Do you handle Personal Injury cases? With this guide, you’ll get 7 proven ways that will help you sign more PI cases for your law firm. 

Do you wonder what’s the digital marketing strategy that yields the best ROI for Personal Injury law firms? Based on our experience, the best way to increase your PI caseload is by investing in PPC and Google Ads. This doesn’t always mean that you can take success for granted. The world of PPC is complex; requires thorough research and constant optimizations to ensure that you don’t spend your hard-earned marketing dollars on non-converting strategies. Personal injury is a competitive niche for law firms and requires careful setup, messaging, execution, and several other factors that make you stand out. In this article, we’ll explore the seven ways that help you get in front of your local prospective clients who require your services, maximizing your opportunities for new cases.   

1. Start with keywords research and don’t forget your negative keywords.

For any successful Google Ads campaign, you need to begin with keyword research to understand your market’s competitiveness and spot the most relevant and profitable keywords for your Personal Injury law firm. What do we mean by high intent? High intent keywords are those that matter the most for you as they signal intent for your services. Let’s dig deeper with an example. If your PI law firm handles car accident cases, the search query “car accident attorney near me” is what you want to go after. Additionally, you should research your competitors. What’s converting the best for them? What are the potential uncaptured opportunities that could maximize your Return On Investment? Let’s assume that you are an attorney in California, and you are targeting queries for bicycle accident cases. By researching your competitors, you can spot uncaptured opportunities for more conversions originating from high intent keywords that have lower CPC.     

You shouldn’t stop there, though. You won’t have a fully optimized keywords strategy for your Personal Injury PPC before working on your law firm’s negative keywords. Negative keywords are terms and queries that you want to exclude from your campaigns, ensuring that you don’t spend your Ad budget on keywords that don’t convert. 

Remember: Personal injury keywords often have CPCs that go close or over $200. The absence of proper keyword research and negative keywords can deplete your budget. 

Below you can find some indicative CPCs. If you want more details about your particular keywords and law firm, don’t hesitate to contact us

   2. Invest in Spanish PPC for your PI law firm.

According to the latest census, Latinx represents about 18% of the general population in the US. In specific regions, this percentage can potentially reach over 30%. Google Ads offer the possibility to localize your campaigns and add geo-targeting criteria that will help you get in front of the Hispanics that matter to you. If we look at total search queries for high intent keywords, the searches in Spanish are lower than in English, but their size is significant and often unexplored by other PI law firms that miss out on Google Ads in Spanish.  What’s even better? Most of the time, CPC for high intent keywords in Spanish is lower compared to English. All these, compared to the fact that Spanish Speakers spend more time on their mobile phones, make it obvious that your best chances for maximum ROI lie with Spanish PPC for Personal Injury. 

Below you can see an indication of the lowest historical CPC for keywords related to abogado de accidentes de auto. 

3. Invest in device targeting.

Have you heard that the only constant is change? Well, this couldn’t be a better fit for device targeting. Searches from mobile devices are generally considered as high intent and professionals do their best to capture them. That’s true, and we also preach mobile targeting, but in the last challenging months, we’ve noticed a significant increase in desktop traffic. Our tip is to monitor device usage trends and create separate campaigns for desktop and mobile for your Personal Injury Google Ads. By doing that, you maximize your chances to reach the audiences you care for and eventually sign more cases.   

Remember: Different devices require different CTAs. Prepare your intake personnel for phone calls, forms, and live chat.

4. Use and optimize landing pages.

The days you could send your paid traffic to your homepage or other generic pages and expect to yield ROI and sign more cases are long gone. Searchers are looking for immediate results; if they click your Ad for truck accident attorney near me, they expect to land on a page providing all the relevant information. If the prospective client ends up on a page with a ton of information, he might bounce without converting costing you money from his click. Apart from the user experience standpoint, Google also cares about your Ads performance, and if they identify that people click and leave, your Quality Score will be affected. Finally, generic pages offer multiple destructions; even if the searchers reach your practice area page, they might end up reading your Attorney bio, then checking your Instagram profile, and from there their friends’ stories. What’s in it for you? Nothing more than a missed opportunity. Landing pages are the way to go for increased conversions; they are faster, they are tied to your Ad copy, they offer the information your prospective clients need, and they have prominent CTAs that boost your chances for an increased caseload.  

Remember that landing pages are as good as their optimizations

  • They should load fast. We use AMP pages, ensuring that our clients get maximum speed. 
  • Your landing pages should reflect your Ad Copies. If the prospective client clicked on an ad for a dog bite, he should land on a specific page with highly relevant content. 
  • Keep device targeting in mind and design your PI landing pages with the desktop and mobile searcher in mind.
  • Don’t forget A/B testing for UX and conversions. 

5. Have a click-fraud prevention strategy in place.

As we previously mentioned, CPC for Personal Injury keywords can be very expensive. Would you risk leaving your digital marketing budget at risk of malicious clicks? These can originate from competitors, click farms, or click bots, and they can quickly consume your ad spend. We suggest you monitor your click sources on a daily basis, identifying any potential red flags. Google has a system in place, but you have to stay alert and dispute any fraudulent activity.

We understand that click fraud is a complicated matter, that’s why we take care of it for our clients. Let us know if you want to learn more about how we help Personal Injury law firms minimize the risk of click fraud.

6. Use the extensions that matter.

If you follow our blog, you already know that we explored the most valuable Ad extensions for law firms. Today, we’ll focus on the tips for your Personal Injury PPC campaigns. 

  • Use the location extension. That way, you ensure that you show your office locations, and you become easily approachable by your prospective clients. 
  • Use the review extension that brings your score to a prominent position. Law firms with a reputation management strategy in place have increased chances for new cases as reviews are a crucial component of the customer journey. 
  • Use the call Extension. That way, the searcher will be able to call you with a simple click or tap from their device. 

7. Track your law firm’s conversions and CTAs. 

Are you tracking your calls? Do you know which keyword is the top performer of your campaigns? How quickly and effectively do you respond to form submissions? What about your live chat agents?  If you don’t track your conversions and your CTAs, you might be missing out on opportunities to improve your Return On Investment with PPC for your PI law firm. On the other hand, if you measure the metrics that matter the most, you get the chance to fix what’s wrong and further capitalize on what’s already working. Additionally, you can use it for internal assessment, and performance evaluation.  


If you are not already investing in English and Spanish Google Ads for your PI Law firm, you are missing out on your best opportunity to sign more cases with digital marketing. Through an optimized PPC strategy, you will be able to increase your  PI caseload and your revenues. Not every campaign is built for maximum ROI, though, therefore you should invest in what can make the difference for you and your law firm. These seven actionable tips can be your initial guide to success; however, if you want faster results, skipping all the manual work, don’t hesitate to contact us.