If you are a PI Attorney located in New York or New Jersey and you aren’t investing in bilingual PPC to increase your caseload, you’re missing out on your most significant opportunity. 

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the value of bilingual PPC for PI law firms. We’ve uncovered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on attorney digital marketing, and we’ve explained how Facebook Ads can help Personal Injury Attorneys sign more cases at a competitive CPA. In today’s article, we’ll look into the specifics on NY and NJ, we’ll monitor the search volumes in English and Spanish, we’ll discover the demographics, and we’ll highlight the most relevant opportunities for PI Law Firms that want to maximize their ROI.   

  • Let’s start by identifying the high intent keywords for PI attorneys in New York and New Jersey.

Our experience has taught us that some of the best cases for PI Attorneys come from car accidents. We’ll examine the first two keywords are car accident attorney and car accident attorney near me for NY and NJ. 

The first graph shows the search volumes for NY/NJ for the more generic search term. Here, you can see that we stand close to a rolling year high in terms of interest and potential traffic. What’s even more promising is the continuous upward trend and the limited impact of COVID-19 on the search volumes. CPCs are competitive in the market but justified by the interest and the potential value of the cases. 

In the second graph, we see a similar situation, with lower volumes, justified by the higher intent. What’s important to mention is the mobile searches’ percentage that is higher than the more generic term and can lead to more and immediate conversions. 

Another critical case-type for PI attorneys in NY/NJ is truck accidents. The next graph shows the search volumes for truck accident attorneys and truck crash attorneys in New York and New Jersey. We see the potential interest isn’t as high as for car accident attorneys, which is normal due to the keyword’s niche nature. The average CPC is lower compared to the car accident-related phrases and, compared to the significant interest, gives you an excellent opportunity to sign more cases right now.

Before moving to the next keywords, which will be in Spanish, let’s look at the demographics and understand the importance of Hispanics for PI law firms in NY/NJ. Standing at almost 20%, Latinx represents the biggest non-white demographic in the region, slightly over the nation-wide average. What’s important to understand here is that there are regions within NY and NJ dominated by Spanish speaking populations. For example, let’s take Elizabeth and Paterson, NJ, with over 60% and Queens, NY, with almost 30%. Suppose we compare the demographic statistics with the facts that Latinx are digital natives and super-mobile users. In that case, we understand the value that lies within PPC for PI attorneys in Spanish.  

  • Let’s look at some of the highest-intent keywords for your law firm’s Hispanic prospective clients.

The first phrase that we’ll look into is abogado de accidentes de auto for NY/NJ. When looking at the graph, the first point that we spot is that the search volume is always over 1,000 queries per month, even at the lowest points during the lockdown. The market has now fully recovered in terms of traffic, and we are on the yearly high. It means that cases are there, and the PI law firms investing in Spanish PPC are increasing their caseload at a lower CPA compared to PPC in English. The second significant aspect is that mobile search is dominating the market. When Hispanic prospective clients search for a PI attorney from a mobile device, they are more likely to proceed to a phone call immediately. 

The second phase that we’ll explore for Spanish PI in New York/New Jersey is abogado de lesiones. That’s a slightly broader keyword, which is, however, showing high intent. Our conclusions are similar to the ones of the previous graph as we monitor significant volumes, a high percentage of mobile queries, and stable overall performance.

From our perspective, Hispanic PPC is the most critical opportunity for Law Firms located in New York and New Jersey. If you are an attorney handling such cases, you can maximize your ROI by signing new cases from Latinx prospective clients at a relatively lower cost. However, we’d like to insist on three topics that you have to pay attention to if you want to get the most out of your campaigns.

  1. Don’t direct your paid traffic to your homepage or other generic webpages. Instead, create specific landing pages in Spanish that fit the client’s persona, search term, and device. This will improve your conversion rate and your chances to sign more new PI cases.
  2. Have a click-fraud prevention strategy in place. PI keywords in NY and NJ are expensive, and the market is competitive, which means that competitors might do anything in their power to increase their share. This could include fraudulent clicks (they might come from competitors, click farms, or bots) that can harm your budget and decrease your share. 
  3. Train your intake personnel and track your CTAs. If you invest in Spanish PPC for your law firm, your intake should be native speakers ready to assist your prospective clients with empathy and knowledge. Imagine receiving a call from a Latinx searcher picked up in English. Our experience tells us that the prospect will hang up and call the next firm on the list. That’s a missed opportunity for your law firm and a significant amount of dollars spent on a click that didn’t convert because you weren’t ready. 
  • Is it only the Google Search Network, or are there more opportunities with PPC for PI attorneys in NY/NJ? 
  1. You can complement your PPC strategy with Facebook ads that serve a dual purpose. First, increase your brand awareness in your local market, and second, target specific buyer personas that fit your goals. You can read more about PI Facebook ads in our guide
  2. Use the Display Network. For a fraction of the cost, you can get in front of your local audiences while browsing other websites. It can be a powerful tool to target people who previously visited your website or people who might have visited specific places of interest. 

What are the key takeaways?

  • High-intended search queries for bilingual PI keywords in New York and New Jersey are close to their yearly peak.  
  • Spanish PPC is relatively cheaper than English in NY and NJ, creating increased opportunities for more cases at a lower CPA. 
  • Hispanics represent a significant demographic in the area and are probably the most prominent untapped opportunity for PI law firms. 
  • Complement your
  • Search Network strategies with Facebook Ads and Display Ads for your PI law firm for a holistic approach that leaves nothing on the table for your competitors.