Law Firms often concentrate on their SEO for organic traffic or Google Ads for PPC and they tend to disregard other options such as Facebook. Did you know that Facebook Ads can add great value to your PPC campaigns? 

Paid marketing can be very effective for your law firm as it can contribute immediately, yielding new qualified cases for your desired practice area. We often concentrate on the most obvious and prominent option, SEM with Google Ads. We’ve covered several major components around Google Ads (Call Ads for your law firm, extensions for PPC) in previous articles. The million-dollar question here is if you are missing out on other opportunities. The first missed opportunity sometimes lies with Display Ads and an additional one with Facebook Ads. In this article, we’ll explore their value for your law firm’s digital marketing strategies and we’ll come up with actionable tips on how to increase your caseload, ideally without paying top dollar.

Your law firm’s ads can show on various placements around the Facebook Ads Network. How do you choose which fit your strategy? Facebook, by default, will guide you through showing your ads on all placements (automatic placement), but we recommend you dig deeper, identify the manual placements, and understand your options. What’s exciting with Facebook’s interface is that it shows you a preview of your ad for each particular option as soon as you hover over it.

Our tips for your initial strategy:

  1. Begin with an all-inclusive strategy. By selecting all placements, you’ll be able to gather valuable data and identify top performers in terms of engagement, CPC, CPM, CPA, and also figure out the potential money-losers. Additionally, you’ll be able to understand what devices are yielding the best ROI. 
  2. Let your campaigns run for a significant amount of time and monitor results. Review your law firm’s Facebook ads performance and then start customizing your options. Facebook offers a built-in interface that allows you to review your campaigns, in addition to that, we use our Lead Tracking Dashboard to let you score your leads and qualify/disqualify them. Conversion tracking for legal digital marketing is critical and helps you maximize your ROI. 

If you’re not just starting, you already have some historical data about your Ads performance on Facebook. These data and metrics should be your tools for your campaigns’ optimization. Be careful though, tides often turn and what didn’t work a couple of months ago, could now be an opportunity for your law firm, so keep your eyes open for updates and potential events that favor one placement over another.

Tip: If you are interested in starting with your Facebook Ads campaigns, but you are on a tight budget, then Facebook Ads could be a good fit for you. They are generally cheaper than Google Search Network. Testing different placements and accumulating data is valuable; therefore, we’d suggest you use your budget efficiently. Instead of making decisions on placements without supporting evidence, limit the days and hours (Facebook ads scheduling) you are showing your ads. Once you gather enough data, you can deactivate the worst-performing ones and concentrate on what yields results.

Remember to review and use blocklists for your Facebook Ads, that way you’ll ensure that you’re able to use all the placements you choose while ensuring brand safety and consistency.

Now that we’ve got an overview of Facebook Ads, it’s time to understand how they can help your law firm.

  • Remarketing and Retargeting.

What’s great about Facebook Ads is that it gives you powerful targeting tools. It all starts with location targeting, you can go as wide as your whole city (or even state) and as narrow as a specific address. Why is that such a big deal? We’ll break it down with a couple of examples. Let’s imagine that you are a personal injury attorney who wants to target people involved in a motorcycle accident. You can identify the relevant places where people go if they are involved in such an unfortunate situation. It could be repair shops, emergency rooms, or doctors. With some manual research, you can identify the addresses of all relevant places around your area and add them to your targeting. This way, you can show your ads to people who visited these high intent places and get in front of them, increasing your chances of a new lead. Similarly, if you are a lawyer handling bankruptcy cases, you can target people who visited the offices of financial advisors or even relevant local authorities. 

But it’s not only location targeting that you should concentrate on. Facebook Ads allow you to add specific interests in your targeting. Going back to our previous examples, you could add motorcycle-related terms for PI cases or entrepreneurship-related for bankruptcy. 

Last but not least, it’s critical to look into your demographics and the opportunity to target your local Hispanic audience. US Hispanics use Social Platforms as a source to retain their cultural connections with family and friends, they are heavy mobile users as they spend more than 14hours on average on their smartphones, and they represent a great opportunity to target through paid ads. To run effective Hispanic Facebook campaigns, you’ll need to pay attention to some important factors.

  1. Your ad copies and all other assets should be transcreated and not simply translated from your English ad copies. 
  2. If you use a landing page, it should be fast and specific to your specific campaign.
  3. Your intake process should be ready for Hispanics.

It’s time for our key takeaways:

  • Facebook Ads shouldn’t be overlooked by any law firm as they can add value to legal digital marketing campaigns. 
  • Facebook Ads placement is the first factor you should consider. Evaluate your options and invest in what’s yielding the best ROI for your law firm.
  • Their targeting options make Facebook Ads ideal for Remarketing and Retargeting campaigns. Proper research and localization can be crucial tools for your success.  
  • Facebook Ads in Spanish can help you get in front of your local Hispanic audience.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Facebook Ads, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are the bilingual Social Media experts for law firms.