Podcasts are an often overlooked component that law firms can add to their marketing mix in our opinion. However, recently podcasts have started attracting the marketing attention we think they deserve. Most of the time, we tend to concentrate on paid media, organic presence, and other digital assets, such as video. Still, podcasts represent a great opportunity to take advantage of significant, untapped potential.  Running a legal podcast or appearing on a relevant episode can benefit your law firm in various ways. Stay tuned as we explore the benefits in this article.

When a law firm starts considering a digital marketing strategy, the first thing that usually comes to mind is either PPC or SEO. And there’s no doubt that an approach beginning with Google Ads in Spanish is among the top decision an attorney can make. You’ll often hear (and read) us preach about the significant potential of US Hispanics, particularly for specific regions and practice areas. However, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all other vital components that can boost a law firm’s brand image, create awareness, and even help with PR and SEO. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of podcasts.

To put things into perspective, we are firm believers in what we write in this blog, and you’ll see us giving you tips and sharing points of view based on first-hand experience and tangible results. We co-host In Camera Podcast, a podcast dedicated to legal marketing. You can listen to our co-Founder Liel Levy chat with Grace Montealegre from Persist, discuss trending legal marketing news, and welcome high-profile guests that add value to our content while receiving valuable perks. As we progress and explain why podcasts should be an integral part of your law firm’s strategy, we’ll split our thought process into two parts, your own podcast and participation in external podcasts.

  • Why should a law firm host a podcast?

We’ve partially talked about it in our article on earned media for law firms, but let’s dive deeper into the reasons.

  1. Hosting your podcast might sound like a lot of extra work, but if you’ve set up a content creation process, it could be easier than it sounds. A podcast can allow you to repurpose your existing content and convert it into an additional form that enhances your exposure. If, for example, your team has come up with an interesting article on a specific topic, you can use it as a topic for an episode.
  2. Podcasts create an additional opportunity for content repurposing. Once you’re done recording and publishing your episode on the top platforms, you can transcribe it and make a readable piece for your visitors while also boosting your SEO. We use Sonix to create an AI-powered transcription, and from there, we manually review it to come up with an optimized result. You can find multiple types of similar software, but we always suggest you review the auto-generated content.
  3. Once your transcribed content is ready, you can use it to enhance your law firm linking strategy. That’s another valuable SEO component, and your repurposed content can help you point out other related pieces on your website or other associated websites. These links allow you to help your visitors find more information regarding their queries while also enhancing a component of your organic reach.
  4. With a law firm-run podcast, you can host colleagues and create exciting discussions and panels. That’s a great way to enhance your relationships with peers and potentially form new connections that can help both parties.
  5. Going back to content repurposing, you can use a part of your podcast for Social Media posts. At Nanato Media, we create a quick cut (20-30 seconds) previewing the podcast topic. It’s an effective and eye-catching post that allows you to add a hint of differentiation compared to static images or links to articles.

  • Why should an attorney appear on external podcasts?

Whether you already host a legal podcast or not, you should look into the opportunity to get on episodes of different, but related podcasts. And while there are similarities regarding the potential benefits, it’s a separate route that can be viewed as standalone or combined.

  1. Throughout our three seasons at In Camera podcast, we’ve met great attorneys who’ve shared their stories and experiences with us. Most of them reached out to us, and that didn’t happen by luck. Appearing on an episode can create additional opportunities for new connections with other lawyers, marketing professionals, publicists, and PR agencies (among others). These connections can become meaningful assets in the long run, forming collaborations and long-lasting partnerships.
  2. Most podcasts will offer you a link on the related page, contributing to your link-building efforts and helping you with your SEO. This kind of high-quality, natural link is precisely what Google is looking for when evaluating links and crawling websites.
  3. Getting back to repurposing content, even though it’s not your owned media, an appearance on an external show is an excellent opportunity to use it for social media posts or PR releases. You could, for example, announce it on your law firm’s accounts or create an email campaign letting your subscribers know. That can help you increase your authority and brand image, establishing yourself as an expert in your field.
  4. Another vital point is that you can broaden your reach by getting in front of an extended audience that you might not be able to attract without the assistance of a particular podcast. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will sign clients on the spot or sell your new book through the specific link, but you’ll stay top of mind in case listeners need your services in the future.

Tip: If you’re unsure about the podcasts you should participate in, you can collaborate with agencies that specialize in the field to help you get in touch with the right people.

Time for our takeaways:

  • Podcasts are not as hard as you might think. Kickstart your episodes by repurposing your existing content.
  • As part of an owned media strategy, a podcast can be a fantastic opportunity to enhance your brand image while boosting your law firm’s SEO and, potentially, its social media presence.
  • Reach out to other relevant podcasts and talk about your experiences, your law firm’s latest achievements, or your latest initiative.