage such a trend to your advantage. There is now more empty radio ad space to fill than you may be accustomed to. When you advertise on radio now, you don’t have to fight as hard to ensure your voice is heard in the crowd. You will also likely find that radio airtime is now more affordable because there is not as much demand for it among some marketing teams.

However, it would be a mistake to assume you can release low-quality marketing content simply because your ads aren’t competing with those of other attorneys to the same degree as they might normally have had to. Releasing marketing content that makes the right impression on potential clients is still of the utmost importance.

How Attorneys Can Release Radio Ads That Attract Clients

Radio is a valuable marketing channel for attorneys for reasons beyond those listed above. Those are just some of the more significant points worth being aware of.

Your radio content won’t bring in more clients if it isn’t professional and culturally-resonant, though. Keep these tips in mind to maximize the quality of your radio ads:

Establish a Sonic Brand

You likely appreciate the importance of establishing a branded identity for your firm that remains consistent across all your marketing channels. Radio content allows you to add to that brand by giving it a sonic quality. For example, your ads can include a catchy jingle, a branded soundtrack, and various other sonic elements that distinguish your brand from the competition.

Hire Professionals

This is a general point, but a vital one. Your radio content may be the first exposure a potential client has to your firm or practice. You don’t want to drive them away because your radio ad gave them the impression that you don’t run a professional operation. Hiring professional writers and actors and incorporating such elements as high-quality sound effects will pay off in the long run.

Perhaps most importantly, always remember to understand what your audience wants. For example, according to research linked to earlier, many Hispanic adults respond positively to content that is delivered in the Spanish language. Keep that in mind when planning your radio ads.

And don’t worry if you aren’t fluent enough in the Spanish language to record a bilingual ad on your own! With the help of bilingual content marketing professionals, you can easily release ads that help you attract Hispanic clients naturally and consistently. Get started today.