Your primary goal as an attorney is to provide your clients with quality representation. However, you can’t do so without attracting clients in the first place.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with attorney digital marketing best practices if you wish to thrive. That said, attorney digital marketing trends are always shifting. Strategies that yielded results a couple of years ago might not be as effective today.

To ensure you’re prepared to find and attract new clients in 2022, consider how the following trends can influence your approach to digital marketing

1.   Video Content is On the Rise

You likely already know that providing your customers with valuable content is particularly important when marketing your firm to potential clients. You need to demonstrate to your audience that you are a qualified professional who understands the law and is prepared to offer strong representation.

This type of valuable content can be delivered in a variety of ways. For instance, many successful law firms have used blogs to attract clients.

Blogging certainly still has its place in an attorney digital marketing strategy. However, it’s becoming increasingly important to deliver content in video form recently.

Don’t underestimate the potential benefits of routinely posting video content on your site, YouTube, and social media pages. Research indicates video content yields high levels of engagement, helping you capture your audience’s attention and keep it.

Your videos also don’t need to be costly productions. A simple video of you in your office answering common questions about various legal topics can be enough to satisfy a potential client. Perhaps more importantly, this type of video gives new clients a chance to get a sense of your overall personality. If a video gives a client the sense that they’d feel comfortable working with you, they may be more inclined to schedule a consultation.

2.   Mobile Browsing Dominates

As of this past year, mobile browsing is statistically more common than desktop browsing, accounting for approximately 54% of online traffic. Remember that when fine-tuning your approach to law firm digital marketing. You need to be certain your website not only appears clean on a mobile device, but also performs reliably.

Consider the following scenario. Maybe you’re a personal injury attorney serving car accident victims. If one of your potential clients is recovering in the hospital, they won’t likely have access to their computer. However, they may have access to their phone.

Thus, if they’re planning on looking for an attorney right away, they may do so via their mobile device. You want to be certain your mobile site makes the right impression on them.

3.   Personalization is Key

Over the last few years, studies have frequently indicated that consumers are becoming less fond of general marketing content and more drawn to personalized content. Marketing content that speaks directly to an individual’s experiences instead of casting too wide a net is what your potential clients want from you now.

There are various ways you can ensure your marketing content is more personalized in 2022 than it might currently be. For example, perhaps part of your digital marketing strategy as a lawyer involves posting Facebook ads. If so, you’re probably aware that Facebook allows you to create custom audiences based on such factors as age, gender, location, interests, and more.

Consider this when running social media ad campaigns. Reflect on past cases to determine the different “types” of clients you may serve. This will help you design and implement campaigns that are more likely to resonate with your audience.

4.   Video Calls Are Attractive

Even before the pandemic, there was evidence to suggest that many preferred the convenience of consulting with an attorney over a video call rather than meeting with them in-person. While some still would rather meet with an attorney in their office, when a person has a busy life, they want to save time however they can.

The pandemic has contributed to this trend. True, as an attorney, you might have some difficulty becoming comfortable with the idea of offering consultations through video chat. You want to ensure a potential client’s privacy isn’t at risk when they contact you. In your office, you know they’re in a private setting. That’s not always the case with video chat.

This is an understandable concern. That said, it’s still worth strongly considering offering video conference options, and promoting this service across all your digital marketing channels.

Let’s return to an earlier example. Maybe someone is recovering from an injury and finds your website while searching for lawyers via their mobile device. They may want to schedule a consultation right away if they believe you might be able to serve their needs.

If they’re recovering, they probably can’t travel to your office immediately. That’s not a problem if you offer consultations over video chat. This theoretical client could review their case with you the moment you’re available.

5. Content Must Account for New Tech & Developments

Once more, when generating and publishing digital marketing content as an attorney, you need to consider what types of content your ideal clients are looking for. That means you need to account for various new technologies and developments when planning your content strategy.

Again, maybe you serve car accident victims. That means you might serve Uber or Lyft accident victims. If your content focuses solely on reaching out to potential clients who’ve been involved in car accidents without specifying the type of car accident they were involved in, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to be noticed by those who are looking for an attorney who can serve someone involved in an Uber or Lyft accident.

That’s merely one example. The main point to keep in mind is that the terms your potential clients may use when searching for a lawyer online will potentially change as the world around us changes. Remembering this when planning your marketing strategy is essential.

You must also remember that learning about these must-know attorney digital marketing trends for 2022 is one thing. Implementing these tactics is something else entirely.

You may need to experiment with your new strategy before it yields results. However, the payoff will be worth the effort. For more tips on this subject, check out our guide on why your law firm needs a podcast or our guide on growing your law firm’s YouTube subscriber list.