Social networks are undoubtedly some of the most effective tools a law firm can use for its marketing activities, paid or organic. Facebook is one of the most mainstream networks that attract many attorneys and prospective clients. While ads can drive conversions at competitive CPAs, do you know what it takes consistently to get them approved?

We’ve talked multiple times on our Nanato Media blog about Facebook and other social media networks, covering organic posts your law firm should be posting and ideal Facebook Ad placements for law firms (among other topics). We’ve even discussed it on our legal marketing podcast, In Camera. If you want to keep your relationship with Facebook on good terms, your account safe, and your ads active, there are several steps you need to take. Today, we’ll go over the ten most crucial steps that will allow you to get your Facebook ads approved so you can concentrate on what matters the most, signing new clients.

  1. Facebook Page Quality

The social media giant is trying to closely monitor the content shared on its platform in an effort to improve the overall quality. Therefore, it’s especially vital to avoid having your content in the infamous “Facebook Jail.” Our first recommendation is to pay attention to your law firm’s Facebook page quality. For every ad, each campaign is tied to your page. Therefore you can’t afford to overlook it. Like Google, Facebook wants to provide quality content to its users, so sharing helpful information and unique and educational content can be a great first step to standing out. We strongly recommend avoiding getting involved in controversial matters and spamming. It’s always better to post about what matters than to post low-value assets. Our guide to organic posting could be a great way to begin. Additionally, we’d suggest you periodically check your page quality; you can find more information on this official thread.

Tip: Remember to always keep a single Facebook account. You must keep that in mind and gain control over any old or lost accounts. If that isn’t possible, you can go through Facebook’s process.

  1. Facebook Ad formats, placement, and goals.

We’ve devoted an entire article to this, but we’ll use this as another chance to stress the importance of the formats, placements, and goals you select. To us, understanding and selecting these is the first step towards your law firm’s success with Facebook Ads. Evaluating your targets will allow you to maximize your ROI and give Facebook the right signals, showing that users are getting the expected experience. Plan your goals and use the proper assets, and it’ll be a win-win situation. You’ll get your ads approved and performing, and Facebook will be happy to have both a satisfied advertiser and users who can find what they’re looking for.

  1. Facebook Ad Quality.

In the past, we’ve talked about the Google Quality Score and its importance for your ads’ performance. Facebook is no different and will evaluate the quality of your ads. One of the most common reasons for campaign disapproval is lack of relevancy, inaccurate information, improperly targeted audiences, and poor image quality. We’d suggest you look into the Facebook Images guidelines and relevance scores. If a few parts are unclear, feel free to drop us a line. We’re always here to help.

  1. Landing Pages.

We’re back at that point again. If you’re familiar with our agency, you must know that we hold landing pages in exceptionally high esteem. We’ll put it in a simple and to-the-point way. If you’re investing in PPC and sending your paid traffic to generic pages, you’re putting your budget at risk. Landing pages will allow you to offer high relevancy, quick load times, and minimum UX pitfalls.

  1. Billing.

You don’t want to get your ads-account suspended for billing issues. While it’s not an issue that you’ll never manage to resolve or recover from, keeping your files up to date is vital. If a payment fails, your ads will be paused, and you’ll have to go through the hassle of checking what went wrong and fixing the details to get them up and running again.

  1. Be mindful of your topics.

Firstly, you should look into the Facebook policies for prohibited topics and restricted categories. As a law firm, your campaigns may sometimes be considered sensitive. We’ve seen multiple examples of attorney Facebook Ads getting disapproved initially. After our review and curation, we were able to get them to show up and start converting. You shouldn’t be discouraged by the policies in place; on the contrary, they are here for the right reasons. All you need to do is be extra careful with how you present your ads and services.

Tip: Don’t use trademarked or copyrighted assets. These can be one of the first reasons for an ad’s disapproval. You can check the relevant Facebook policies here.

  1. Spam reports

This can be a nightmare for advertisers. There are two cases to be aware of. The first is getting reports from honest sources, flagging your content as spam or inappropriate. The second (and yes, it can happen) could be reports coming from competitors. In any case, Facebook gives you the right to appeal any report and related decision. Be cautious and go through the process to restore your account or ads, whichever got affected by the reports. Suppose you have suspicions that a specific group of people or a competitor is fueling these reports. In that case, you can permanently exclude them from viewing or interacting with your law firm’s Facebook page or ads.

  1. Usage of Facebook Brand or Assets

This probably the simplest of all points, tips, and suggestions we’ll present in today’s article. Simply refrain from using the Facebook logo. If you’re going to use the “Facebook” brand name, spell it with the same font and size as the rest of your ad, and make sure that if you’re advertising your law firm’s page, the Facebook-related mention is not dominating your ad.

What are the key takeaways?

  • Social media, especially Facebook, is an excellent tool for your Law Firm, both through organic and Facebook Ads.
  • The first step for your success with Facebook Ads is to understand what will get them approved and visible to your prospective clients. Subsequently, this will increase your chances of conversions and signed clients.
  • Following Facebook’s guidelines will not only help you to get your ads approved, but the tips we mentioned in this article will help you with your ads overall performance.