Are you investing in digital marketing for your law firm? Then you know that a Call-to-Action (Call, Webform, Text Message) is the step bringing you closer to your next signed clients. Are you paying the required attention to your CTA tracking?

The ultimate goal of every digital marketing campaign for law firms is an increase in caseload. A carefully crafted, optimized for high intent search legal PPC campaign can yield an outstanding Return On Investment for your law firm, but even if you optimize your setup for ROI, you might be missing out. Why? Because you are not paying the needed attention to Call-to-Action tracking. In this article, we will explore the added value of tracking your law firm’s CTAs.

CTA is the next step you want your searchers or law firm’s website visitors to take. It can be in the form of a button to call, to start a live chat with one of your agents, or a form submission.

The question that arises is are you tracking your CTAs?

  • Why should you track every Call-to-Action?
  1. They are your law firm’s conversions, and you should know how they perform. How many calls are you getting? How many form submissions? How often do visitors engage in your live chat? And ultimately, how many of these are turned into new signed cases?
  2. Do you respond to every CTA promptly? Take a look at this graph to understand the importance of fast initial responses. 
  1. Identify your Click-Through-Rate (CTR). This metric is the percentage of searchers who viewed your CTA/number of people who clicked on it.
  2. Identify your Views to submissions and clicks to submissions. To explain this further, these metrics connect your CTA to your landing page. The clicks to submissions measure the visitors who clicked on your CTA and filled up your form (or completed a call if that’s your CTA). The views to submissions metrics show the number of people who viewed your CTA, clicked on it, and completed the desired action. 

We already mentioned that you should track every CTA that matters to your law firm, so let’s take a detailed look into the different categories.

  • Why should you use call tracking for your law firm?
  1. First of all, for quality assurance. Every call matters, no matter if it comes from a PPC campaign or organically, you should ensure that intake personnel are answering in a timely manner and effectively, showing the required empathy.
  2. If you set up your call tracking system, you will be able to link every call with a specific keyword. How does this happen? The way we, at Nanato Media, do it is by attributing a unique number to each of the visitors coming from your English or Spanish PPC campaigns. Then, you can use our Lead Tracking Dashboard to see the duration of the call, listen to it, identify its value, and understand if you could have done something differently. This is a great way to keep track of your top-performing Ads.
  3. Understand your ROI and be better-informed when you make decisions regarding your budget. 
  4. By tracking your calls, you will get the chance to understand why particular clients didn’t convert. Leaving part of the steak on the plate, without understanding why this happened, is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. 
  5. Tracking your calls will help you identify the peak times of your law firm’s Ads. Why is this important? On the one hand, you can be better prepared for the increased workload, while on the other hand, you can increase your budget for the specific timeframe to drive even more traffic. 
  6. Is the call coming from a first-time caller, or is it a repeated interaction? By understanding that, you can get an overview of your client’s journey before deciding to call your law firm. What’s even better is that you can split it per keyword or practice area; you can, for example, get the average number of interactions for a searcher who is looking for a personal injury attorney near me, or someone searching for an immigration attorney near me.

Tip: If you are investing in Google Ads in Spanish, you should make sure that your Hispanic Ads lead to a landing page with transcreated content, and that the phone calls are directly picked up by dedicated Spanish speaking personnel.

Remember that if you use Google Call Ads for your law firm, the searcher doesn’t necessarily visit your website. Google, however, attributes a specific number that can help you identify the source of the caller and the keyword that triggered the action.

  • Why should you track your form submissions?
  1. Form submissions are equally important, and your intake personnel should respond quickly and effectively. By tracking the submissions, you can make sure that no form goes unanswered, meaning that your marketing dollars don’t go to waste.
  2.  Understand the percentage of visitors that prefer forms over phone calls. This might lead you to identify specific practice areas that you might need to focus on forms.
  3. It’s part of your ROI. If you don’t track your form submissions, you are missing out on the big picture. A lead that you ended up calling, might have first filled out a form. To be successful in your PPC campaigns, you need to attribute leads to your Google Ads.
  4. You make sure that every visitor who contacted you through a form got a reply in his preferred language. What’s the point of having a landing page for Hispanics if you don’t reply in Spanish? By tracking your law firm’s forms submissions, you ensure that you give the proper attention to every prospective client. If you need help with your bilingual PPC strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are the bilingual digital marketing experts.

Similarly, you shouldn’t overlook the tracking of all other actions. Text messages are a category you should pay special attention to, as people expect quick replies when using this method. Additionally, if you are using a live chat, you should use tracking. Even if you choose an external provider, you should monitor the metrics and performance. Again, we can’t stress enough the importance of speaking in your client’s language. If your clients are coming from an ad for Hispanics, they should get live assistance in Spanish.

What are the key takeaways?

  • Tracking all the sources of your conversions is invaluable for your law firm, in terms of quality assurance, personnel assessment, and ROI management.
  • Tracking lets you identify any missed opportunities and helps you attribute each lead to its original source.
  • Tracking your law firm’s calls, form submissions, and other conversions, lets you understand if the right agent gets to the right client. You want your Hispanic clients to be able to talk directly to one of your Spanish speaking specialists. 

We, at Nanato Media, prioritize tracking, giving you access to our sophisticated Lead Tracking Dashboard. It allows you to track all activities generated by your campaigns, phone calls, SMS, form submissions. Additionally, it gives you access to all related activities, including call recordings and SMS/form submissions content and activity. What’s even more important is that you can score and qualify your law firm’s leads.