Are you an Attorney handling Personal Injury Cases? If you are not actively investing in PPC, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to increase your caseload

We live in a continually changing social and economic environment where digital is gaining ground in every aspect of our lives. In the past, Personal Injury Attorneys used to advertise on traditional media, such as television, radio, buses, and billboards, but nowadays, digital marketing is taking over. If you are reading this article, you are probably already considering investing in digital marketing for your law firm. The question that comes in mind is where you should put your marketing dollars. In this article, we’ll explore the value of bilingual paid ads for lawyers, and we will come up with real-life examples and actionable tips for your success with legal PPC. 

  • Search Engine Marketing vs. Search Engine Optimization for Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are new to digital marketing for PI law firms, the first decision you have to make is to start with PPC or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is what will bring organic traffic to your law firm’s website. It requires long-term commitment, involves multiple technical aspects, optimizations, and content strategy. That means that results will take time, effort, and constant investment. On the other hand, optimized PPC campaigns targeting high-intent keywords can yield results from the moment you turn them on and keep bringing you traffic and new leads for as long as you have them running. 

To continue our comparison, with SEO, your law firm will inevitably attract searchers who are not yet ready to convert, people you are looking for information, and others who are in the research phase. That’s not necessarily negative, as it can help you in the long run, and raise brand awareness for your law firm, but what about immediate results? If you decide to invest in PPC for your Personal Injury firm, you will be able to target people who require your services right now specifically. These are people that might call you on the spot, after performing a search from their mobile phone. Let’s explain it further with an example. You are showing ads for car accidents in Austin, TX, and somebody is searching for a “car accident attorney near me” on a mobile device. This searcher can be somebody who has been involved in an accident and requires your immediate help. On the other hand, with SEO, you can see a significant increase in organic traffic after six months or a year, but there is no guarantee that it will be coming from highly relevant queries.

A third pillar we have to consider is device-level targeting. With Google Ads, on the one hand, you can create campaigns that specifically target mobile searchers, while with SEO, on the other hand, you don’t have this option. Why do we care about mobile traffic? As we briefly explained in the previous point, mobile searches mean higher intent, and therefore people searching for personal injury attorney services on their smartphone are the ideal prospective client.

Let’s talk about branded ads. As you might already know, Google Ads show on top of the page. Did you know that your competitors can show their ads above your PI firm’s organic results, and therefore you could bleed leads to other law firms? The only way to solve this problem is by creating a bulletproof Google Ads branded campaign that protects your brand and ensures that people who are searching for you are becoming your clients. 

  • Why your Personal Injury Law Firm must run Google Ads in Spanish

Hispanics represent about 20% of the US population, according to the previous census. A significant percentage of them are either bilingual or use Spanish as their primary language. They are mobile power users, and their spending power is on a constant rise, according to Nielsen. These facts, combined with the significantly lower competition versus English (on average), make them your law firm’s perfect prospective clients, and an ideal demographic to reach through Google Ads. We specialize in bilingual digital marketing, we speak to Hispanics as nobody else does, and we create campaigns that help you maximize your ROI. Our methodology includes careful keyword research and planning, transcreated content for your Ad Copies and landing pages, and live reporting to keep track of your leads and the value they bring to your law firm.

Below you will find the statistics from the most recent census:

  • The value of Display Ads and Facebook Ads for your Personal Injury practice

The Display Network and Facebook Ads are two categories that people often forget or sometimes even avoid. The truth is that before adding them to your digital marketing strategy, you must research and understand what they can offer to your law firm. According to our experience, the most significant value you can get through them is remarketing and retargeting. Both Display and Facebook Ads offer you the possibility to target specific groups of people who either interacted with you or with a place of interest to your personal injury law firm. Let’s dig deeper with two examples.

With Facebook Ads, you can add location targeting to your campaigns and combine it with interests to match a specific customer profile. Let’s consider that your personal injury law firm wants to target truck accidents. You can research and find truck repair shops in your area and add them to your location targeting, and at the same time, you can add relevant interests and job roles. This way, you maximize your chances of getting in front of an 18-wheeler driver who has recently visited a repair shop.

 With Google Display Ads, you can retarget people who previously visited your website but didn’t convert to clients yet. With proper tracking and setup, you can identify your visitors, and display your ads while they are browsing other websites. That way, you are increasing your chances of a conversion coming from a prospect who has already interacted with your website in the past. 

What are the key takeaways?

  • If you are looking for immediate results and a constant flow of personal injury cases for your law firm, then PPC should be your first choice for your digital marketing efforts. 
  • Bilingual and Spanish Google Ads represent an excellent opportunity for attorneys handling PI cases.
  • PPC is not only the Google Search Network, but you should also look into Display, and Facebook Ads, and make the most out of them.

If you have any questions or need help with your law firm’s digital PPC strategy in English or Spanish, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are the bilingual digital marketing experts.