Are you an attorney handling Work Injury cases in the greater DC area? Bilingual PPC is the best investment you can make to sign more cases and increase your Law Firm’s profits with digital marketing.

We’ve talked multiple times about the significance of investing in bilingual PPC for Workers Compensation law firms, and we’ve looked into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Injury-related bilingual Pay Per Click. Today, we’ll continue with our series of localized articles. After talking about the value of PPC for PI law firms in NY/NJ, today, we’ll uncover the potential for WC and Work injury attorneys based in DC (and the greater area, including Virginia and Maryland). Are you ready to understand how you can increase your caseload, your profits, and maximize your ROI?

There is a significant percentage of law firms that don’t necessarily operate in the Workers Compensation practice area but are interested in the personal injury cases, especially those occurring in the workplace. Based on our experience, attorneys want to help such clients and, at the same time, understand the potential value of such cases.

We’ll start with a more general graph, showing the search volumes of the query “Work Injury Attorney” for the greater DC area. The search volume is significant, yet not in the thousands, but the interest is there. Despite the initial drop in March (and especially in April and May), the recovery process started already in June, and the upward trend was kept alive in July, reaching a yearly high point. Right now, based on historical data, we expect a slight drop for the next couple of months, but what makes us insist on the timing is that the competition is not out there. CPCs are lower than we usually expect, and this means that you can get in front of your prospective clients, signing high-value cases at a potentially lower CPA. Amid COVID-19, markets are unpredictable, and you can’t sleep on chances like that to increase your caseload.

Now it’s time to move to Workers Compensation, and the first phrase that we’ll be monitoring is “Workers Compensation Attorney” for the area. WC is a practice area that generates high-value cases for law firms that handle them. As we can see in the graph displayed below, search volumes look healthy, a bit over the previous high intent keyword we reviewed. What we notice at this point is that the drop was very evident in the first months of the pandemic. Especially May found as at one of the lowest yearly points, however even during these months, with a lot of law firms withdrawing from PPC activities, those who grabbed all the food that was on the plate were the attorneys who didn’t act in fear but strategically and with long-term planning. If we look at the highest CPCs right now, we stand lower than most other competitive markets (even at ½ or ⅓). This creates ground for an investment that can yield quick and meaningful results for your law firm, meaning that you can sign more cases at a relatively lower cost.

That isn’t all, though, where the real value lies is on the untapped potential with Hispanics in the market. We’ll review some of the high intent keywords for attorneys handling WC and Work Injury-related cases in just a moment, but first, let’s look at the demographics. The Latinx population of DC is 11.3% and has been steadily growing over the past decades, with more Hispanics moving to the area. It’s lower than the national average, but still meaningful and represents the most significant untapped opportunity for law firms. If we combine the demographic data with some qualitative facts, such as the preference of Hispanic towards ads when researching, and their strong bonds with mobile devices, we create a profile for your law firm’s ideal prospect.

  • What about keywords in Spanish?

The search phrase that we’ll look into is “Abogado de accidente de trabajo”, similar to what we already reviewed in English. What’s the first thing that we see here? The vast majority of queries are mobile (some months even close to 100%). Why is that worth mentioning? As we previously mentioned, Hispanics are super-mobile, and here is the best evidence you could get. Apart from that, mobile searches show higher intent, meaning that in a matter of a couple of clicks, the searcher can end up calling you straight from your ad in Spanish and ideally converting to a newly signed client.

As you can see in this graph, the volumes are lower, close to 50% off English, but still significant. Are you ready for what comes next? That’s the cherry on top, CPCs are even lower than the already competitive ones we talked about before. In some cases, we are standing at ½ of the comparable costs in English. Finally, the interest never really drops significantly, and as you can see, last month has been the highest we’ve seen in over a year.

Tip: For all your PPC campaigns, but especially for those in Spanish, make sure that you send your prospective clients to relevant landing pages built to convert.

Tip no2: Ensure your intake is in Spanish, and monitor your team’s performance and your Calls To Action.

What are the key takeaways?

  • Search volumes for high-intent search queries in Spanish and English for WC and Work Injury-related attorneys in DC have recovered after an initial drop and are now standing close to the highest yearly point.
  • The CPC for keywords we researched is relatively lower compared to other markets. That’s even more evident in Spanish, creating an opportunity for your Law Firm to sign more cases while maximizing your ROI.
  • Latinx is under the national average in DC but still represents a significant demographic, while their percentage continually grows.