Social Media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are among the most popular networking platforms, and, with social distancing, they play a significant role in our lives, now more than ever. But how do they influence your law firm?

In previous articles, we’ve talked about Facebook’s value, both through organic posting and reach and through paid Facebook Ads for Law Firms. Moreover, as we believe all our partners should explore their options, we created an introduction to TikTok for Attorneys. In today’s article, we’ll go over the potential gains you can get from an Instagram strategy, by exploring its value and giving you actionable tips for organic and paid campaigns.

Remember: TikTok is undergoing a complicated period of time for its operations because the Chinese own it.

Let’s get started with our introduction to Instagram. 

  • What is Instagram?

According to the official company mission statement, it’s a free photo and video sharing platform where users can upload their assets and share them with friends or other people that share their interests. There is also an interactive element built in with commenting and messaging.

The main pillars of Instagram are posts and stories. Posts are photos or videos that you can upload and will stay there for as long the network is online or until you delete them. People can leave comments and/or like your post. Stories are a relatively more recent trend on Instagram that originated from the core idea of Snapchat. They are photos or videos that stay online for only 24 hours and then disappear. The newest addition to Instagram is Reels. It basically, like TikTok, allows users to create 15-second fun videos using audio, effects, and creative tools.

  • Who is the typical Instagram user?

Over 120 million people use Instagram in the US. About 30% of them are aged 18-24, and another 35% are 25-34, creating a very dynamic group of GenZs and Millenials. They are tech-savvy (if not tech-native) and spend hours on Instagram checking their friends’ posts and stories, getting ideas for shopping, or following their favorite celebrities.

Remember: Hispanics are heavy social media users, according to Nielsen reports, and Instagram is among their top choices. Below you can see a graph showing that at least 45% of US Latinx were daily users in 2018. There are no recent numbers, but experts expect the percentage has grown further.

  • How can you use Instagram for your law firm?

Instagram is among the top social platforms when it comes to ads. Its revenues were over $20 billion in 2019. Colossal brands, celebrities, and entertainment stars use it to promote their products and activities. Let’s split it into two categories, organic and paid, and find out how you can get the most out of Instagram for your law firm.

  1. Organic posting. 
  1. Instagram Posts for your law firm. This is where it all started for this social network, and you should make sure to keep your law firm active with weekly posts. It could be happy moments for employees, successful litigations, or satisfied clients. No matter the content, ensure your photos or videos are high-quality, your posts have the most relevant hashtags (without overdoing it), and don’t forget to add your location. It’s a great way to keep your local community aware of your activities and to stay top of mind if they need you.
  2. Instagram stories for your law firm. These can be used as an additional form of activity sharing with similar types of posts. The great thing about stories is that you can get DMs, presenting a chance for you to interact with your followers. This could be in the form of polls for an activity, open questions, and teasers for upcoming events.
  3. Instagram live for your law firm. You can use this feature to create interactive material for your audience. This is great for established law firms with a solid number of followers and can be ideal for Q&As with quick, to-the-point replies for prospective clients or people interested in the topic.
  4. Instagram Reels. The latest addition can help you create a more relaxed image for your law firm. You can film a fun session in the office (physical or Zoom) and share it with your audience.

2. Instagram Ads for your law firm.

As you may know, Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means that to start with Instagram ads, you’ll need a connected Facebook page account. As of now, there are four ad formats on Instagram, so let’s explore them below. Please note that in all formats, you can add a call to action.

  1. Image Instagram Ad for your law firm. This format allows you to post a photo and promote it with your desired audience in mind. You can base your targeting on interests, related accounts, demographics, and age groups. Your ad will appear either on the users’ Instagram feed (as they browse their friends’ posts) or on the search tab.
  2. Video Instagram Ad for your law firm. It’s similar to the previous ad format, with only one difference. Your digital assets are videos and not static images.
  3. Carousel Ads. This ad format allows you to upload a set of your assets, including photos and videos, and target users in their feed and/or stories.
  4. Instagram Stories. You can either use specific assets for your stories, created for a vertical full-screen, or any of your other photos or videos you use on Instagram. Your ads will appear as sponsored content on user stories, and you can add text and calls to action.

Tip: You can repurpose your Law Firm’s Facebook Ads for Instagram use, especially news feed videos.

How can Instagram Ads help your law firm grow?

  1. Brand awareness. One of the most potent opportunities you can get with Instagram ads for your law firm is creating and enhancing your brand awareness. Your brand needs to be on display, but without overdoing it. You can create short and to-the-point assets that communicate your brand essence to your audience.
  2. Lead generation. With this objective in mind, you can acquire valuable leads that can become prospective clients. How would this work? If you’re creating unique and outstanding content for your law firm, for example, an FAQ on steps you need to take when involved in an accident, you can use it to attract new leads from those who download it. These leads can get in your marketing mix, receiving your newsletters and seeing your other ads with retargeting.
  3. Conversions. With this objective, you’re trying to get people to visit your website. That’s very valuable because you can track all visits with the Facebook Pixel and then retarget them, ensuring that they see your brand at any given chance.

What are the key takeaways?

  • Instagram is all about photos, videos, engagement, and fun (with the introduction of Reels).
  • Instagram has had consistent growth in terms of user base and advertising revenues. Millennials and GenZs spend hours on it every week, making them your ideal prospect.
  • Remember to keep a balance between organic posts and Instagram ads for your law firm. They can each be beneficial in their own, unique way.
  • Be careful with your choices. You want to be creative without diluting your law firm’s brand identity.